One Off

February 2007
25th AM Grace Church Commissioning ServiceOne OffNeil Powell
March 2007
4th AM Romans 6v1-14One OffJohn Stevens
11th AM It's Worth a Second LookOne OffLuke 19v1-10Nick Cuthbert
May 2007
27th AM Matthew 25v14-30One OffSimon Smallwood
June 2007
17th AM 1 Corinthians 4v1-16One OffJohn Tindall
July 2007
15th PM Hebrews 12v1-11One OffHugh Thomson
September 2007
2nd PM Lamentations 3v19-42One OffHoward Jackson
9th PM Blessings in ChristOne OffEphesians 1v1-14John Stevens
October 2007
28th AM John 12One OffJonathan Stephen
December 2007
16th AM Carol ServiceOne OffJohn Stevens
23rd AM John 1v14One OffHugh Thomson
25th AM Christmas DayOne OffJohn Stevens
30th AM Hebrews 11v8-10One OffRichard Iley
February 2008
10th PM How to be a Great LoverOne OffJohn Stevens
March 2008
30th AM Isaiah 7v1-9One OffHoward Jackson
August 2008
10th AM Isaiah 44v6-11 & Romans 1v18-25One OffDavid Shaw
17th AM Psalm 34One OffRichard Iley
24th AM Psalm 8One OffHugh Thomson
31st AM Psalm 56One OffHugh Thomson
October 2008
12th AM Blinded by the Light - Does Faith Contradict Reason?One OffJohn 9v1-41Richard Cunningham
12th PM 1 Samuel 14v1-23One OffRichard Cunningham
December 2008
14th AM Luke 1v26-38One OffJohn Stevens
14th AM Matthew 1v1-18 & Galatians 4v4-7One OffNeil Powell
January 2009
4th PM Priorities for 2009 from Paul's PrayersOne OffJonny Moore
25th AM Beauty from the DustOne OffPsalm 90William Edgar
March 2009
15th PM Losing My Religion - Why Religion won't get you to GodOne OffLuke 18v9-14Neil Powell
December 2009
20th AM A Tale of Two FamiliesOne OffLuke 1v5-17 & 26-38Richard Iley
20th PM Carols by CandlelightOne OffChristmasHugh Thomson
27th AM 1 Thessalonians 1One OffSteve White
January 2010
3rd PM Acts 6v8-15 & 7v54-60One OffHoward Jackson
March 2010
21st AM Jeremiah 29v1-14 & Romans 8v28-30One OffJohn Stevens
21st PM Hebrews 1v1-4 & 3v7-4v13One OffJohn Stevens
April 2010
11th AM John 20v24-31One OffHugh Thomson
May 2010
30th PM Do All Roads Lead to God?One OffKrish Kandiah
September 2010
26th AM Luke 18v9-30One OffLuke 18v9-30Dan Steel
November 2010
21st AM Serve The CityOne OffRevelation 3v7-13Paul Mallard
December 2010
5th AM Matthew 1v18-25One OffJohn Stevens
January 2011
2nd AM Children of the LightOne Off1 Thessalonians 5v1-11Giles Coghlan
2nd PM Philippians 3v14-4v1One OffHugh Thomson
9th AM More Blessed To Give Than To ReceiveOne OffActs 20v17-38Trevor Archer
March 2011
20th PM Belief in the Face of Evidence: is Christianity Blind to all SufferingOne OffMark 15v16-40Steve Baraniak
April 2011
17th AM Habakkuk 3One OffKenny Dubnik
17th PM Isaiah 35One OffRichard Iley
24th AM 1 Corinthians 15v1-34One OffHugh Thomson
May 2011
1st AM Psalm 1One OffPsalm 1Dan Cottle
22nd AM Ephesians 4v1-6One OffDan Steel
July 2011
3rd AM 1 Peter 5v13One OffPatrick Sookdheo
September 2011
4th AM Questioning GodOne OffJob 40John Taylor
4th PM Faith or FaithlessnessOne OffNumbers 13Hugh Thomson
11th AM Revelation 2v8-11One OffPaul Mallard
11th PM Psalm 89One OffHoward Jackson
