Neil Powell

January 2006
8th PM Praising God our Maker and MonarchSong of the DayPsalm 33Neil Powell
15th PM Thanking God for His GoodnessSong of the DayPsalm 103Neil Powell
29th PM Thanking God for our SalvationSong of the DayPsalm 116Neil Powell
February 2006
26th AM Luke 5v1-11LukeNeil Powell
March 2006
5th AM Luke 5v12-26LukeNeil Powell
26th PM Hope for the Downcast SoulSong of HopePsalm 42-43Neil Powell
April 2006
9th AM JustificationResurrectionRomans 4v25Neil Powell
23rd PM Running from God : Jonah 1JonahNeil Powell
30th PM Jonah 1v17-2v10JonahNeil Powell
May 2006
28th PM Jonah 4JonahNeil Powell
June 2006
4th AM Luke 7v36-50LukeNeil Powell
July 2006
16th AM Luke 9v28-36LukeNeil Powell
23rd AM Luke 9v37-50LukeNeil Powell
30th AM Luke 9v51-10v24LukeNeil Powell
September 2006
17th AM Luke 13v10-35LukeNeil Powell
October 2006
1st PM 1 Thessalonians 1v1-101 ThessaloniansNeil Powell
8th PM 1 Thessalonians 2v1-121 ThessaloniansNeil Powell
29th AM Luke 17v1-19LukeNeil Powell
November 2006
26th PM 1 Thessalonians 5v12-281 ThessaloniansNeil Powell
January 2007
28th PM John 5v1-15Signs in JohnNeil Powell
February 2007
25th AM Grace Church Commissioning ServiceOne OffNeil Powell
March 2007
11th PM John 9Signs in JohnNeil Powell
April 2007
29th AM Ezekiel 12-14EzekielNeil Powell
29th PM How Does Prayer Work? - Sovereignty and PrayerPrayerNeil Powell
May 2007
20th PM Prayer and the Providence of GodPrayerNeil Powell
June 2007
3rd AM Ezekiel 18 & 19EzekielNeil Powell
July 2007
22nd AM Ezekiel 36v16-38EzekielNeil Powell
September 2007
23rd PM Before the Big BangGenesisGenesis 1v1Neil Powell
30th PM Intelligent Design?GenesisGenesis 2v2-23Neil Powell
October 2007
7th PM Dawkins DilemmaGenesisGenesis 1v24-25Neil Powell
21st AM Second Life? The Quest to do Life Better1 Peter1 Peter 2v22-24Neil Powell
November 2007
4th PM What a Wonderful WorldGenesisGenesis 2v4-17Neil Powell
11th PM Made for Each Other1 PeterGenesis 2v18-25Neil Powell
18th PM Safe Sex? Creation and SexualityGenesisGenesis 2v18-25Neil Powell
December 2007
9th AM 1 Peter 5v1-131 PeterNeil Powell
January 2008
6th PM Introduction to Song of SongsSex and SpiritualityNeil Powell
13th PM Song of Songs 2v1-3v5Sex and SpiritualityNeil Powell
20th PM True BeautySex and SpiritualitySong of Song 4v1-7 & 5v9-16Neil Powell
27th PM True LoveSex and SpiritualitySong of Songs 2Neil Powell
February 2008
3rd PM Song of Songs 2v6-11Sex and SpiritualityNeil Powell
March 2008
2nd AM To Serve...BirminghamCity Church VisionMatthew 5v13-16Neil Powell
2nd AM To Serve...BirminghamCity Church VisionActs 18v1-11 & Revelation 21v1-11 & 21v22-22v6Neil Powell
16th AM To Serve...the WorldCity Church VisionNeil Powell
April 2008
6th AM 1 Samuel 1v1-2v121 SamuelNeil Powell
13th AM 1 Samuel 2v12-4v11 SamuelNeil Powell
20th AM 1 Samuel 4v1-7v11 SamuelNeil Powell
May 2008
4th AM 1 Samuel 7v2-171 SamuelNeil Powell
June 2008
8th PM 1 Corinthians 5v1-131 CorinthiansNeil Powell
15th PM 1 Corinthians 6v1-81 CorinthiansNeil Powell
22nd PM 1 Corinthians 6v9-201 CorinthiansNeil Powell
July 2008
27th AM 1 Samuel 24v1-26v251 SamuelNeil Powell
August 2008
3rd AM 1 Samuel 27v1-31v131 SamuelNeil Powell
31st PM 1 Corinthians 15v1-191 CorinthiansNeil Powell
September 2008
7th PM 1 Corinthians 15v20-341 CorinthiansNeil Powell
