September 2011
Date Title Listen
4th 7:00 PM Faith or FaithlessnessOne OffNumbers 13Hugh Thomson
4th 11:30 AM Questioning GodOne OffJob 40John Taylor
August 2011
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7th 11:30 AM Praying for the NationsPrayerPsalm 67Jonny Moore
July 2011
Date Title Listen
31st 11:30 AM Praying with Thankfulness PrayerPsalm 118Hugh Thomson
24th 11:30 AM Praying for ContentmentPrayerPsalm 73Hugh Thomson
17th 7:00 PM I Will Give You the Crown of LifeThis We KnowRevelation2v10bBarnaby Pain
17th 11:30 AM Praying for JusticePrayerPsalm 137Neil Powell
10th 7:00 PM I Will Be With YouThis We KnowIsaiah 43v2Howard Jackson
10th 11:30 AM Praying for ForgivenessPrayerPsalm 51Hugh Thomson
3rd 7:00 PM We Shall Be Like HimThis We Know: God's Precious Promises1 John 3v2Howard Jackson
3rd 7:00 PM We Shall Be Like HimThis We Know1 Corinthians 15v49John Rochfort
3rd 11:30 AM 1 Peter 5v13One OffPatrick Sookdheo
June 2011
Date Title Listen
26th 7:00 PM 1 Timothy 6v11-211 TimothyNeil Powell
26th 11:30 AM The Arrival of the EndIsaiahIsaiah 66Hugh Thomson
19th 7:00 PM 1 Timothy 6v3-101 TimothyNeil Powell
19th 11:30 AM Two Ways to LiveIsaiahIsaiah 65Hugh Thomson
12th 7:00 PM 1 Timothy 5v17-6v21 TimothyNeil Powell
12th 11:30 AM The Year of the Lord's FavourIsaiahIsaiah 61Hugh Thomson
5th 7:00 PM 1 Timothy 5v3-161 TimothyNeil Powell
5th 11:30 AM The Gospel InvitationIsaiahIsaiah 55Hugh Thomson
May 2011
Date Title Listen
29th 7:00 PM 1 Timothy 4v1-5v21 TimothyRalph Cunnington
29th 11:30 AM Man of SorrowsIsaiahIsaiah 52v13 - 53v12Hugh Thomson
22nd 7:00 PM 1 Timothy 31 TimothyNeil Powell
22nd 11:30 AM Ephesians 4v1-6One OffDan Steel
15th 7:00 PM 1 Timothy 21 TimothyNeil Powell
15th 11:30 AM A Wake-Up CallIsaiahIsaiah 51v9-52v10Hugh Thomson
8th 7:00 PM 1 Timothy 1v12-201 TimothyNeil Powell
8th 11:30 AM A Polished ArrowIsaiahIsaiah 49v1-13Hugh Thomson
1st 7:00 PM 1 Timothy 1v1-111 TimothySteve White
1st 11:30 AM Psalm 1PsalmsJohn Taylor
1st 11:30 AM Psalm 1One OffPsalm 1Dan Cottle
April 2011
Date Title Listen
24th 11:30 AM 1 Corinthians 15v1-34One OffHugh Thomson
17th 7:00 PM Isaiah 35One OffRichard Iley
17th 11:30 AM Habakkuk 3One OffKenny Dubnik
10th 7:00 PM A Big Disappointment1 Kings1 Kings 11Hugh Thomson
10th 11:30 AM The King's CommissionMatthewMatthew 10v5-25Stephen Trump
3rd 7:00 PM The Splendour of God's Kingdom1 Kings1 Kings 10Hugh Thomson
3rd 11:30 AM The Call of the KingMatthewMatthew 9v1-10v4 Neil Powell
March 2011
Date Title Listen
27th 7:00 PM God's Awesome Presence1 Kings1 Kings 8Hugh Thomson
27th 11:30 AM The Kingdom ExtendsMatthewMatthew 8v1-34John Taylor
20th 6:00 PM Belief in the Face of Evidence: is Christianity Blind to all SufferingOne OffMark 15v16-40Steve Baraniak
20th 10:30 AM God: Myth, Mystery or Known RealityInternational Student ServiceActs 17v16-34Peter Teagle
13th 6:00 PM Approaching a Holy God1 Kings1 Kings 5-7Hugh Thomson
13th 10:30 AM The Kingdom that DividesMatthewMatthew 7v13-29Neil Powell
6th 6:00 PM God's Wisdom for the King1 Kings1 Kings 3 & 4Hugh Thomson
6th 10:30 AM Life Under the KingMatthewMatthew 6v25-7v12Neil Powell
February 2011
Date Title Listen
27th 6:00 PM The People God UsesWorld Mission Day 20112 Timothy 2v1-7Lindsay Brown
27th 10:30 AM Mission in the Modern WorldWorld Mission Day 20111 Peter 1v1-16Lindsay Brown
20th 6:00 PM God's Enemies Destroyed1 Kings1 Kings 2v1-46Hugh Thomson
20th 10:30 AM How to Spend ItMatthewMatthew 6v19-24Neil Powell