November 2009
Date Title Listen
29th 6:00 PM Judgement and VindicationRevelationRevelation 17-19Hugh Thomson
29th 10:30 AM One Life of LoveEphesiansEphesians 5v21-33Neil Powell
22nd 6:00 PM Judgement of God's EnemiesRevelationRevelation 14-16Hugh Thomson
22nd 10:30 AM One New Life (Part 2)EphesiansEphesians 5v1-21Neil Powell
15th 6:00 PM Persecution: Political and ReligiousRevelationRevelation 13Hugh Thomson
15th 10:30 AM One New Life (Part 1)EphesiansEphesians 4v17-5v4Neil Powell
8th 6:00 PM The Downfall of SatanRevelationRevelation 12Hugh Thomson
8th 10:30 AM One Body and One SpiritEphesiansEphesians 4v1-16Neil Powell
October 2009
Date Title Listen
25th 6:00 PM Witnessing in a Hostile WorldRevelationRevelation 8-11Hugh Thomson
25th 10:30 AM One LoveEphesiansEphesians 3v14-31Neil Powell
18th 7:00 PM Waiting for the Completion of the ChurchRevelationRevelation 6-7Hugh Thomson
18th 11:30 AM One Great PurposeEphesiansEphesians 3v1-13Neil Powell
11th 7:00 PM Praising Jesus in GloryRevelationRevelation 4-5Hugh Thomson
11th 11:30 AM One in ChristEphesiansEphesians 2v11-22Neil Powell
4th 7:00 PM What Does Jesus Think of the Church?RevelationRevelation 2-3Hugh Thomson
4th 11:30 AM One LifeEphesiansEphesians 2v1-10David Jackman
September 2009
Date Title Listen
27th 7:00 PM The Revelation of Jesus ChristRevelationRevelation 1Hugh Thomson
27th 11:30 AM One VisionEphesiansEphesians 6v10-24Neil Powell
20th 7:00 PM Revelation OverviewRevelationHugh Thomson
20th 11:30 AM One LordEphesiansEphesians 1v1-14Neil Powell
13th 7:00 PM God's Unfailing MercyHoseaHosea 14v1-9Hugh Thomson
6th 7:00 PM God's Ungrateful ChildHoseaHosea 11v1-11Hugh Thomson
6th 11:30 AM 2 Corinthians 12v11-13v142 CorinthiansNeil Powell
August 2009
Date Title Listen
30th 7:00 PM God's Unrepentant PeopleHoseaHosea 6v1-7v2Hugh Thomson
30th 11:30 AM 2 Corinthians 12v1-102 CorinthiansNeil Powell
23rd 7:00 PM God's Unfaithful WifeHoseaHosea 1v1-3v5Hugh Thomson
23rd 11:30 AM 2 Corinthians 11v16-332 CorinthiansHugh Thomson
16th 7:00 PM 2 Timothy 4v9-222 TimothyMike Summerfield
16th 11:30 AM 2 Corinthians 11v1-152 CorinthiansHugh Thomson
9th 7:00 PM 2 Timothy 4v1-82 TimothyJohn Stevens
9th 11:30 AM 2 Corinthians 10v1-182 CorinthiansHoward Jackson
2nd 7:00 PM 2 Timothy 3v10-172 TimothySteve White
2nd 11:30 AM 2 Corinthians 9v1-152 CorinthiansDan Cottle
July 2009
Date Title Listen
26th 7:00 PM 2 Timothy 3v1-92 TimothyJohn Stevens
26th 11:30 AM 2 Corinthians 8v1-242 CorinthiansJohn Stevens
19th 7:00 PM 2 Timothy 2v14-262 TimothyDavid Shaw
19th 11:30 AM 2 Corinthians 6v3-7v162 CorinthiansHugh Thomson
12th 7:00 PM 2 Timothy 2v1-132 TimothyHugh Thomson
12th 11:30 AM 2 Corinthians 5v11-6v22 CorinthiansJohn Taylor
5th 7:00 PM 2 Timothy 1v13-182 TimothyJonathan Worsley
5th 11:30 AM 2 Corinthians 4v7-5v102 CorinthiansRay Evans
June 2009
Date Title Listen
28th 7:00 PM 2 Timothy 1v1-122 TimothyJohn Stevens
28th 11:30 AM 2 Corinthians 4v1-62 CorinthiansAndy Weatherley
21st 7:00 PM Genesis 49v29-50v26Life of JosephHugh Thomson
21st 11:30 AM 2 Corinthians 3v7-182 CorinthiansJohn Stevens
14th 7:00 PM Genesis 48v1-49v28Life of JosephHugh Thomson
14th 11:30 AM 2 Corinthians 2v12-3v62 CorinthiansRichard Iley
7th 7:00 PM Genesis 44v1-47v31Life of JosephJohn Stevens
7th 11:30 AM 2 Corinthians 2v5-112 CorinthiansHugh Thomson
May 2009
Date Title Listen
31st 7:00 PM Genesis 43v1-45v28Life of JosephJohn Taylor