28th PM Matthew 5v1-12Life in the Kingdom - A Fresh Look at the Sermon on the MountNeil Powell
October 2008
5th AM 2 Samuel 7v1-292 SamuelNeil Powell
5th PM Matthew 5v13-16Life in the Kingdom - A Fresh Look at the Sermon on the MountNeil Powell
19th AM 2 Samuel 8v1-10v112 SamuelNeil Powell
November 2008
9th PM Matthew 6v1-18Life in the Kingdom - A Fresh Look at the Sermon on the MountNeil Powell
16th PM Matthew 6v19-24Life in the Kingdom - A Fresh Look at the Sermon on the MountMatthew 6v19-24Neil Powell
23rd PM Matthew 6v25-34Life in the Kingdom - A Fresh Look at the Sermon on the MountNeil Powell
December 2008
14th AM Matthew 1v1-18 & Galatians 4v4-7One OffNeil Powell
January 2009
18th PM The Revenge of GaiaAn Inconvenient Truth?Neil Powell
25th PM Friends of the Earth - What Does It Mean for Christians to Care for the Environment?An Inconvenient Truth?Neil Powell
February 2009
15th AM If You Could Ask God One QuestionLukeLuke 20v27-40Neil Powell
22nd AM From the Lesser to the GreaterLukeLuke 20v41-21v4Neil Powell
March 2009
1st AM Luke 21v5-38LukeNeil Powell
8th AM Luke 22v1-23LukeNeil Powell
15th PM Losing My Religion - Why Religion won't get you to GodOne OffLuke 18v9-14Neil Powell
April 2009
12th AM Easter SundayLukeLuke 23v44-24v12Neil Powell
19th PM Genesis 37v1-26Life of JosephNeil Powell
26th PM Genesis 39v1-21Life of JosephNeil Powell
May 2009
17th AM 2 Corinthians 8v1-9Mission & Ministry Gift Day 2009Neil Powell
August 2009
30th AM 2 Corinthians 12v1-102 CorinthiansNeil Powell
September 2009
6th AM 2 Corinthians 12v11-13v142 CorinthiansNeil Powell
20th AM One LordEphesiansEphesians 1v1-14Neil Powell
27th AM One VisionEphesiansEphesians 6v10-24Neil Powell
October 2009
11th AM One in ChristEphesiansEphesians 2v11-22Neil Powell
18th AM One Great PurposeEphesiansEphesians 3v1-13Neil Powell
25th AM One LoveEphesiansEphesians 3v14-31Neil Powell
November 2009
8th AM One Body and One SpiritEphesiansEphesians 4v1-16Neil Powell
15th AM One New Life (Part 1)EphesiansEphesians 4v17-5v4Neil Powell
22nd AM One New Life (Part 2)EphesiansEphesians 5v1-21Neil Powell
29th AM One Life of LoveEphesiansEphesians 5v21-33Neil Powell
December 2009
6th AM One ObedienceEphesiansEphesians 6v1-9Neil Powell
13th AM One VisionEphesiansEphesians 1v15-23Neil Powell
January 2010
10th AM A Passion Like God'sLead Up to A Passion for LifeLuke 15Neil Powell
17th PM Proverbs and the Fear of the LordProverbsNeil Powell
24th PM Proverbs and PossessionsProverbsNeil Powell
February 2010
28th PM Proverbs and PlanningProverbsNeil Powell
March 2010
7th PM Proverbs and PrideProverbsNeil Powell
14th PM Proverbs and GodlinessProverbsNeil Powell
April 2010
11th PM Proverbs and ContentmentProverbsNeil Powell
25th AM A God Who Is Always RightRight With God?Romans 2v1-3v20Neil Powell
May 2010
2nd AM In The Right With GodRight With God?Romans 3v21-4v8Neil Powell
9th AM What Comes Of Getting Right With GodRight With God?Romans 5v1-11Neil Powell
16th AM What Does Life Right With God Look LikeRight With God?Romans 6v1-23Neil Powell
23rd PM Matthew 6v19-24Mission & Ministry Gift Day 2010Matthew 6v19-24Neil Powell
23rd PM Matthew 6v19-24Mission & Ministry Gift Day 2008Neil Powell
June 2010
6th PM Chariots of FireElisha - A Man Like Jesus2 Kings 2Neil Powell