We believe that one of the keys to genuine discipleship as a Christian is to commit to walking alongside other believers in love and fellowship - Small groups is one of the ways that we seek to do that at City Church.


If City Church is your church in Birmingham, we want to encourage you to be part of a small group. There are separate small groups for teenagersthose of student age, international students and mums, but for most people their small group will be a homegroup. If you have decided to make City your spiritual home in Birmingham and you're coming to our services regularly, please do ask to be placed in a homegroup. But if you haven’t yet decided on City, please wait before asking to join a group.


Homegroups are small groups of church family members who meet together to build community, to read the Bible, to chat about how the gospel works out in everyday life, and to pray together. Sometimes they hold social evenings. We aim to have a mix of people in our groups so you may not be in a group with your closest friends, but we hope that over time you will be able to share life together and to encourage and support one another in your walk with Jesus.


Our homegroups are hosted across the City! We attempt to put people in a group that meets close to them, or that they can get to easily, but this is not always possible.


All of our groups either meet on a Wednesday or a Thursday. Timings and arrangements are slightly different depending on the group, but they mostly start between 7.30pm and 8pm and finish between 9pm and 9.30pm. We have one group that meets on a Wednesday afternoon for those who find evenings particularly challenging

How often?

Our homegroups typically meet weekly, with breaks for whole church prayer meetings, members' meetings and school holidays. We encourage people to attend as often as they can, but understand that work and other commitments can get in the way. Married couples with children they don't want to leave alone would typically join the same group but take turns to attend it.

If you would like to join a homegroup please click here to fill out a form and we will be in touch.