November 2010
Date Title Listen
14th 6:00 PM Losing My ReligionHebrewsHebrews 9v1-10v18Neil Powell
14th 10:30 AM Life In The Christian CommunityGalatiansGalatians 5v26-6v18Hugh Thomson
7th 6:00 PM A Better CovenantHebrewsHebrews 8Neil Powell
7th 10:30 AM Life In The SpiritGalatiansGalatians 5v13-25Hugh Thomson
October 2010
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31st 6:00 PM Mel Who?HebrewsHebrews 6v13-7v28Neil Powell
31st 10:30 AM Children of PromiseGalatiansGalatians 4v21-5v12Hugh Thomson
24th 7:00 PM Confident of Better ThingsHebrewsHebrews 5v11-6v12Hugh Thomson
24th 11:30 AM Not Slaves But SonsGalatiansGalatians 3v26-4v20Hugh Thomson
17th 7:00 PM Find Help in our Time of NeedHebrewsHebrews 4v14-5v10Neil Powell
17th 11:30 AM The Purpose of the LawGalatiansGalatians 3v15-25Hugh Thomson
10th 7:00 PM Hold on TightHebrewsHebrews 3v1-4v13Neil Powell
10th 11:30 AM The Promise of the SpiritGalatiansGalatians 3v1-14Hugh Thomson
3rd 7:00 PM Band of BrothersHebrewsHebrews 2v5-18Neil Powell
3rd 11:30 AM Righteous By Faith AloneGalatiansGalatians 2v11-21Hugh Thomson
September 2010
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26th 7:00 PM Don't Drift Away!HebrewsHebrews 1v1-2v4Neil Powell
26th 11:30 AM Luke 18v9-30One OffLuke 18v9-30Dan Steel
19th 7:00 PM The Final WordHebrewsHebrews 1v1-4Neil Powell
19th 11:30 AM Galatians 1v11-2v10GalatiansHugh Thomson
12th 11:30 AM Galatians 1v1-10GalatiansHugh Thomson
5th 7:00 PM No-One Can Snatch Them Out of my Hand This We Know: God's Precious PromisesJohn 10v28Hugh Thomson
5th 11:30 AM Psalm 145PsalmsStephen Trump
August 2010
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29th 7:00 PM He Who Believes in Me Will LiveThis We Know: God's Precious PromisesJohn 11v25Neil Powell
29th 11:30 AM Psalm 103PsalmsHugh Thomson
22nd 7:00 PM The Peace of God will Guard your HeartsThis We Know: God's Precious PromisesPhilippians 4v7Hugh Thomson
22nd 11:30 AM Psalm 96PsalmsDan Steel
15th 7:00 PM Our Labour is Not in VainThis We Know: God's Precious Promises1 Corinthians 15v58Neil Powell
15th 11:30 AM Psalm 73PsalmsNeil Powell
8th 7:00 PM God Will Not Let You Be Tempted Beyond What You Can BearThis We Know: God's Precious Promises1 Corinthians 10v13John Taylor
8th 11:30 AM Psalm 42-43PsalmsJohn James
1st 7:00 PM God Will Supply All Your NeedsThis We Know: God's Precious PromisesPhilippians 4v19David Shaw
1st 11:30 AM Psalm 32PsalmsStephen Trump
July 2010
Date Title Listen
25th 7:00 PM God Answers PrayerThis We Know: God's Precious Promises1 John 5v14-15Hugh Thomson
25th 11:30 AM Psalm 23PsalmsSteve White
18th 7:00 PM In All Things God Works For GoodThis We Know: God's Precious PromisesRomans 8v28Hugh Thomson
18th 11:30 AM Psalm 2PsalmsNeil Powell
11th 7:00 PM Nothing Shall Separate UsThis We Know: God's Precious PromisesRomans 8v35-39Hugh Thomson
4th 7:00 PM A Prophet of DoomElisha - A Man Like Jesus2 Kings 8Neil Powell
4th 11:30 AM Isaiah 44v6-45v8IsaiahHugh Thomson
June 2010
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27th 7:00 PM Chariots of Fire: The ReturnElisha - A Man Like Jesus2 Kings 6-7Neil Powell
27th 11:30 AM Isaiah 42v1-9IsaiahHugh Thomson
20th 7:00 PM The God Of All PeoplesElisha - A Man Like Jesus2 Kings 5Neil Powell
20th 11:30 AM Isaiah 40IsaiahIsaiah 40Hugh Thomson
20th 11:30 AM Isaiah 40Howard Jackson
13th 7:00 PM The Miracle-MakerElisha - A Man Like Jesus2 Kings 4Neil Powell
13th 11:30 AM Isaiah 38-39IsaiahHugh Thomson
6th 7:00 PM Chariots of FireElisha - A Man Like Jesus2 Kings 2Neil Powell
6th 11:30 AM Isaiah 36-37IsaiahHugh Thomson
May 2010
Date Title Listen
30th 7:00 PM Do All Roads Lead to God?One OffKrish Kandiah
30th 11:30 AM Isaiah 25IsaiahHugh Thomson
23rd 7:00 PM Matthew 6v19-24Mission & Ministry Gift Day 2010Matthew 6v19-24Neil Powell