Sunday Morning

December 2005
4th AM Luke 1v1-4LukeAndy Weatherley
11th AM Luke 1v5-25 & 57-80LukeJohn Stevens
18th PM Luke 1v26-56LukeHugh Thomson
January 2006
8th AM Luke 2v21-52LukeHugh Thomson
15th AM Luke 3v1-20LukeJohn Stevens
22nd AM 1 Timothy 2v1-7World Mission Day 2006Jonathan Lamb
29th AM Luke 3v21-4v13LukeJohn Stevens
February 2006
12th AM Luke 4v14-30LukeJohn Stevens
19th AM Luke 4v31-44LukeJohn Stevens
26th AM Luke 5v1-11LukeNeil Powell
March 2006
5th AM Luke 5v12-26LukeNeil Powell
12th AM Luke 5v27-6v11LukeAndy Weatherley
19th AM Luke 6v12-26LukeHugh Thomson
26th AM Luke 6v27-38LukeHugh Thomson
April 2006
2nd AM Luke 6v39-49LukeHugh Thomson
9th AM JustificationResurrectionRomans 4v25Neil Powell
16th AM Identity in ChristResurrectionRomans 10v9Hugh Thomson
23rd AM New LifeResurrectionRomans 6v4John Stevens
30th AM HopeResurrectionRomans 8v34Dan Steel
May 2006
21st AM Luke 7v1-17LukeHugh Thomson
28th AM Luke 7v18-35LukeHugh Thomson
June 2006
4th AM Luke 7v36-50LukeNeil Powell
11th AM Luke 8v1-21LukeJohn Stevens
18th AM Luke 8v22-39LukeJohn Stevens
25th AM Luke 8v40-56LukeJohn Stevens
July 2006
2nd AM Luke 9v1-17LukeDavid Shaw
9th AM Luke 9v18-27LukeMike Summerfield
16th AM Luke 9v28-36LukeNeil Powell
23rd AM Luke 9v37-50LukeNeil Powell
30th AM Luke 9v51-10v24LukeNeil Powell
August 2006
6th AM Luke 10v25-42LukeHugh Thomson
13th AM Luke 11v1-13LukeHugh Thomson
20th AM Luke 11v14-36LukeJohn Stevens
27th AM Luke 11v37-12v11LukeDan Steel
September 2006
3rd AM Luke 12v13-34LukeJohn Stevens
10th AM Luke 12v35-13v9LukeHugh Thomson
17th AM Luke 13v10-35LukeNeil Powell
October 2006
1st AM Luke 14v1-14LukeHugh Thomson
8th AM RSVP - The Ultimate InvitationLukeLuke 14v15-34Hugh Thomson
15th AM Luke 15v1-31LukeJohn Stevens
22nd AM Luke 16v1-31LukeJohn Stevens
29th AM Luke 17v1-19LukeNeil Powell
November 2006
5th AM Luke 17v20-18v8LukeMike Summerfield
26th AM Luke18v31-19v10LukeAndy Weatherley
December 2006
3rd AM Luke 19v11-27LukeJohn Stevens
10th AM Luke 19v28-44LukeJohn Stevens
February 2007
4th AM Playing to the Glory of God 1Work, Rest, PlayDan Steel
25th AM Grace Church Commissioning ServiceOne OffNeil Powell
March 2007
4th AM Romans 6v1-14One OffJohn Stevens
11th AM It's Worth a Second LookOne OffLuke 19v1-10Nick Cuthbert
18th AM Ezekiel 1EzekielHugh Thomson
25th AM Ezekiel 2 & 3EzekielHugh Thomson
April 2007
1st AM Ezekiel 4-7EzekielJohn Stevens
15th AM Ezekiel 8 & 9EzekielHugh Thomson
22nd AM Ezekiel 10 & 11EzekielHugh Thomson
29th AM Ezekiel 12-14EzekielNeil Powell
May 2007
6th AM Psalm 19International Student ServicePsalm 19Howard Jackson
20th AM Ezekiel 15-17EzekielJohn Stevens
27th AM Matthew 25v14-30One OffSimon Smallwood
June 2007
3rd AM Ezekiel 18 & 19EzekielNeil Powell
10th AM Ezekiel 20-23EzekielHugh Thomson
17th AM 1 Corinthians 4v1-16One OffJohn Tindall
24th AM Ezekiel 25-32EzekielJohn Stevens
July 2007
1st AM Ezekiel 33EzekielJohn Stevens
8th AM Ezekiel 34EzekielHugh Thomson
15th AM Ezekiel 35v1-36v15EzekielHugh Thomson
22nd AM Ezekiel 36v16-38EzekielNeil Powell
September 2007
9th AM The Life of Peter in Acts1 PeterJohn Stevens
30th AM 1 Peter 1v13-2v21 PeterHugh Thomson
October 2007
7th AM 1 Peter 2v4-121 PeterHugh Thomson
14th AM 1 Peter 2v13-171 PeterJohn Stevens
21st AM Second Life? The Quest to do Life Better1 Peter1 Peter 2v22-24Neil Powell
28th AM John 12One OffJonathan Stephen
November 2007
4th AM 1 Peter 2v18-251 PeterJohn Stevens
11th AM 1 Peter 3v1-71 PeterJohn Stevens
18th AM 1 Peter 3v8-161 PeterHugh Thomson
25th AM 1 Peter 3v17-4v61 PeterHugh Thomson
December 2007
2nd AM 1 Peter 4v7-191 PeterHugh Thomson
9th AM 1 Peter 5v1-131 PeterNeil Powell
16th AM Carol ServiceOne OffJohn Stevens
23rd AM John 1v14One OffHugh Thomson
25th AM Christmas DayOne OffJohn Stevens
30th AM Hebrews 11v8-10One OffRichard Iley
January 2008
6th AM Introduction to the Vision of City ChurchCity Church VisionHugh Thomson
13th AM To Serve...City Church VisionJohn Stevens
20th AM To Serve...with the Good News of Jesus Christ 1City Church VisionJohn Stevens
27th AM To Serve...with the Good News of Jesus Christ 2City Church VisionJohn Stevens
February 2008
3rd AM To Serve You...the Whole PersonCity Church VisionJohn Stevens
10th AM To Serve You...the Whole LifeCity Church VisionHugh Thomson
17th AM To Serve You...the Whole ChurchCity Church VisionHugh Thomson
March 2008
2nd AM To Serve...BirminghamCity Church VisionMatthew 5v13-16Neil Powell
2nd AM To Serve...BirminghamCity Church VisionActs 18v1-11 & Revelation 21v1-11 & 21v22-22v6Neil Powell
16th AM To Serve...the WorldCity Church VisionNeil Powell
30th AM Isaiah 7v1-9One OffHoward Jackson
April 2008
6th AM 1 Samuel 1v1-2v121 SamuelNeil Powell
13th AM 1 Samuel 2v12-4v11 SamuelNeil Powell
20th AM 1 Samuel 4v1-7v11 SamuelNeil Powell
27th AM The Most Important Questions You'll Ever AskInternational Student ServiceJohn 1v1-18Peter Teagle
May 2008
4th AM 1 Samuel 7v2-171 SamuelNeil Powell
18th AM 1 Samuel 8v1-221 SamuelJohn Stevens