Craig Summers

August 2017
20th AM How God's kingdom growsOne-offLuke 13:18-21Craig Summers
27th AM Because he's worth itOne-offMark 14:1-11Craig Summers
October 2017
1st PM Living in the freedom of ChristSupercharged: the surprising power of life with ChristColossians 2:13-23Craig Summers
15th PM Imitating the love of ChristSupercharged: the surprising power of life with ChristEphesians 5: 1 - 2Craig Summers
29th PM Sharing the mercy of ChristSupercharged: the surprising power of life with ChristJohn 13:1 - 5Craig Summers
November 2017
26th PM For FreedomGalatians Set FreeGalatians 6:1-10Craig Summers
December 2017
3rd PM What price freedom?Set free - it was for freedom Christ has set us freeGalatians 6:1 - 18Craig Summers
24th AM John 1:1 - 18One-offJohn 1:1-18Craig Summers
31st AM Psalm 90One-offPsalm 90Craig Summers
February 2018
25th PM When God won't answerHabbakukHabbakuk 1:1-11Craig Summers
March 2018
4th PM When God doesn't make senseHabbakukHabbakuk 1:12 - 2:20Craig Summers
18th PM The God who answersHabbakukHabbakuk 3Craig Summers
25th PM From fear to faith HabbakukHabbakuk 3Craig Summers
April 2018
22nd AM Why Jesus is perfect for youThe God who makes himself knownJohn 1:19-34Craig Summers
May 2018
20th PM Praying confidentlyTeach us to prayExodus 32:1-14, Hebrews 4:14-16Craig Summers
27th PM Praying spirituallyTeach us to prayRomans 8Craig Summers
June 2018
3rd PM Praying persistentlyTeach us to prayLuke 18:1-8Craig Summers
10th PM Unanswered prayerTeach us to prayMatthew 7:7-14, Psalm 102Craig Summers
July 2018
8th AM Who is the Holy Spirit?Life in the SpiritJohn 14:15-26, John 16:4b-15Craig Summers
15th AM Experiencing the SpiritLife in the SpiritRomans 8: 1-17Craig Summers
22nd AM How (not) to walk by the SpiritLife in the SpiritGalatians 5:13-26Craig Summers
October 2018
21st AM God's glory in man and womanPositively different - Our unity in diversityGenesis 3:1-24Craig Summers
November 2018
4th PM Because He's worth it- why Jesus is worth giving up everything forA life worth livingPhilippians 3:7-8Craig Summers
4th PM Why Jesus is worth knowingA life worth livingPhilippians 3:7-8Craig Summers
11th PM A life worth losingA life worth livingPhilippians 3:1-14Craig Summers
18th PM Hope worth waiting forA life worth livingPhilippians 3:15-4:1Craig Summers
25th PM The answer to anxietyA life worth livingPhilippians 4:1-9Craig Summers
December 2018
2nd PM The Key to contentmentA life worth livingPhilippians 4:10-23Craig Summers
16th AM He will save his peopleGreat ExpectationsMatthew 1:18-25Craig Summers
23rd PM Good news for weak peopleChristmas 2018Luke 1: 39-56Craig Summers
February 2019
24th AM The doctor who works SundaysLife in His nameJohn 5:1-18Craig Summers
March 2019
10th AM Why it's hard to believe in JesusLife in His nameJohn 5: 16-47Craig Summers
17th AM Jesus wins star bakerLife in His nameJohn 6:1-15Craig Summers
24th AM Jesus and the storms of lifeLife in His nameJohn 6:16-24Craig Summers
31st AM The Jesus diet planLife in His nameJohn 6:25-59Craig Summers
April 2019
7th AM Why Jesus offends us and captivates usLife in His nameJohn 6:60-71Craig Summers
14th AM What kind of King?Easter 2019Luke 18:28-44 Craig Summers
28th PM Is God asleep on the job?Seeking God in sufferingJob 1-2Craig Summers
May 2019
5th PM When darkness fallsSeeking God in sufferingJob 3Craig Summers
19th PM What not to say to a suffering ChristianSeeking God in sufferingJob 4-27Craig Summers
26th PM Where can I find the answer?Seeking God in sufferingJob 28Craig Summers
June 2019
2nd PM Is God for me or against me?Seeking God in sufferingJob 29-37Craig Summers
9th PM The God who is GodSeeking God in sufferingJob 38:1-42:6Craig Summers
16th PM What to expect from lifeSeeking God in sufferingJob 42Craig Summers
September 2019
