October 2007
Date Title Listen
28th 6:00 PM Where Are We Going?GenesisGenesis 2v1-3John Stevens
28th 10:30 AM John 12One OffJonathan Stephen
21st 7:00 PM Why Are We Here?GenesisGenesis 1v28-31John Stevens
21st 11:30 AM Second Life? The Quest to do Life Better1 Peter1 Peter 2v22-24Neil Powell
14th 7:00 PM Who Are We?GenesisGenesis 1v26-27John Stevens
14th 11:30 AM 1 Peter 2v13-171 PeterJohn Stevens
7th 7:00 PM Dawkins DilemmaGenesisGenesis 1v24-25Neil Powell
7th 11:30 AM 1 Peter 2v4-121 PeterHugh Thomson
September 2007
Date Title Listen
30th 7:00 PM Intelligent Design?GenesisGenesis 2v2-23Neil Powell
30th 11:30 AM 1 Peter 1v13-2v21 PeterHugh Thomson
23rd 7:00 PM Before the Big BangGenesisGenesis 1v1Neil Powell
9th 7:00 PM Blessings in ChristOne OffEphesians 1v1-14John Stevens
9th 11:30 AM The Life of Peter in Acts1 PeterJohn Stevens
2nd 7:00 PM Lamentations 3v19-42One OffHoward Jackson
July 2007
Date Title Listen
22nd 7:00 PM Prayer and Protection: Lead us not into Temptation but Deliver us from the Evil OnePrayerHugh Thomson
22nd 11:30 AM Ezekiel 36v16-38EzekielNeil Powell
15th 7:00 PM Hebrews 12v1-11One OffHugh Thomson
15th 11:30 AM Ezekiel 35v1-36v15EzekielHugh Thomson
8th 7:00 PM Prayer and Confession - Forgive us our Sins, as we Forgive OthersPrayerJohn Stevens
8th 11:30 AM Ezekiel 34EzekielHugh Thomson
1st 7:00 PM Prayer and Provision - Give us Today our Daily BreadPrayerHugh Thomson
1st 11:30 AM Ezekiel 33EzekielJohn Stevens
June 2007
Date Title Listen
24th 11:30 AM Ezekiel 25-32EzekielJohn Stevens
17th 7:00 PM Prayer and the Church - Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in HeavenPrayerHoward Jackson
17th 11:30 AM 1 Corinthians 4v1-16One OffJohn Tindall
10th 7:00 PM Prayer and Mission - Thy Kingdom ComePrayerDavid Shaw
10th 11:30 AM Ezekiel 20-23EzekielHugh Thomson
3rd 9:00 PM What Would Jesus Say to Germane Greer?ContactJohn Stevens
3rd 11:30 AM Ezekiel 18 & 19EzekielNeil Powell
May 2007
Date Title Listen
27th 7:00 PM Prayer and Adoration - Hallowed by Thy NamePrayerHugh Thomson
27th 11:30 AM Matthew 25v14-30One OffSimon Smallwood
20th 7:00 PM Prayer and the Providence of GodPrayerNeil Powell
20th 11:30 AM Ezekiel 15-17EzekielJohn Stevens
April 2007
Date Title Listen
29th 7:00 PM How Does Prayer Work? - Sovereignty and PrayerPrayerNeil Powell
29th 11:30 AM Ezekiel 12-14EzekielNeil Powell
22nd 7:00 PM How Can We Pray?PrayerJohn Stevens
22nd 11:30 AM Ezekiel 10 & 11EzekielHugh Thomson
15th 11:30 AM Ezekiel 8 & 9EzekielHugh Thomson
1st 11:30 AM Ezekiel 4-7EzekielJohn Stevens
March 2007
Date Title Listen
25th 7:00 PM John 20Signs in JohnDavid Shaw
25th 11:30 AM Ezekiel 2 & 3EzekielHugh Thomson
18th 6:00 PM John 11Signs in JohnHugh Thomson
18th 10:30 AM Ezekiel 1EzekielHugh Thomson
11th 6:00 PM John 9Signs in JohnNeil Powell
11th 10:30 AM It's Worth a Second LookOne OffLuke 19v1-10Nick Cuthbert
4th 10:30 AM Romans 6v1-14One OffJohn Stevens
February 2007
Date Title Listen
25th 6:00 PM John 6Signs in JohnJohn Stevens
25th 10:30 AM Grace Church Commissioning ServiceOne OffNeil Powell
18th 6:00 PM John 6v1-15Signs in JohnJohn Stevens
4th 6:00 PM What Would Jesus Say to Stephen Hawking?ContactAndy Schofield