March 2012
Date Title Listen
11th 6:00 PM Ministry and Mission Gift DayMission & Ministry Gift Day 20122 Corinthians 8v1-15Neil Powell
4th 6:00 PM Sovereignty & EvangelismSovereigntyActs 13v26-42John Stevens
4th 10:30 AM Unbelievable?MatthewMatthew 16v21-17v23John Stevens
February 2012
Date Title Listen
26th 6:00 PM Sovereignty & ProvidenceSovereigntyMatthew 6v25-34John Taylor
26th 10:30 AM Who do you say I am?MatthewMatthew 16v1-20Stephen Trump
12th 6:00 PM Test the Spirits1 John1 John 4v1-6Hugh Thomson
12th 10:30 AM A World After ReligionMatthewMatthew 15v1-39Neil Powell
5th 6:00 PM I Love Other Christians1 John1 John 3v11-24Hugh Thomson
5th 10:30 AM The Prince or a PauperMatthewMatthew 13v54-14v36Neil Powell
January 2012
Date Title Listen
29th 6:00 PM I am a child of God1 John1 John 2v28 - 3v10Hugh Thomson
29th 10:30 AM If God is there why doesn't he make himself more obvious?MatthewMatthew 13v1-53Neil Powell
22nd 6:00 PM I know the truth1 John1 John 2v18-27Hugh Thomson
22nd 10:30 AM Lord of the Flies?MatthewMatthew 12v22-50Neil Powell
15th 6:00 PM My Life Has Changed1 John1 John 2v3-17Hugh Thomson
15th 10:30 AM Lord of the SabbathMatthewMatthew 12v1-21Neil Powell
8th 6:00 PM My Sin Has Been Dealt With1 John1 John 1v1-2v2Hugh Thomson
8th 10:30 AM Eyes Wide Shut?MatthewMatthew 11v1-30Neil Powell
1st 10:30 AM New Year's DayOne OffLuke 9v18-27Stephen Trump
December 2011
Date Title Listen
18th 10:30 AM Family Carol ServiceOne OffGalatians 4v4-5Hugh Thomson
11th 6:00 PM The Good, the Bad and the UglyExodusExodus 17v8-19v1Neil Powell
11th 10:30 AM Good News for the OutcastActsActs 8v26-40Hugh Thomson
4th 6:00 PM Into the wildernessExodusExodus 15v22-17v7Neil Powell
4th 10:30 AM Good News for the SamaritainsActsActs 8v1-25Hugh Thomson
November 2011
Date Title Listen
27th 6:00 PM The Great EscapeExodusExodus 13v17-15v21Neil Powell
27th 10:30 AM The First MartyrActsActs 6v8-7v60Hugh Thomson
20th 6:00 PM A Night to RememberExodusExodus 13v1-16Neil Powell
20th 10:30 AM Setting priorities in the churchActsActs 6v1-7Hugh Thomson
13th 6:00 PM There will be BloodExodusExodus 11v1-12v51Neil Powell
13th 10:30 AM Serve the City SundayJonathan Bell
6th 6:00 PM Escape to VictoryExodusExodus 8v20-10v29Neil Powell
6th 10:30 AM An attempt to silence the GospelActsActs 5v12-42Hugh Thomson
October 2011
Date Title Listen
30th 6:00 PM War of the WorldsExodusExodus 7v8-8v19Neil Powell
30th 10:30 AM Radical HolinessActsActs 4v32-5v11Hugh Thomson
23rd 7:00 PM The King's SpeechExodusExodus 5v22-7v7Neil Powell
23rd 11:30 AM Salvation is Found in No-one ElseActsActs 4v1-31Hugh Thomson
16th 7:00 PM No Country for Old MenExodusExodus 4v18 - 5v21Neil Powell
16th 11:30 AM Get A LifeActsActs 3Hugh Thomson
9th 7:00 PM BraveheartExodusExodus 3v1-4v17Neil Powell
9th 11:30 AM The New CommunityActsActs 2v42-47Hugh Thomson
2nd 7:00 PM Prince of EgyptExodusExodus 2v1-25Neil Powell
2nd 11:30 AM Pentecost ExplainedActsActs 2v14-41Hugh Thomson
September 2011
Date Title Listen
25th 7:00 PM Cry FreedomExodusExodus 1v1-2v2Neil Powell
25th 11:30 AM The Birth Day of the ChurchActsActs 2v1-13Hugh Thomson
18th 7:00 PM The Greatest Story Ever ToldExodusExodus 1-18Neil Powell
18th 11:30 AM You Shall Be My WitnessesActsActs 1v1-26Hugh Thomson
11th 7:00 PM Psalm 89One OffHoward Jackson
11th 11:30 AM Revelation 2v8-11One OffPaul Mallard
4th 7:00 PM Faith or FaithlessnessOne OffNumbers 13Hugh Thomson
4th 11:30 AM Questioning GodOne OffJob 40John Taylor
August 2011
Date Title Listen
7th 11:30 AM Praying for the NationsPrayerPsalm 67Jonny Moore