December 2011
18th AM Family Carol ServiceOne OffGalatians 4v4-5Hugh Thomson
January 2012
1st AM New Year's DayOne OffLuke 9v18-27Stephen Trump
April 2012
8th AM If a Man Dies, Will He Live Again?One OffJob 14v1-17Neil Powell
15th PM AccessOne OffEphesians 3v7-13John Taylor
July 2012
15th AM Revelation 12One OffHugh Thomson
August 2012
5th AM Titus 2v11-15One OffStephen Trump
26th AM More dangerous than giantsOne Off1 Samuel 17 v1 - 54David Shaw
September 2012
2nd AM Psalm 51One OffJonathan Worsley
January 2013
6th AM New Year, New Beginnings - Colossians 3v1-11One OffJohn Rochfort
April 2013
7th PM 1 Corinthians 15v1 - 20 "These are the facts..."One OffHoward Jackson
September 2013
15th AM Morning 15th Sept 13One OffColin Tamplin
June 2015
21st PM The Greatness of the King and the Joy of his KingdomOne Off1 Kings 4:20-34Colin Tamplin
October 2015
18th AM Serve The City Sunday 2015 - gospel mandate, gospel heartOne OffJonahNeil Powell
December 2015
13th PM Carols by Candlelight talkOne OffJohn 1: 1 - 18Neil Powell
20th PM Christmas MeditationOne OffColossians 1 : 19 - 20Daniel Haynes
June 2016
5th AM Bread of LifeOne OffJohn 6v25-40Neil Powell
July 2016
3rd PM FIEC Joint CelebrationOne Off tbaJohn Stevens
10th AM How to say goodbye to guiltOne Off1 John 1v5 - 2v2Jonathan Gregory
17th PM Leaving all for JesusOne OffLuke 5v1-11Steven Green
24th PM How to be happyOne OffPsalm 1Tim Hay
31st AM Colossians 3 : 1 - 4One OffColossians 3:1-4Jonty Worsley
August 2016
7th AM Go and tell - our glorious mission for our glorious KingOne OffIsaiah 6:1 - 13John Stevens
14th AM The love of God the FatherOne OfftbaAndy Weatherley
14th AM The love of God the FatherOne Off1 John 4:7-16Andy Weatherley
December 2016
11th PM Carols By Candlelight ServiceOne OffJohn 1:1-18Neil Powell
18th AM Family Carol Service : Matthew 2:1-12One OffMatthew 2:1-12Jonathan Gregory
18th PM A Christmas MeditationOne Off1 John 4:7 - 16Daniel Haynes
25th AM Christmas Day Morning ServiceOne OffJohn 3:16Hugh Thomson
January 2017
1st AM A Fresh StartOne OffMicah 6:1-8Neil Powell
March 2017
5th AM International Student ServiceOne OffRevelation 21Rowland Hughes
May 2017
14th PM Serve The WorldOne OffActs 19:1-20Mark Picketts
July 2017
2nd PM FIEC Communion ServiceOne Offtbatba
9th AM Psalm 3One OffPsalm 3John Stevens
16th AM Psalm 13One OffPsalm 13Colin Tamplin
30th AM Where is forgiveness found?One OffMark 2:1-12Jonathan Gregory
September 2017
17th AM Psalm 102One OffPsalm 102Andy Weatherly
December 2017
3rd AM A Talk for AdventOne OffMatthew 1:18-25Neil Powell
25th AM Christmas Day Morning ServiceOne OffLuke 2:1-14Neil Powell
March 2018
30th AM Good Friday morning talkOne OffLuke 22:66-23:49Neil Powell
April 2018
1st AM Easter Sunday Morning One OffLuke 24:1-12Neil Powell
8th AM John 21:1 - 25One OffJohn 21:1-25Hugh Thomson
8th PM Proverbs 3:1 - 6One OffProverbs 3:1-6Daniel Haynes
September 2019
22nd AM What would Jesus say to City Church?One OffRevelation 1:9-20 and 3:14-22Jonathan Gregory