November 2019
Date Title Listen
10th 6:00 PM Genuine truth about GodGenuine1 John 4:1-6Craig Summers
10th 10:30 AM Romans 14RomansRomans 14 - 15:13Neil Powell
3rd 6:00 PM Real LoveGenuine1 John 3:11-24Jonathan Gregory
3rd 10:30 AM Christlike HospitalityServe the City SundayGenesis 18:1-8, Hebrews 13:1-4Girma Bishaw
October 2019
Date Title Listen
20th 6:00 PM Genuine remaining in GodGenuine1 John 2:3-27Jonathan Gregory
13th 6:00 PM Genuine acceptance from GodGenuine1 John 1:5-2:11Jonathan Gregory
13th 10:30 AM Romans 12: 9-21RomansRomans 12: 9-21Hugh Thomson
6th 6:00 PM Genuine relationship with GodGenuine1 John 1:1-4Jonathan Gregory
6th 10:30 AM Romans 12: 1-8RomansRomans 12: 1-8Craig Summers
September 2019
Date Title Listen
29th 6:00 PM 1 Samuel 7One-off1 Samuel 7Neil Powell
29th 10:30 AM Stand AloneOne-offIsaiah 12David Jackman
22nd 6:00 PM Psalm 103PsalmsPsalm 103Hugh Thomson
22nd 10:30 AM What would Jesus say to City Church?One OffRevelation 1:9-20 and 3:14-22Jonathan Gregory
15th 6:00 PM Psalm 73PsalmsPsalm 73Craig Summers
15th 10:30 AM Weekend Away 2019: Every Blessing: Included and SealedEphesians: Weekend Away 2019Ephesians 2:1-14, 3:11-22Adrian Reynolds
15th 10:30 AM The path of pridePsalmsPsalms 131John James
14th 6:00 PM Weekend away 2019: Every Blessing: Forgiven and EnlightenedEphesians: Weekend Away 2019Ephesians 3Adrian Reynolds
13th 7:30 PM Weekend Away 2019: Every Blessing: ChosenEphesians: Weekend Away 2019Ephesians 1Adrian Reynolds
8th 6:00 PM Psalms 42 and 43PsalmsPsalms 42 and 43Craig Summers
8th 10:30 AM Real HolinessReal1 Thessalonians 5:12-28Jonathan Gregory
1st 6:00 PM Wait patiently for the endStand Firm2 Peter 3Hugh Thomson
1st 10:30 AM Real IdentityReal1 Thessalonians 5:1-11Jonathan Gregory
August 2019
Date Title Listen
25th 6:00 PM Don't be taken in by errorStand Firm2 Peter 2:10-22Hugh Thomson
25th 10:30 AM Real HopeReal1 Thessalonians 4:13-18Jonathan Gregory
18th 6:00 PM Beware of false teachersStand Firm2 Peter 2:1-10Hugh Thomson
18th 10:30 AM Real LoveReal1 Thessalonians 4:1-12Jonathan Gregory
11th 6:00 PM Have confidence in the gospelStand Firm2 Peter 1:12-21Hugh Thomson
11th 10:30 AM Real FaithReal1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13Jonathan Gregory
4th 6:00 PM Grow in GodlinessStand Firm2 Peter 1:1-11Hugh Thomson
4th 10:30 AM Real GospelReal1 Thessalonians 2:1-16Jonathan Gregory
July 2019
Date Title Listen
28th 6:00 PM The failure of God's peopleFrom ruin to restorationEzra 9-10Jonathan Gregory
28th 10:30 AM Real ConversionReal1 Thessolonians 1:1-10Jonathan Gregory
21st 6:00 PM The need of God's peopleFrom ruin to restorationEzra 7-8Jonathan Gregory
21st 10:30 AM Solomon's wivesSolomon: The wisdom and the folly1 Kings 11Neil Powell
14th 6:00 PM The joy of God's peopleFrom ruin to restorationEzra 5-6Jonathan Gregory
14th 10:30 AM Solomon's wisdomSolomon: The wisdom and the folly1 Kings 10Neil Powell
7th 10:30 AM Solomon's warningSolomon: The wisdom and the folly1 Kings 9:1-9Neil Powell
June 2019
Date Title Listen
30th 6:00 PM The task of God's peopleFrom ruin to restorationEzra 3-4Jonathan Gregory
30th 10:30 AM Solomon's worshipSolomon: The wisdom and the folly1 Kings 8Neil Powell
23rd 6:00 PM The return of God's peopleFrom ruin to restorationEzra 1-2Jonathan Gregory
23rd 10:30 AM Solomon's wishSolomon: The wisdom and the folly1 Kings 3Neil Powell
16th 6:00 PM What to expect from lifeSeeking God in sufferingJob 42Craig Summers
16th 10:30 AM The new creationJesus Wins!Rev 21 - 22Hugh Thomson
9th 6:00 PM The God who is GodSeeking God in sufferingJob 38:1-42:6Craig Summers
9th 10:30 AM Final JudgementJesus Wins!Revelation 20Hugh Thomson
2nd 6:00 PM Is God for me or against me?Seeking God in sufferingJob 29-37Craig Summers
2nd 10:30 AM The fall of babylonJesus Wins!Revelation 17-19Hugh Thomson
May 2019
Date Title Listen
26th 6:00 PM Where can I find the answer?Seeking God in sufferingJob 28Craig Summers
26th 10:30 AM Salvation and condemnationJesus Wins!Revelation 14-16Hugh Thomson
19th 6:00 PM What not to say to a suffering ChristianSeeking God in sufferingJob 4-27Craig Summers