Sunday Programme

November 2018
Date Title Speaker
25th AM One glorious future: Every tribe, nation and tonguePositively different - Our unity in diversityRevelation 7:9-12 Neil Powell
25th PM The answer to anxietyA life worth livingPhilippians 4:2-9 Craig Summers
December 2018
Date Title Speaker
2nd AM When the time had fully comeChristmas 2018 morning seriesMatt.1:1-17 Jonathan Gregory
2nd PM The key to contentmentA life worth livingPhilippians 4:10-23 Craig Summers
9th AM No Morning Service-- -
16th AM He will save his peopleChristmas 2018 morning seriesMatt.1:18-25 Craig Summers
23rd AM Worshipped by the wiseChristmas 2018 morning seriesMatt.2:1-12 Hugh Thomson
25th AM Why Christmas?Christmas 2018 morning seriesGal.4:4-5 Hugh Thomson
30th AM You can really changeChristmas 2018 morning seriestba Jonathan Gregory
January 2019
Date Title Speaker
6th PM The gospel in Samaria'Into all the world'Acts 8 Hugh Thomson
13th PM Salvation of a Pharisee'Into all the world'Acts 9:1-31 Hugh Thomson
20th PM Salvation of a Gentile'Into all the world'Acts 9:32-11:18 Hugh Thomson
27th PM The gospel opposed'Into all the world'Acts 11:19-12:24 Hugh Thomson
February 2019
Date Title Speaker
3rd PM The gospel in Asia Minor'Into all the world'Acts 12:25-14:28 Hugh Thomson
10th PM The council at Jerusalem'Into all the world'Acts 15:1-16:5 Hugh Thomson
17th PM The gospel at Philippi'Into all the world'Acts 16:6-40 Hugh Thomson
24th PM The gospel in Thessalonica & Berea'Into all the world'Acts 17:1-15 Neil Powell
April 2019
Date Title Speaker
28th AM Satan's downfallJesus Wins!Rev 12 Hugh Thomson
May 2019
Date Title Speaker
5th AM The unholy trinityJesus Wins!Rev 13 Hugh Thomson
12th AM Salvation and condemnationJesus Wins!Rev 14 - 16 Hugh Thomson
19th AM The fall of BabylonJesus Wins!Rev 17 - 19 Hugh Thomson
26th AM Final judgementJesus Wins!Rev 20 Hugh Thomson
June 2019
Date Title Speaker
2nd AM The new creationJesus Wins!Rev 21 - 22 Hugh Thomson