Sunday Morning

February 2016
21st AM Evangelising7 signs of a healthy church1 Peter 2v4-12Neil Powell
28th AM Planting7 signs of a healthy churchLuke 5:27-31, Luke 15:1-10Neil Powell
March 2016
6th AM Mission & Ministry Gift Day AMMission & Ministry Gift Day 20161 Corinthians 16:1-4Hugh Thomson
13th AM Partnering7 signs of a healthy churchPhilippians 1:3-6 & 4:10-20Neil Powell
20th AM Christ is AliveFull of hope1 Corinthians 15:1-11, John 19:28-37Hugh Thomson
27th AM We shall liveFull of hope1 Corinthians 15:12 - 20Hugh Thomson
April 2016
3rd AM Death is deadFull of hope1 Corinthians 15:20 - 28Hugh Thomson
10th AM The King of GloryWhat kind of King?Mark 9v1 - 13Hugh Thomson
17th AM The unique KingWhat kind of King?Mark 9v14 - 37Hugh Thomson
24th AM The King and His subjectsWhat kind of King?Mark 9v38 - 50Hugh Thomson
May 2016
1st AM The King and relationshipsWhat kind of King?Mark 10v1 - 16Hugh Thomson
8th AM God's praise amongst all nationsServe The WorldPsalms 117Andrew Dudgeon
15th AM The King who demands first placeWhat kind of King?Mark 10v17 - 31Hugh Thomson
22nd AM The Servant KingWhat kind of King?Mark 10v32 - 52Hugh Thomson
29th AM The Messiah KingWhat kind of King?Mark 11v1 - 11Hugh Thomson
June 2016
5th AM Don't work for the food that spoilsThe Bread of LifeJohn 6:25 - 69Neil Powell
5th AM Bread of LifeOne OffJohn 6v25-40Neil Powell
12th AM The King who hates religionWhat kind of King?Mark 11v12-33Jonathan Gregory
19th AM The King they want to get rid ofWhat kind of King?Mark 12v1 - 12Jonathan Gregory
26th AM The King they try to trapWhat kind of King?Mark 12v13 - 27Jonathan Gregory
July 2016
3rd AM The wisdom of the KingWhat kind of King?Mark 12v28 - 44Jonathan Gregory
10th AM How to say goodbye to guiltOne Off1 John 1v5 - 2v2Jonathan Gregory
17th AM Look and live!NumbersNumbers 21:1 - 9Hugh Thomson
24th AM Stop and think!NumbersNumbers 22:21 - 41Hugh Thomson
31st AM Colossians 3 : 1 - 4One OffColossians 3:1-4Jonty Worsley
August 2016
7th AM Go and tell - our glorious mission for our glorious KingOne OffIsaiah 6:1 - 13John Stevens
14th AM The love of God the FatherOne OfftbaAndy Weatherley
14th AM The love of God the FatherOne Off1 John 4:7-16Andy Weatherley
21st AM An unexpected SaviourSamsonJudges 3:7-11, Judges 13:1-25Neil Powell
28th AM An unpredictable saviourSamsonJudges 14Neil Powell
September 2016
4th AM An unmistakable saviourSamsonJudges 15Neil Powell
11th AM An unlikely saviourSamsonJudges 16Neil Powell
18th AM Weekend at home 2016: Elijah 3Weekend at Home 20161 Kings 18:41 - 19:18Marcus Honeysett
25th AM Good news!Romans Ch 1 - 4Romans 1v1 - 7Hugh Thomson
October 2016
2nd AM God's righteousness revealedRomans Ch 1 - 4Romans 1v8 - 17Hugh Thomson
9th AM The wicked need the gospelRomans Ch 1 - 4Romans 1:18-32Hugh Thomson
16th AM The religious need the gospelRomans Ch 1 - 4Romans 2:1-16Hugh Thomson
23rd AM Everyone needs the gospelRomans Ch 1 - 4Romans 2:17 - 3:20Hugh Thomson
30th AM How can I be free from guilt?Romans Ch 1 - 4Rom. 3v21 - 31Jonathan Gregory
November 2016
6th AM God's righteousness is oursRomans Ch 1 - 4Romans 4:1-8Hugh Thomson
13th AM Serve the CityServe the City1 Corinthians 9Ralph Cunnington
20th AM Through faith aloneRomans Ch 1 - 4Romans 4:9-25Hugh Thomson
27th AM Immanuel – God with usAdvent Series 2016Isaiah 7:1-17Neil Powell
December 2016
4th AM Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty GodAdvent Series 2016Isaiah 9:1-7Hugh Thomson
11th AM The Spirit of the Lord will rest on himAdvent Series 2016Isaiah 11:1-9Jonathan Gregory
18th AM Family Carol Service : Matthew 2:1-12One OffMatthew 2:1-12Jonathan Gregory
25th AM Christmas Day Morning ServiceOne OffJohn 3:16Hugh Thomson
January 2017
1st AM A Fresh StartOne OffMicah 6:1-8Neil Powell
8th AM 'But isn't faith blind to the evidence?’‘Worth a second look? Does Christianity have anything worth hearing?'Acts 26Neil Powell
15th AM 'Now isn't the time; I'm happy as I am.'‘Worth a second look? Does Christianity have anything worth hearing?'Luke 12:13-21Neil Powell
22nd AM 'It's not for people like me.'‘Worth a second look? Does Christianity have anything worth hearing?'John 8:31-38Neil Powell
