Sunday Services


september 2020

From Sunday 6th September, our online meetings will become a live streamed service from our Tiverton Road building.

What to expect:

We’re longing to be able to meet all together as a Church family again. While we aren’t able to do that we’re still gathering on Sunday mornings, from lots of different homes around the City! Our Sunday morning gathering has three parts – a live streamed service, City Church Live and ‘tea and coffee’.

At 10:30am our live streamed service will begin on our YouTube channel – it’ll be a punctual start so perhaps log in a few minutes early! The service will include a short talk for children as well as a sermon based on a Bible passage to help us listen to God’s word together. There’ll be some songs that you can listen to or join in with from home and also some other elements such as someone praying.

Whether you’re a regular at church or it’s your first time ever watching a service, we hope there’ll be things there that will interest you as you listen in. You could watch alone, with your household or some people have started meeting with another household (in line with government guidance) to watch together.

After the live streamed service we move over from YouTube to Zoom for City Church Live. You can join us by going to When you join the meeting, feel free to have your mic and video either on or off – however you feel comfortable! City Church Live isn’t live streamed or recorded.

There’ll be opportunities for you to join in if you like, but it’s also fine just to sit back and watch what’s going on and enjoy the chance to get to know some of the Church family better. The content will vary week to week but we hope there’ll be something for everyone as we hear from a wide range of people.

Finally, City Church Live will break up into ‘tea and coffee’ time, which is the most interactive part of the morning gathering. We divide those who want to stick around into a smaller breakout rooms (perhaps 4 or 5 people per room). It’s a chance to keep up with friends and to meet new people too. For this bit you’ll need your mic and camera on in Zoom.

We’ll reshuffle the groups so we can connect with a few different people each week. Some weeks we might have a particular breakout room in ‘tea and coffee’ time where newcomers to City Church can gather with a few staff and regulars to hear a bit more about us and how to get more involved if they’d like to.

We expect all this to be wrapped up by 12:30 at the latest but it’s fine to drift off earlier if you need to. If the weather is nice and you fancy carrying on the gathering by taking your lunch down to a local park we could probably help you find a group of six to join up with (in line with government guidance)!

You can find a video here with more info about our September services.

Hope you can join us!


Normally, City Church meets every Sunday for morning and evening services.

If you are visiting us for the first time, we hope you will feel really welcome.

On Sundays we normally meet at:
10.30am & 6.00pm 
The Octagon, Edgbaston High for Girls, Westbourne Road  B15 3TS

Children’s Ministry

Babies, toddlers and children are not just the future – they are the present. And the good news of Jesus is for them right now.
Therefore, we place a high premium on teaching all ages about Jesus from the Bible. We want them all to know and love him, to be disciples of him and so to spread the good news about him.

We think the best way to teach all ages about Jesus from the Bible is in age groups. So, while the adults are being taught from the sermon and songs, we move into smaller groups to do the same. We often tackle big issues from a young age, using a combination of our own material and from elsewhere. Do get in touch if you’d like a copy of what we do.

We divide groups up, as schools do, to primary school aged kid’s church (0-11) and secondary education aged youth groups (11-18). Here you’ll find information for what happens in Kid’s Church. All groups are run by trained members of our congregation, and all have DBS clearance and training. For more information about Children's Ministry at City, please contact our Children's Worker, Rachel Hawkins.