Sunday Morning

April 2012
8th AM If a Man Dies, Will He Live Again?One OffJob 14v1-17Neil Powell
15th AM The Lion has RoaredAmosAmos 1v1-2 & 2 Kings 14v23-29Hugh Thomson
22nd AM When God's Patience Runs Out 1AmosAmos 1v3-2v3Hugh Thomson
29th AM When God's Patience Runs Out 2AmosAmos 2v4-16Hugh Thomson
May 2012
6th AM Don't Be SurprisedAmosAmos 3Hugh Thomson
13th AM Harmony with HeavenInternational Student ServiceMark 12v28-24Peter Teagle
20th AM Prepare to Meet Your GodAmosAmos 4Hugh Thomson
27th AM Religion Without a ConscienceAmosAmos 5v1-17Hugh Thomson
June 2012
3rd AM The Day of the LordAmosAmos 5v18-27Hugh Thomson
10th AM It'll Never HappenAmosAmos 6Hugh Thomson
17th AM The Point of No ReturnAmosAmos 7Hugh Thomson
24th AM When God is SilentAmosAmos 8Hugh Thomson
July 2012
1st AM God's Covenant StandsAmosAmos 9Hugh Thomson
8th AM Hold on by making sense of your sufferingHolding on to the end2 Thessalonians 1v1-12Neil Powell
15th AM Revelation 12One OffHugh Thomson
22nd AM Hold on to the truth and don't be deceived!2 Thessalonians2 Thessalonians 2v1-17Neil Powell
22nd AM Hold to the truth and don't be deceived!Holding on to the end2 Thessalonians 2v1-12Neil Powell
29th AM Hold on together till the endHolding on to the end2 Thessalonians 3v1-18Neil Powell
August 2012
5th AM Titus 2v11-15One OffStephen Trump
12th AM Psalm 127Hugh Thomson
19th AM ResurrectionActs 2v36John Taylor
26th AM More dangerous than giantsOne Off1 Samuel 17 v1 - 54David Shaw
September 2012
2nd AM Psalm 51One OffJonathan Worsley
9th AM Romans 3 - What it takes to be right with GodNeil Powell
9th AM In the right with God? - Romans 3v21 - 4v8Neil Powell
16th AM James 1v1-18JamesHugh Thomson
23rd AM Weekend @ Home : Session 4 : The difference Jesus makes to the hard timesWeekend @ HomeMike Reeves
30th AM James 1v19-27JamesHugh Thomson
October 2012
7th AM James 2v1-13JamesHugh Thomson
14th AM James 2v14-26JamesHugh Thomson
21st AM James 3v1-12JamesHugh Thomson
28th AM James 3v13-18JamesHugh Thomson
November 2012
11th AM James 4v1-12JamesHugh Thomson
18th AM James 4v13-17JamesHugh Thomson
25th AM James 5v1-12JamesHugh Thomson
December 2012
2nd AM James 5v13-20JamesHugh Thomson
9th AM Luke 1v1 - 25LukeJonathan Gregory
16th AM Family Carol Service 2012
16th AM Luke 1 v26 - 38LukeNeil Powell
23rd AM Luke 1 v39 - 56LukeDan Cottle
30th AM Luke 2 v21 - 40LukeTim Hay
January 2013
6th AM New Year, New Beginnings - Colossians 3v1-11One OffJohn Rochfort
13th AM Matthew 21v1 - 32MatthewNeil Powell
20th AM Matthew 21v33 - 46MatthewNeil Powell
27th AM Matthew 22MatthewNeil Powell
February 2013
3rd AM Matthew 23MatthewNeil Powell
17th AM Matthew 24v1 - 51MatthewHugh Thomson
24th AM Matthew 25 v1 - 46MatthewNeil Powell
March 2013
3rd AM MMGD Morning ServiceMission & Ministry Gift Day 2013Neil Powell
10th AM A Look InsidePeter Teagle
17th AM Matthew 26v1-30Neil Powell
24th AM Matthew 27MatthewNeil Powell
24th AM Matthew 26v31 - 75MatthewNeil Powell
31st AM Matthew 28MatthewNeil Powell
April 2013
7th AM 1 Peter 1v22 - 2v10Neil Powell
14th AM 2 Peter 1v1 - 112 PeterJonathan Gregory
21st AM 2 Peter 1v12 - 212 PeterJonathan Gregory
May 2013
