Sunday Morning

January 2018
7th AM Changing the world for the betterHow to be happytbaNeil Powell
14th AM A fulfilling relationshipHow to be happyEcclesiastes 2: 1-20Neil Powell
21st AM Good healthHow to be happyEcclesiastes 11:9-12:8, 2 Corinthians 4:16-5:5Neil Powell
28th AM International Student ServiceOne-offLuke 19:1-10Colin Tamplin
February 2018
4th AM Passion for God's KingdomRebuilding God's KingdomNehemiah 1:1-2:9Jonathan Gregory
11th AM Taking risks for God's KingdomRebuilding God's KingdomNehemiah 2:10-3:28Jonathan Gregory
18th AM Opposition to God's KingdomRebuilding God's KingdomNehemiah 4Jonathan Gregory
25th AM Threats to God's KingdomRebuilding God's KingdomNehemiah 5Jonathan Gregory
March 2018
4th AM Building God's KingdomRebuilding God's KingdomNehemiah 6-7Jonathan Gregory
11th AM Mission & Ministry Gift DayMMGD 2018Matthew 6: 19 - 21Hugh Thomson
18th AM Revival in God's KingdomRebuilding God's KingdomNehemiah 8Jonathan Gregory
25th AM John 13:1-17One-offJohn 13:1-17Hugh Thomson
April 2018
1st AM Easter Sunday Morning One OffLuke 24:1-12Neil Powell
8th AM John 21:1 - 25One OffJohn 21:1-25Hugh Thomson
15th AM Why doesn't God make himself clearer?The God who makes himself knownJohn 1:1-18Neil Powell
22nd AM Why Jesus is perfect for youThe God who makes himself knownJohn 1:19-34Craig Summers
29th AM Oh no! My friend has got religion!The God who makes himself knownJohn 1:35-53Neil Powell
May 2018
6th AM Finding a happiness that lastsThe God who makes himself knownJohn 2:1-12Neil Powell
13th AM Serve the WorldServe the World Sunday 20182 Thessalonians 2:13 - 3:5James Poole
20th AM The end of religion?The God who makes himself knownJohn 2:13-25Hugh Thomson
27th AM How to live foreverThe God who makes himself knownJohn 3:1-21Neil Powell
June 2018
3rd AM Status-anxiety? Getting life in perspectiveThe God who makes himself knownJohn 3:22-36Neil Powell
10th AM Quench the thirstThe God who makes himself knownJohn 4:1-30Neil Powell
17th AM God is faithful to His peopleNehemiahNehemiah 8:1-10:39, Nehemiah 9:1-18Jonathan Gregory
24th AM Celebrating what God has doneNehemiahNehemiah 11:1-12:47Hugh Thomson
July 2018
1st AM Mission UnaccomplishedNehemiahNehemiah 13:1-30Jonathan Gregory
8th AM Who is the Holy Spirit?Life in the SpiritJohn 14:15-26, John 16:4b-15Craig Summers
15th AM Experiencing the SpiritLife in the SpiritRomans 8: 1-17Craig Summers
22nd AM How (not) to walk by the SpiritLife in the SpiritGalatians 5:13-26Craig Summers
29th AM LonelinessBattles we all faceGenesis 3: 1-13, 1 John 1: 5-7Jonathan Gregory
August 2018
5th AM DepressionBattles we all facePsalm 42 & 43Jonathan Gregory
12th AM DisappointmentBattles we all facetbaJonathan Gregory
19th AM ImageBattles we all faceRomans 8:14 - 17, 35 - 39 Jonathan Gregory
26th AM ImpatienceBattles we all facetbaJonathan Gregory
September 2018
2nd AM The majesty of ChristJesus Wins!Revelation 1Hugh Thomson
9th AM What does Jesus think of the church?Jesus Wins!Revelation 2 & 3Hugh Thomson
16th AM Creation and redemptionJesus Wins!Revelation 4 & 5Hugh Thomson
23rd AM Holding on through sufferingJesus Wins!Revelation 6&7Hugh Thomson
30th AM Witnessing for JesusJesus Wins!Revelation 8-11Hugh Thomson
October 2018
7th AM Satan's downfallJesus Wins!Revelation 12Hugh Thomson
14th AM Different by design - God's design for humanityPositively different - Our unity in diversityGenesis 1:26-28, 2:15-25Neil Powell
21st AM God's design undonePositively different - Our unity in diversityGenesis 3:1-24Craig Summers
28th AM God's design - restored in the gospelPositively different - Our unity in diversityGalatians 3:26-29 & 1 Timothy 2:4-10Neil Powell
November 2018
4th AM By design - men and women mobilised for ministryPositively different - Our unity in diversityRomans 16:1-16Neil Powell
11th AM Serve the City SundayServe the City SundaytbaJonathan Bell
18th AM One new humanity: God's glory in our diversityPositively different - Our unity in diversityEphesians 2:11-22, 3:7-11Neil Powell
25th AM One glorious future: Every tribe, nation and tonguePositively different - Our unity in diversityRevelation 7:9-12Neil Powell
December 2018
2nd AM When the time had fully comeChristmas 2018 morning seriesMatt.1:1-17Jonathan Gregory
9th AM No Morning Service---
16th AM He will save his peopleChristmas 2018 morning seriesMatt.1:18-25Craig Summers
23rd AM Worshipped by the wiseChristmas 2018 morning seriesMatt.2:1-12Hugh Thomson
30th AM You can really changeChristmas 2018 morning seriestbaJonathan Gregory