March 2013
Date Title Listen
31st 11:30 AM Matthew 28MatthewNeil Powell
24th 6:00 PM Joshua 5v13 - 6v27 : Do things God's wayJoshuaHugh Thomson
24th 10:30 AM Matthew 26v31 - 75MatthewNeil Powell
17th 6:00 PM Joshua 5v1 - 12 ; God's purposes are unstoppableJoshuaHugh Thomson
17th 10:30 AM Matthew 26v1-30Neil Powell
10th 6:00 PM Joshua 3v1 - 4v24 : Don't forget what God has doneJoshuaHugh Thomson
10th 10:30 AM A Look InsidePeter Teagle
3rd 6:00 PM MMGD Evening ServiceMission & Ministry Gift Day 2013Hugh Thomson
3rd 10:30 AM MMGD Morning ServiceMission & Ministry Gift Day 2013Neil Powell
February 2013
Date Title Listen
24th 6:00 PM Joshua 2 : Stake your life on God's promisesHugh Thomson
24th 10:30 AM Matthew 25 v1 - 46MatthewNeil Powell
17th 6:00 PM Joshua 1 : God always delivers on his promisesJoshuaHugh Thomson
17th 10:30 AM Matthew 24v1 - 51MatthewHugh Thomson
10th 10:30 AM World Mission SundayHugh Thomson
3rd 6:00 PM Behold our God! God is not impulsiveBehold our God!Jonathan Gregory
3rd 10:30 AM Matthew 23MatthewNeil Powell
January 2013
Date Title Listen
27th 6:00 PM Behold our God! God does not changeBehold our God!Jonathan Gregory
27th 10:30 AM Matthew 22MatthewNeil Powell
20th 6:00 PM Behold our God! God can do anythingBehold our God!Jonathan Gregory
20th 10:30 AM Matthew 21v33 - 46MatthewNeil Powell
13th 6:00 PM Behold our God! God knows everythingBehold our God!Jonathan Gregory
13th 10:30 AM Matthew 21v1 - 32MatthewNeil Powell
6th 6:00 PM PhilemonPhilemonRichard Iley
6th 10:30 AM New Year, New Beginnings - Colossians 3v1-11One OffJohn Rochfort
December 2012
Date Title Listen
30th 10:30 AM Luke 2 v21 - 40LukeTim Hay
23rd 10:30 AM Luke 1 v39 - 56LukeDan Cottle
16th 10:30 AM Luke 1 v26 - 38LukeNeil Powell
9th 6:00 PM Philippians 4v10-23PhilippiansNeil Powell
9th 10:30 AM Luke 1v1 - 25LukeJonathan Gregory
2nd 6:00 PM Philippians 4v4-9PhilippiansNeil Powell
2nd 10:30 AM James 5v13-20JamesHugh Thomson
November 2012
Date Title Listen
25th 6:00 PM Philippians 3v17-4v3PhilippiansNeil Powell
25th 10:30 AM James 5v1-12JamesHugh Thomson
18th 6:00 PM Philippians 3v12-16PhilippiansNeil Powell
18th 10:30 AM James 4v13-17JamesHugh Thomson
11th 6:00 PM Philippians 3v1-11PhilippiansNeil Powell
11th 10:30 AM James 4v1-12JamesHugh Thomson
4th 6:00 PM FIEC 90th Anniversary Celebration John Stevens
October 2012
Date Title Listen
28th 6:00 PM Philippians 2v19-30PhilippiansNeil Powell
28th 10:30 AM James 3v13-18JamesHugh Thomson
21st 7:00 PM Philippians 2v12-18PhilippiansNeil Powell
21st 11:30 AM James 3v1-12JamesHugh Thomson
14th 7:00 PM Philippians 2v1-11PhilippiansNeil Powell
14th 11:30 AM James 2v14-26JamesHugh Thomson
7th 7:00 PM Philippians 1v27-30PhilippiansNeil Powell
7th 11:30 AM James 2v1-13JamesHugh Thomson
September 2012
Date Title Listen
30th 7:00 PM Philippians 1v18b-26PhilippiansNeil Powell
30th 11:30 AM James 1v19-27JamesHugh Thomson
23rd 7:00 PM Philippians 1v12-18aPhilippiansNeil Powell
23rd 11:30 AM Weekend @ Home : Session 4 : The difference Jesus makes to the hard timesWeekend @ HomeMike Reeves