In summary, City Church Birmingham's Safeguarding Policy outlines how we will:

  • Seek to provide a healthy, nurturing, and protective environment for everyone who engages with our church community.
  • Strive to protect every member of our church community from harm and abuse, and if harm or abuse is identified, handle it effectively, promptly, and proportionately.
  • Equip our trustees, staff and volunteers to be clear about their responsibilities and duties and to competently and confidently fulfil them.
  • Support the development of an open and transparent culture that listens to the views and wishes of every person within our church community and supports the raising of concerns and complaints.
  • Provide leadership and accountability for everyone in our church community in relation to safeguarding.

Gloria Dilling is the Designated Safeguarding Lead and Tim Hay is the Deputy Safeguarding Lead.

Download and read the full document using the link below.