Jonathan Gregory

December 2009
20th PM Carols by CandlelightJonathan Gregory
May 2010
9th PM 2 Peter 22 PeterJonathan Gregory
December 2012
9th AM Luke 1v1 - 25LukeJonathan Gregory
January 2013
13th PM Behold our God! God knows everythingBehold our God!Jonathan Gregory
20th PM Behold our God! God can do anythingBehold our God!Jonathan Gregory
27th PM Behold our God! God does not changeBehold our God!Jonathan Gregory
February 2013
3rd PM Behold our God! God is not impulsiveBehold our God!Jonathan Gregory
April 2013
14th AM 2 Peter 1v1 - 112 PeterJonathan Gregory
21st AM 2 Peter 1v12 - 212 PeterJonathan Gregory
May 2013
5th AM 2 Peter 3v1 - 102 PeterJonathan Gregory
12th AM 2 Peter 3v11 - 182 PeterJonathan Gregory
June 2013
2nd AM Titus 2v1 - 3v2TitusJonathan Gregory
9th AM Titus 3v3 - 15TitusJonathan Gregory
July 2013
7th PM Dealing with failure - when life goes wrongPerfected in weakness - discovering that your weakness is your strengthJonathan Gregory
August 2013
18th AM Praying for God's prioritiesTeach us to pray - learning to pray from JesusJonathan Gregory
November 2013
3rd PM 'Go on! Reward yourself!' (Matt 6v1 - 18)Sermon on the Mount - Lifecoach: Jesus' guide to wise livingJonathan Gregory
17th PM 'How to be free from worry' (Matt 6v25 - 34)Sermon on the Mount - Lifecoach: Jesus' guide to wise livingJonathan Gregory
24th PM 'The blame game: finding fault with others' (Matt 7v1 -12)Sermon on the Mount - Lifecoach: Jesus' guide to wise livingJonathan Gregory
December 2013
1st PM 'How to walk the path of success' (Matt 7v13 - 23)Sermon on the Mount - Lifecoach: Jesus' guide to wise livingJonathan Gregory
8th PM 'Building a life that lasts' (Matt 7v24 - 29)Sermon on the Mount - Lifecoach: Jesus' guide to wise livingJonathan Gregory
January 2014
26th PM How can you believe in God when there's so much suffering?Jonathan Gregory
February 2014
23rd AM What God can do through weak people.1 Samuel 17v1 - 54Jonathan Gregory
March 2014
9th AM Ministry & Mission Gift Day (am) : Luke 16v1 - 15Luke 16v1 - 15Jonathan Gregory
April 2014
6th AM Luke 22v39 - 62'24' - the last day in the life of JesusJonathan Gregory
27th AM Luke 24v13 - 35'24' - the last day in the life of JesusJonathan Gregory
May 2014
4th AM Marriage, Divorce & Singleness : Singleness 1Marriage, Divorce & SinglenessJonathan Gregory
11th AM Marriage, Divorce & Singleness : Singleness 2Marriage, Divorce & SinglenessJonathan Gregory
18th AM Marriage, Divorce & Singleness : Singleness 3Marriage, Divorce & SinglenessJonathan Gregory
June 2014
29th AM Is God Jekyll and Hyde?Attributes of GodExodus 34v1 - 7Jonathan Gregory
July 2014
6th AM Does God need me?Attributes of GodActs 17v24 - 28Jonathan Gregory
September 2014
7th PM How to share the gospel with religious peopleHow to share the GospelActs 17v1 - 15Jonathan Gregory
14th PM How to share the gospel with secular peopleHow to share the GospelActs 17v16 - 34Jonathan Gregory
21st PM Colossians : IntroductionThe Complete ChristianColossiansJonathan Gregory
28th PM Are you missing out on something?The Complete ChristianColossians 1v1-14Jonathan Gregory
October 2014
5th PM Is Jesus enough for you?The Complete ChristianColossians1v15-20Jonathan Gregory
12th PM What would you swap for Jesus?The Complete ChristianColossians 1v21-23Jonathan Gregory
19th PM Mission ImpossibleThe Complete ChristianColossians 1v24-29Jonathan Gregory
26th PM Are you in danger of being deceived?The Complete ChristianColossians 2v1-5Jonathan Gregory
November 2014
30th AM When the time had fully comeGreat ExpectationsMatthew 1v1-17Jonathan Gregory
January 2015
4th AM Will you compromise when it looks like you're on the losing side? : Daniel 1Faithful under fireDaniel 1Jonathan Gregory
11th AM Are you on the right side? : Daniel 2Faithful under fireDaniel 2Jonathan Gregory
25th AM Do you know who's really in charge? : Daniel 4Faithful under fireDaniel 4Jonathan Gregory
February 2015
1st AM Divine regime change : Daniel 5Faithful under fireDaniel 5Jonathan Gregory
8th PM The God of second chancesJonah - Surprised by graceJonah 3v1 - 3Jonathan Gregory
April 2015
19th AM Do you need rescuing?Mark's GospelMark 1v1 - 13Jonathan Gregory
26th AM Why follow Jesus?Mark's GospelMark 1v14 - 28Jonathan Gregory
May 2015
3rd AM What's top of God's to do list?Mark's GospelMark 1v29 - 45Jonathan Gregory
17th AM What's the best thing God could give you?Mark's GospelMark 2v1 - 12Jonathan Gregory
24th AM Too bad for God?Mark's GospelMark 2v13 - 17Jonathan Gregory
August 2015
16th PM The Rich Man & LazarusMore than a story: The parables of JesusLuke16v19-31Jonathan Gregory
October 2015
