Men's Ministry

At City Church we seek to support and equip men as they live out the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ in their day-to-day lives. This is done through our preaching, as we encourage everyone at City to be part of a small group, and also through opportunities to learn and share together about the specific challenges of serving Christ as a man.


A group of men from City Church travel to Manchester to join hundreds more at the Northern Men’s Convention each year, normally in May.

This provides an opportunity to hear clear and challenging Bible teaching applied specifically to us as men and the challenges we face. It is also a great opportunity for us to spend a whole day together, getting to know one another better. Prices are modest, so why not look out for details of the next Convention in the notice sheet and advertised in our services, and plan to join us.


A couple of times a year, on a Saturday morning, we gather at our Tiverton Road building to enjoy breakfast and consider a topic of particular relevance to us as men.

Clear Bible teaching, applied to the situations we face, and opportunities to hear from and share with one another in small groups, together with a hearty breakfast and plenty of tea and coffee. What more could you want?!  Recent breakfasts have covered topics such as: “Leading in all of life”, “Living as men in a sex mad world” and“Respectable sins”.Keep an eye out for information about the next men’s breakfast.

Prepared to Serve

All Christians are given gifts for the good of the whole church. But perhaps you’re not sure what those gifts are, or how to go about serving others. How can men and women in the church be encouraged and equipped to serve both God and one another?

One way is by taking part in a Prepared to Serve course. The course for men is taught over half a dozen evenings, and is broad in scope.

It looks at matters of conviction: justification and evangelicalism. It addresses issues of Christian character: managing yourself and your time, and establishing godly disciplines of Bible study and prayer. And it focuses on a couple of key areas of competence in serving others: understanding how the Bible fits together, and being equipped to handle the Bible in a one-to-one context.

Ask Neil Powell or Hugh Thomson for more information about the next course.

Dads’ reading group

Each year a group of dads pick one helpful and challenging book on parenting and over the course of 6 months or so, we meet monthly to discuss it, and think through its implications as we seek to live out our God-given role as dads. This provides opportunities for stimulating discussion, shared ideas, and prayer for one another, even if we don’t always agree with everything we read!

Why not email Steve White to be kept up-to-date with plans for the next reading group?