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March 2006
Date Title Listen
26th 7:00 PM Hope for the Downcast SoulSong of HopePsalm 42-43Neil Powell
26th 11:30 AM Luke 6v27-38LukeHugh Thomson
19th 6:00 PM Finding Confidence for the FutureSong of HopePsalm 91John Stevens
19th 10:30 AM Luke 6v12-26LukeHugh Thomson
12th 6:00 PM Dealing with DoubtSong of the NightPsalm 73Hugh Thomson
12th 10:30 AM Luke 5v27-6v11LukeAndy Weatherley
5th 10:30 AM Luke 5v12-26LukeNeil Powell
February 2006
Date Title Listen
26th 6:00 PM Contending with AnxietySong of the NightPsalm 55John Stevens
26th 10:30 AM Luke 5v1-11LukeNeil Powell
19th 6:00 PM Facing up to FearSong of the NightPsalm 27Dan Steel
19th 10:30 AM Luke 4v31-44LukeJohn Stevens
12th 6:00 PM Trusting God who knows all and sees allSong of the DayPsalm 139Hugh Thomson
12th 10:30 AM Luke 4v14-30LukeJohn Stevens
January 2006
Date Title Listen
29th 6:00 PM Thanking God for our SalvationSong of the DayPsalm 116Neil Powell
29th 10:30 AM Luke 3v21-4v13LukeJohn Stevens
22nd 6:00 PM 2 Corinthians 5v10-21World Mission Day 2006Jonathan Lamb
22nd 10:30 AM 1 Timothy 2v1-7World Mission Day 2006Jonathan Lamb
15th 6:00 PM Thanking God for His GoodnessSong of the DayPsalm 103Neil Powell
15th 10:30 AM Luke 3v1-20LukeJohn Stevens
8th 6:00 PM Praising God our Maker and MonarchSong of the DayPsalm 33Neil Powell
8th 10:30 AM Luke 2v21-52LukeHugh Thomson
December 2005
Date Title Listen
18th 6:00 PM Luke 1v26-56LukeHugh Thomson
11th 10:30 AM Luke 1v5-25 & 57-80LukeJohn Stevens
4th 10:30 AM Luke 1v1-4LukeAndy Weatherley