25th AM Does God care for me?Who is this man? - Mark 4-8Mark 6v30 - 56Jonathan Gregory
November 2015
1st AM Why do people do bad things?Who is this man? - Mark 4-8Mark 7v1-23Jonathan Gregory
8th AM Is Jesus just for religious people?Who is this man? - Mark 4-8Mark 7v24-8v10Jonathan Gregory
15th AM The danger of knowing too much!Who is this man? - Mark 4-8Mark 8v11 - 21Jonathan Gregory
29th AM Many will rejoiceJoy to the world: finding joy in ChristmasLuke 1v1-25Jonathan Gregory
December 2015
6th PM Genesis: pulling it all togetherGenesis: In the beginningGenesis 1v1-2, Genesis 1v27-28, Genesis 3v1-7Jonathan Gregory
13th AM They shared her joyJoy to the world: finding joy in ChristmasLuke 1v57-80Jonathan Gregory
February 2016
14th PM How does God's mission continue despite persecution?The Church on MissionActs 5:12 - 42Jonathan Gregory
21st PM How does God’s mission continue despite distractions?The Church on MissionActs 5v42-6v7Jonathan Gregory
28th PM Why God’s mission is worth dying forThe Church on MissionActs 6:8-8:1Jonathan Gregory
March 2016
6th PM Mission & Ministry Gift Day PM Mission & Ministry Gift Day 2016Luke 16:1-15Jonathan Gregory
13th PM How does God’s mission continue despite greed?The Church on MissionActs 8:2 - 25Jonathan Gregory
20th PM How does God’s mission cross cultures?The Church on MissionActs 8:26-40, Isaiah 53Jonathan Gregory
April 2016
24th PM Proverbs and fear of the LordExtraordinary Wisdom for Everyday LifeProverbs 1:1-7Jonathan Gregory
May 2016
1st PM Proverbs and wisdomExtraordinary Wisdom for Everyday LifeProverbs 9v1-18Jonathan Gregory
15th PM Proverbs and decisionsExtraordinary Wisdom for Everyday LifeProverbs 3v9-12Jonathan Gregory
22nd PM Proverbs and purityExtraordinary Wisdom for Everyday LifeProverbs 5v1-23Jonathan Gregory
29th PM Proverbs and friendshipExtraordinary Wisdom for Everyday LifeProverbs 27v1-17, John 15v9-17Jonathan Gregory
June 2016
12th AM The King who hates religionWhat kind of King?Mark 11v12-33Jonathan Gregory
19th AM The King they want to get rid ofWhat kind of King?Mark 12v1 - 12Jonathan Gregory
26th AM The King they try to trapWhat kind of King?Mark 12v13 - 27Jonathan Gregory
July 2016
3rd AM The wisdom of the KingWhat kind of King?Mark 12v28 - 44Jonathan Gregory
10th AM How to say goodbye to guiltOne Off1 John 1v5 - 2v2Jonathan Gregory
10th PM Proverbs and prideExtraordinary Wisdom for Everyday LifePhilippians 2v1-10Jonathan Gregory
31st PM The day of locustsJoelJoel 1:1 - 2:17Jonathan Gregory
August 2016
7th PM The day of the SpiritJoelJoel 2:18-32Jonathan Gregory
14th PM The day of the LordJoelJoel 3:1 - 21Jonathan Gregory
14th PM The day of the LordJoelJoel3:1-21Jonathan Gregory
October 2016
30th AM How can I be free from guilt?Romans Ch 1 - 4Rom. 3v21 - 31Jonathan Gregory
30th PM No regrets? Letting go of the pastRomans Ch 1 - 4Romans 3:21-31Jonathan Gregory
November 2016
6th PM How can I have a fresh start?Encounters with JesusJohn 3:1-21Jonathan Gregory
13th PM Is there life after death?Encounters with JesusJohn 11:1-57Jonathan Gregory
20th PM Where can I find satisfaction?Encounters with JesusJohn 4:1-42Jonathan Gregory
27th PM How can I know the truth?Encounters with JesusJohn 20:19-31Jonathan Gregory
December 2016
4th PM What should I do when life is disappointing?Encounters with JesusJohn 21:1-25Jonathan Gregory
11th AM The Spirit of the Lord will rest on himAdvent Series 2016Isaiah 11:1-9Jonathan Gregory
18th AM Family Carol Service : Matthew 2:1-12One OffMatthew 2:1-12Jonathan Gregory
February 2017
19th PM Growing togetherEphesiansEphesians 4:1-16Jonathan Gregory
26th PM Putting off your old identityEphesiansEphesians 4:17-24Jonathan Gregory
March 2017
5th PM Living out your new identityEphesiansEphesians 4:25 - 5:2Jonathan Gregory
12th AM Mission & Ministry Gift Day MorningMMGD 2017Matthew 6:19-24Jonathan Gregory
19th PM Living as God's childrenEphesiansEphesians 5:3-21Jonathan Gregory
26th PM Living as wives and husbandsEphesiansEphesians 5:21-33Jonathan Gregory
April 2017
2nd PM Living under authorityEphesiansEphesians 6:1-9Jonathan Gregory
23rd PM God's last wordThe incomparable ChristHebrews 1:1-4Jonathan Gregory
30th PM Greater than the angelsThe incomparable ChristHebrews 1:5 - 2:4Jonathan Gregory
May 2017
7th PM Greater than MosesThe incomparable ChristHebrews 2:5-18Jonathan Gregory
21st PM Greater than JoshuaThe incomparable ChristHebrews 3:1-19Jonathan Gregory
28th AM Being happy away from home.Living away from home1 Peter 1:1-12Jonathan Gregory
June 2017
4th AM Living with our future home in mindLiving away from home1 Peter 1:13 - 2:3Jonathan Gregory