5th AM 2 Peter 3v1 - 102 PeterJonathan Gregory
12th AM 2 Peter 3v11 - 182 PeterJonathan Gregory
19th AM Titus 1v1 - 4TitusHugh Thomson
26th AM Titus 1v5 - 16TitusHugh Thomson
June 2013
2nd AM Titus 2v1 - 3v2TitusJonathan Gregory
9th AM Titus 3v3 - 15TitusJonathan Gregory
16th AM Haggai 1HaggaiHugh Thomson
23rd AM Haggai 2v1 - 9HaggaiHugh Thomson
30th AM Haggai 2v10 - 19HaggaiHugh Thomson
July 2013
7th AM Haggai 2v20 - 23HaggaiHugh Thomson
14th AM Haggai : New Testament fulfilmentHaggaiHugh Thomson
21st AM What's the point of prayer?Teach us to pray - learning to pray from JesusNeil Powell
28th AM Praying with great confidenceTeach us to pray - learning to pray from JesusJonathan Worsley
August 2013
4th AM Praying for God's gloryTeach us to pray - learning to pray from JesusAndy Weatherley
11th AM Praying for God's purposesTeach us to pray - learning to pray from JesusNeil Powell
18th AM Praying for God's prioritiesTeach us to pray - learning to pray from JesusJonathan Gregory
25th AM Praying for God's provisionTeach us to pray - learning to pray from JesusJonny Moore
September 2013
1st AM Praying for God's forgivenessTeach us to pray - learning to pray from JesusJohn Taylor
8th AM Will only a few people be saved? Luke 13v22 - 30Things I wish Jesus had never saidTim Hay
15th AM Morning 15th Sept 13One OffColin Tamplin
22nd AM John 13v1 - 17Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
29th AM John 13v18 - 38Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
October 2013
6th AM John 14v1 - 14Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
13th AM John 14v15 - 31Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
20th AM John 15v1 - 17Upper Room DiscourseJohn 15v1 - 17Hugh Thomson
27th AM John 15v18 - 16v4Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
November 2013
3rd AM John 16v4 - 15Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
10th AM 2 Corinthians 5v16 - 6v2Andrew Heard
10th AM Serve The City Sunday 2013Andrew Heard
17th AM John 16v16 - 33Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
24th AM John 17v1 - 26Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
December 2013
1st AM 'A Christmas Carol' : IntroductionA Christmas CarolNeil Powell
8th AM 'A Christmas Carol' - Christmas PastA Christmas CarolHugh Thomson
15th AM 'A Christmas Carol' - Christmas PresentA Christmas CarolHugh Thomson
22nd AM 'A Christmas Carol' - Christmas FutureA Christmas CarolNeil Powell
29th AM Philippians 2:1 - 11John Rochfort
January 2014
12th AM Marriage, Divorce & Singleness : Marriage 1Marriage, Divorce & SinglenessNeil Powell
19th AM Marriage, Divorce & Singleness : Marriage 2Marriage, Divorce & SinglenessNeil Powell
26th AM Marriage, Divorce & Singleness : Marriage 3Marriage, Divorce & SinglenessJohn Benton
February 2014
2nd AM Marriage, Divorce & Singleness : Divorce 1Marriage, Divorce & SinglenessNeil Powell
9th AM Marriage, Divorce & Singleness : Divorce 2Marriage, Divorce & SinglenessNeil Powell
16th AM Marriage, Divorce & Singleness : Divorce 3Marriage, Divorce & SinglenessNeil Powell
23rd AM What God can do through weak people.1 Samuel 17v1 - 54Jonathan Gregory