May 2019
Date Title Listen
19th 6:00 PM What not to say to a suffering ChristianSeeking God in sufferingJob 4-27Craig Summers
19th 10:30 AM Psalm 117Psalm 117Psalm 117Chris Green
12th 6:00 PM As we serve the world: God's call of Abraham, an example for us allServe The World SundayGenesis 11:27-12:9Joseph Steinberg
12th 10:30 AM As we serve the world: why mission?Serve The World SundayRomans 10:1-11:1Joseph Steinberg
5th 6:00 PM When darkness fallsSeeking God in sufferingJob 3Craig Summers
5th 10:30 AM The unholy trinityJesus Wins!Rev 13Hugh Thomson
April 2019
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28th 6:00 PM Is God asleep on the job?Seeking God in sufferingJob 1-2Craig Summers
28th 10:30 AM Satan's downfallJesus Wins!Revelation12Hugh Thomson
21st 10:30 AM Romans 1:1 - 6 : Easter Sunday Morning One-offRomans 1:1-6Hugh Thomson
14th 6:00 PM Acts 27 & 28Into all the worldActs 27:1-28:31Hugh Thomson
14th 10:30 AM What kind of King?Easter 2019Luke 18:28-44 Craig Summers
7th 6:00 PM True & Reasonable: why Christianity makes senseInto the worldActs 24:1-26:32Jonathan Gregory
7th 10:30 AM Why Jesus offends us and captivates usLife in His nameJohn 6:60-71Craig Summers
March 2019
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31st 6:00 PM The case for Christ'Into all the world'Acts 21:1- 23:35Jonathan Gregory
31st 10:30 AM The Jesus diet planLife in His nameJohn 6:25-59Craig Summers
24th 6:00 PM Keep watchInto all the worldActs 20:1-37Jonathan Gregory
24th 10:30 AM Jesus and the storms of lifeLife in His nameJohn 6:16-24Craig Summers
17th 6:00 PM Turning the world upside down'Into all the world'Acts 19:1-41Jonathan Gregory
17th 10:30 AM Jesus wins star bakerLife in His nameJohn 6:1-15Craig Summers
10th 6:00 PM Unstoppable: Why Christianity continues to grow'Into all the world'Acts 18: 1-28Neil Powell
10th 10:30 AM Why it's hard to believe in JesusLife in His nameJohn 5: 16-47Craig Summers
3rd 6:00 PM MMGD 2019 Evening Service'Into all the world'Acts 17:16-34Neil Powell
3rd 10:30 AM MMGD 2019 Morning ServiceMMGD 2019Luke 19:1-27Jonathan Gregory
February 2019
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17th 6:00 PM The gospel in Philippi'Into all the world'Acts 16: 6-40Hugh Thomson
17th 10:30 AM God's merciful planOverflowing GraceRomans 11:11-36Neil Powell
10th 6:00 PM The council at Jerusalem'Into all the world'Acts 15:1- 16:5Hugh Thomson
10th 10:30 AM God's overflowing graceOverflowing GraceRomans 11Neil Powell
3rd 6:00 PM The gospel in asia minor'Into all the world'Acts 12:25-14:28Hugh Thomson
January 2019
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27th 6:00 PM The gospel opposed 'Into all the world'Acts 11:19-12:24Hugh Thomson
27th 10:30 AM God's Sovereignty in SalvationOverflowing GraceRomans 9:1-29Neil Powell
20th 6:00 PM Salvation of Gentile'Into all the world'Acts 9:32-11:18Hugh Thomson
20th 10:30 AM What should we teach the next generationIf we could ask God one question...Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:14Neil Powell
13th 6:00 PM Salvation of a Pharisee'Into all the world'Acts 9:1-31Hugh Thomson
13th 10:30 AM Remain or Leave?If we could ask God one question...Romans 13:1-7, 1 Timothy 2:1-4Neil Powell
6th 6:00 PM The Gospel in Samaria'Into all the world'Acts 8Hugh Thomson
6th 10:30 AM Why can't we all get along?If you could ask God one question...Mark 7: 1-23Neil Powell
December 2018
Date Title Listen
30th 10:30 AM You can really changeGalatiansGalatians 5:13-15Jonathan Gregory
25th 10:30 AM Why Christmas?Christmas DayGalatians 4: 4-5Hugh Thomson
23rd 6:00 PM Good news for weak peopleChristmas 2018Luke 1: 39-56Craig Summers
23rd 10:30 AM Worshipped by the wiseGreat ExpectationsMatthew 2:1-12Hugh Thomson
16th 6:00 PM Great joy for all peopleAdvent 2018 Evening MeditationsLuke 2:1-20Jonathan Gregory
16th 10:30 AM He will save his peopleGreat ExpectationsMatthew 1:18-25Craig Summers
2nd 6:00 PM The Key to contentmentA life worth livingPhilippians 4:10-23Craig Summers
2nd 10:30 AM When the time had fully comeGreat ExpectationsMatthew 1:1-17Jonathan Gregory
November 2018
Date Title Listen
25th 6:00 PM The answer to anxietyA life worth livingPhilippians 4:1-9Craig Summers
25th 10:30 AM The reality: What might a multi-ethnic church look like?Positively different - Our unity in diversityJohn17:20-23; Acts 11:19-26; Acts 13:1-3Neil Powell
18th 6:00 PM Hope worth waiting forA life worth livingPhilippians 3:15-4:1Craig Summers
18th 10:30 AM The Challenge: Living Our Our Unity in DiversityPositively different - Our unity in diversityRomans 14:1-15:7Neil Powell
11th 6:00 PM A life worth losingA life worth livingPhilippians 3:1-14Craig Summers
11th 10:30 AM Serve the CityServe the City SundayHebrews 13:11-18Jonathan Bell