April 2015
Date Title Listen
19th 11:30 AM Do you need rescuing?Mark's GospelMark 1v1 - 13Jonathan Gregory
12th 7:00 PM 2 John2 JohnTim Hay
12th 11:30 AM Easter : John 20v19 - 31Easter 2015John 20v19 - 31John Walley
5th 11:30 AM Easter : John 20v1 - 18Easter 2015John 20v1 - 18Hugh Thomson
March 2015
Date Title Listen
29th 7:00 PM JudeJudeHugh Thomson
29th 11:30 AM God's kingdom is coming : Daniel 11 & 12Faithful under fireDaniel 11 & 12Hugh Thomson
22nd 6:00 PM One greater than JonahJonah - Surprised by graceLuke 11v29 - 33Neil Powell
22nd 10:30 AM Wait for the King of kings : Daniel 10Faithful under fireDaniel 10Hugh Thomson
15th 6:00 PM The God of compassionJonah - Surprised by graceJonah 4v4 - 12Neil Powell
15th 10:30 AM How long, O Lord? : Daniel 9Faithful under fireDaniel 9Hugh Thomson
8th 6:00 PM Angry with GodJonah - Surprised by graceJonah 4v1 - 3Neil Powell
8th 10:30 AM Worldly kings pass away : Daniel 8Faithful under fireDaniel 8Hugh Thomson
1st 6:00 PM Mission & Ministry Gift Day Service (Evening) : Matt 6v19 - 24Mission & Ministry Gift Day 2015Matthew 6v19 - 24Neil Powell
1st 10:30 AM Mission & Ministry Gift Day Service (Morning) : 2 Cor 8:1 - 9Mission & Ministry Gift Day 20152 Corinthians 8v1 - 9Hugh Thomson
February 2015
Date Title Listen
22nd 6:00 PM The God of the nationsJonah - Surprised by graceJonah 4v4 - 10Neil Powell
22nd 10:30 AM Worship the real King : Daniel 7Faithful under fireDaniel 7Hugh Thomson
15th 6:00 PM The Suffering ChurchHugh Thomson
15th 10:30 AM Will you stay godly even when they're out to get you? : Daniel 6Faithful under fireDaniel 6Hugh Thomson
8th 6:00 PM The God of second chancesJonah - Surprised by graceJonah 3v1 - 3Jonathan Gregory
8th 10:30 AM Who is Jesus? (International Student Service)International Student ServiceLuke 5v17 - 26Rowland Hughes
1st 6:00 PM The man who nearly had it allMatthew 19v16 - 26Graham Daniels
1st 10:30 AM Divine regime change : Daniel 5Faithful under fireDaniel 5Jonathan Gregory
January 2015
Date Title Listen
25th 6:00 PM Rescued by GodJonah - Surprised by graceJonah 2v1 - 10Neil Powell
25th 10:30 AM Do you know who's really in charge? : Daniel 4Faithful under fireDaniel 4Jonathan Gregory
18th 6:00 PM The God who is in controlJonah - Surprised by graceJonah 1v4 - 17Neil Powell
18th 10:30 AM Is anything worth dying for? : Daniel 3Faithful under fireDaniel 3Neil Powell
11th 6:00 PM Running from GodJonah - Surprised by graceJonah1v1 - 3Neil Powell
11th 10:30 AM Are you on the right side? : Daniel 2Faithful under fireDaniel 2Jonathan Gregory
4th 6:00 PM How to really make a fresh startPhilippians 3v7 - 16Neil Powell
4th 10:30 AM Will you compromise when it looks like you're on the losing side? : Daniel 1Faithful under fireDaniel 1Jonathan Gregory
December 2014
Date Title Listen
28th 10:30 AM The King who hated ChristmasGreat ExpectationsMatthew 2v13-23Adam Cooper
21st 10:30 AM Family Nativity Service
14th 10:30 AM Worshipped by the wiseGreat ExpectationsMatthew 2v1-12Neil Powell
7th 6:00 PM How should I speak?The Complete ChristianColossians 4v2 - 18Hugh Thomson
7th 10:30 AM He will save His peopleGreat ExpectationsMatthew 1v18-25Hugh Thomson
November 2014
Date Title Listen
30th 6:00 PM How should I relate to others?The Complete ChristianColossians 3v18 - 4v1Hugh Thomson
30th 10:30 AM When the time had fully comeGreat ExpectationsMatthew 1v1-17Jonathan Gregory
23rd 6:00 PM Is it all about me?The Complete ChristianColossians 3v12 - 17Hugh Thomson
23rd 10:30 AM How should we live in the light of Christ's death? SacrificeThe Cross of ChristLuke 9v18 - 27Neil Powell
16th 6:00 PM This is your life!The Complete ChristianColossians 3v1 - 11Hugh Thomson
16th 10:30 AM For whom did Christ die? Salvation accomplishedThe Cross of ChristJohn 10v1-30Neil Powell
9th 6:00 PM What are the Christian's rules?The Complete ChristianColossians 2v16 - 23Hugh Thomson
9th 10:30 AM What did Christ's death achieve? AcceptanceThe Cross of ChristRomans 5v1-2, 2 Corinthians 5v15-6v2Neil Powell
2nd 6:00 PM Is Jesus enough?The Complete ChristianColossians 2v6 - 15Hugh Thomson
October 2014
Date Title Listen
26th 6:00 PM Are you in danger of being deceived?The Complete ChristianColossians 2v1-5Jonathan Gregory
26th 10:30 AM What did Christ's death achieve? DeliveranceThe Cross of ChristHebrews 2v14, Colossians 2v13-15Neil Powell
19th 7:00 PM Mission ImpossibleThe Complete ChristianColossians 1v24-29Jonathan Gregory
19th 11:30 AM What did Christ's death achieve? JustificationThe Cross of ChristLuke 18v9-14, Romans 3v21-26Neil Powell
12th 7:00 PM What would you swap for Jesus?The Complete ChristianColossians 1v21-23Jonathan Gregory
12th 11:30 AM What happened when Christ died? Self substitutionThe Cross of ChristJohn 3v13-21Neil Powell