8th PM Psalms 42 and 43PsalmsPsalms 42 and 43Craig Summers
15th PM Psalm 73PsalmsPsalm 73Craig Summers
October 2019
6th AM Romans 12: 1-8RomansRomans 12: 1-8Craig Summers
November 2019
10th PM Genuine truth about GodGenuine1 John 4:1-6Craig Summers
17th PM Genuine love from GodGenuine1 John 4:7-21Craig Summers
24th PM Genuine victory with GodGenuine1 John 5:1-12Craig Summers
24th PM Genuine confidence in GodGenuine1 John 5:1-12Craig Summers
December 2019
1st PM Genuine confidence in GodGenuine1 John 5:13-21Craig Summers
15th AM all-age Christmas ServiceChristmasLuke 1:26-56Craig Summers
22nd PM A Christmas MeditationChristmas SeriesChristmas seriesCraig Summers
January 2020
5th AM Reasons to RejoicePsalms: Songs to make your heart singPsalm 100Craig Summers
February 2020
2nd AM Finding joy in God my FatherPsalms: Songs to make your heart singPsalm 103Craig Summers
16th AM Finding joy in the God of all faithfulnessPsalms: Songs to make your heart singPsalm 145Craig Summers
March 2020
8th AM Joy to the world- calling on the world to rejoicePsalms: Songs to make your heart singPsalm 96Craig Summers
22nd PM Apologetics EveningApologetics 2020Speaker's ChoiceCraig Summers
29th AM Our Dwelling PlaceMiscellaneousPsalm 90Craig Summers
29th AM Our Dwelling Place TemplatePsalmsPsalm 90Craig Summers
29th AM Finding joy in finding GodPsalms: Songs to make your heart singPsalm 118Craig Summers
May 2020
10th AM 10th May 2020 - City Church ServiceLukeLuke 10:38Craig Summers
June 2020
28th AM 28 June 2020 - City Church ServiceHebrewsHebrews 11:23-28Craig Summers
July 2020
12th AM 12 July 2020 - City Church ServiceHebrewsHebrews 11:39-12:3Craig Summers
19th AM 19 July 2020 - City Church ServiceHebrewsHebrews 12:4-13Craig Summers
September 2020
6th AM 6th September 2020 - City Church ServiceLukeLuke 5:27-39Craig Summers
13th AM 13th September 2020 - City Church ServiceLukeLuke 6:1-11Craig Summers
October 2021
17th PM The Great ReversalEsther - Living in a Godless WorldEsther 7-9Craig Summers
24th PM How to live in a (not) godless worldEsther - Living in a Godless WorldEsther 9-10Craig Summers
December 2021
12th PM City ChristmasChristmas 2021-Craig Summers
January 2022
16th AM The Journey and The Promise (Part 1)The Journey and The PromiseGenesis 11:27-12:20Craig Summers
30th AM The Journey and The Promise (Part 3)The Journey and The PromiseGenesis 15:1-17:27Craig Summers
February 2022
13th AM The Journey and The Promise (Part 5)The Journey and The PromiseGenesis 20:1-21:34Craig Summers
27th PM Psalm 127PsalmsPsalm 127Craig Summers
March 2022
6th PM Generous GodGenerous2 Corinthians 8:9Craig Summers
27th PM Am I in control of my destiny? Find Life (2022)--Craig Summers
April 2022
3rd PM #justice: will we ever get there?Find Life (2022)--Craig Summers
10th PM I thought I might dieFind Life (2022)--Craig Summers
June 2022
4th AM When God Goes CampingI AM (2022)John 7:1-13Craig Summers
19th AM Water For the Thirsty I AM (2022)John 7:14-52Craig Summers
26th AM The Gracious JudgeI AM (2022)John 7:53-8:11Craig Summers
July 2022
10th AM The Light of the WorldI AM (2022)John 8:12-20Craig Summers
17th AM Life and DeathI AM (2022)John 8:21-30Craig Summers
24th AM Are you Listening?I AM (2022)Craig Summers
24th AM Are You Listening?I AM (2022)John 8:31-59Craig Summers
31st AM LoveFruit of the SpiritCraig Summers
August 2022
21st AM Patience and KindnessFruit of the SpiritCraig Summers
September 2022
11th AM Self ControlFruit of the SpiritCraig Summers
25th PM JamesBeReal.Craig Summers
October 2022
2nd PM James BeReal.Craig Summers
9th PM JamesBeReal.Craig Summers
16th PM JamesBeReal.Craig Summers
November 2022
6th PM JamesBeReal.Craig Summers
13th PM JamesBeReal.Craig Summers
20th PM JamesBeReal.Craig Summers
December 2022
4th PM James BeReal.Craig Summers
18th PM City ChristmasChristmas 2022Craig Summers