Sunday Programme

January 2019
Date Title Speaker
20th AM What should we teach the next generation?If we could ask God one question...tba Neil Powell
20th PM Salvation of a Gentile'Into all the world'Acts 9:32-11:18 Hugh Thomson
27th AM God's Sovereignty in SalvationOverflowing GraceRomans 9:1-29 Neil Powell
27th PM The gospel opposed'Into all the world'Acts 11:19-12:24 Hugh Thomson
February 2019
Date Title Speaker
3rd AM Human Responsibility in SalvationOverflowing GraceRomans 9:30-10:21 Neil Powell
3rd PM The gospel in Asia Minor'Into all the world'Acts 12:25-14:28 Hugh Thomson
10th AM God's overflowing graceOverflowing GraceRomans 11:1-10 Neil Powell
10th PM The council at Jerusalem'Into all the world'Acts 15:1-16:5 Hugh Thomson
17th AM God's merciful planOverflowing GraceRomans 11:11-36 Neil Powell
17th PM The gospel in Philippi'Into all the world'Acts 16:6-40 Hugh Thomson
24th AM The doctor who works SundaysLife in His nameJohn 5:1-18 Craig Summers
24th PM The gospel in Thessalonica & Berea'Into all the world'Acts 17:1-15 Hugh Thomson
March 2019
Date Title Speaker
3rd AM Mission & Ministry Gift Day 2019MMGD 2019tba Jonathan Gregory
3rd PM Mission & Ministry Gift Day (pm)MMGD 2019Acts 17:16-34 Neil Powell
10th AM Why it's hard to believe in JesusLife in His nameJohn 5:16-47 Craig Summers
10th PM Unstoppable: why Christianity continues to growInto the worldActs 18:1-28 Neil Powell
17th AM Jesus wins Star BakerLife in His nameJohn 6:1-15 Craig Summers
17th PM Turning the world upside downInto the worldActs 19:1-41 Jonathan Gregory
24th AM Jesus and the storms of lifeLife in His nameJohn 6:16-24 Craig Summers
24th PM Keep watch!Into the worldActs 20:1-37 Jonathan Gregory
31st AM The Jesus diet planLife in His nameJohn 6:25-59 Craig Summers
31st PM The case for ChristInto the worldActs 21:1-23:35 Jonathan Gregory
April 2019
Date Title Speaker
7th AM Why Jesus offends us and captivates usLife in His nameJohn 6:60-71 Craig Summers
7th PM True & Reasonable: why Christianity makes senseInto the worldActs 24:1-26:32 Jonathan Gregory
14th AM What kind of King?Easter 2019Luke 18:28-44 Craig Summers
28th AM Satan's downfallJesus Wins!Rev 12 Hugh Thomson
May 2019
Date Title Speaker
5th AM The unholy trinityJesus Wins!Rev 13 Hugh Thomson
12th AM Salvation and condemnationJesus Wins!Rev 14 - 16 Hugh Thomson
19th AM The fall of BabylonJesus Wins!Rev 17 - 19 Hugh Thomson
26th AM Final judgementJesus Wins!Rev 20 Hugh Thomson
June 2019
Date Title Speaker
2nd AM The new creationJesus Wins!Rev 21 - 22 Hugh Thomson