29th AM The end of the world as we know it - Jesus the judgeThe Suffering KingMark 13:1-37Neil Powell
February 2017
5th AM What so amazing about grace? - what Jesus wants from usThe Suffering KingMark 14:1-11Neil Powell
12th AM The Last supper - why Jesus had to dieThe Suffering KingMark 14:12-26Neil Powell
19th AM Does God care? What Jesus went through for us.The Suffering KingMark 14:27-42Neil Powell
26th AM The case for Christ - Jesus on trialThe Suffering KingMark 14:43-72Hugh Thomson
March 2017
5th AM International Student ServiceOne OffRevelation 21Rowland Hughes
12th AM Mission & Ministry Gift Day MorningMMGD 2017Matthew 6:19-24Jonathan Gregory
19th AM The great exchange - Why Jesus diedThe Suffering KingMark 15:1-15Neil Powell
26th AM The final curtain - What Jesus' death achievedThe Suffering KingMark 15:16-47Neil Powell
April 2017
2nd AM Long live the King! - The resurrection of JesusThe Suffering KingMark 16:1-8Neil Powell
9th AM Palm Sunday morningOne-offIsaiah 52:13 - 53:12Hugh Thomson
16th AM Romans 1:1 - 4One-offRomans 1:1-4Hugh Thomson
23rd AM Submitting to authority in the churchServant of all : submitting to God given authorityHebrews 13:7-17Neil Powell
30th AM Submitting to authority in marriageServant of all : submitting to God given authorityEphesians 5:21-33Neil Powell
May 2017
7th AM Submitting to the authority of the stateServant of all : submitting to God given authorityRomans 13:1-7, 1 Timothy 2:1-6Neil Powell
14th AM Serve the WorldOne-offActs 11:19-30, Acts 12:25 - 13:3Mark Picketts
21st AM Submitting to authority in the workplaceServant of all : submitting to God given authorityDaniel 1, Ephesians 6:1-9Neil Powell
28th AM Being happy away from home.Living away from home1 Peter 1:1-12Jonathan Gregory
June 2017
4th AM Living with our future home in mindLiving away from home1 Peter 1:13 - 2:3Jonathan Gregory
11th AM Declaring God's praises away from homeLiving away from home1 Peter 2:4-10Jonathan Gregory
18th AM Submitting to authorities away from homeLiving away from home1 Peter 2:11 - 3:13Jonathan Gregory
25th AM Suffering for doing good away from homeLiving away from home1 Peter 3:13 - 4:11Jonathan Gregory
July 2017
2nd AM Standing firm as we hope for homeLiving away from home1 Peter 4:12 - 5:14Jonathan Gregory
9th AM Psalm 3One OffPsalm 3John Stevens
16th AM Psalm 13One OffPsalm 13Colin Tamplin
23rd AM Serve like JesusOne-offLuke 17:1-10Andy Martin
30th AM Where is forgiveness found?One OffMark 2:1-12Jonathan Gregory
August 2017
6th AM What does forgiveness look like?One-offLuke 7:36-50Jonathan Gregory
13th AM How to forgive othersOne-offMatthew 18:1-25Jonathan Gregory
20th AM How God's kingdom growsOne-offLuke 13:18-21Craig Summers
27th AM Because he's worth itOne-offMark 14:1-11Craig Summers
September 2017
3rd AM The danger of distraction oneThe danger of distractionLuke 10:1,17-20Neil Powell
10th AM The danger of distraction twoThe danger of distractionLuke 12:17-20, 2 Corinthians 4:16 - 5:10Neil Powell
17th AM Wrong WorshipWeekend Away 2017Jeremiah 2:1-13Graham Beynon
17th AM Life under a curseOne-offPsalm 102Andy Weatherley
24th AM Salvation in ChristRomans 5 - 8 'New Life in Christ'Romans 5:1-11Hugh Thomson
October 2017
1st AM Identity in ChristRomans 5 - 8 'New Life in Christ'Romans 5:12-21Hugh Thomson
8th AM Union with ChristRomans 5 - 8 'New Life in Christ'Romans 6:1-14Hugh Thomson
15th AM Servants of ChristRomans 5 - 8 'New Life in Christ'Romans 6:15 - 23Hugh Thomson
22nd AM Freedom from the LawRomans 5 - 8 'New Life in Christ'Romans 7:1 - 25Hugh Thomson
29th AM Living in the SpiritRomans 5 - 8 'New Life in Christ'Romans 8:1 - 13Hugh Thomson
November 2017
5th AM Serve The City SundayServe the CityMark 6:30 - 44Matthew Skirton (OM)
12th AM Adopted as sonsRomans 5 - 8 'New Life in Christ'Romans 8:14 - 17Hugh Thomson
19th AM Rejoicing in hopeRomans 5 - 8 'New Life in Christ'Romans 8:18 - 30Hugh Thomson
26th AM Secure in Christ's loveRomans 5 - 8 'New Life in Christ'Romans 8:31 - 39Hugh Thomson
December 2017
3rd AM A Talk for AdventOne OffMatthew 1:18-25Neil Powell
24th AM John 1:1 - 18One-offJohn 1:1-18Craig Summers
25th AM Christmas Day Morning ServiceOne OffLuke 2:1-14Neil Powell
31st AM Psalm 90One-offPsalm 90Craig Summers