Sunday Morning

May 2010
9th PM 2 Peter 22 PeterJonathan Gregory
16th AM What Does Life Right With God Look LikeRight With God?Romans 6v1-23Neil Powell
23rd AM Luke 12v13-21Mission & Ministry Gift Day 2010Hugh Thomson
30th AM Isaiah 25IsaiahHugh Thomson
June 2010
6th AM Isaiah 36-37IsaiahHugh Thomson
13th AM Isaiah 38-39IsaiahHugh Thomson
20th AM Isaiah 40IsaiahIsaiah 40Hugh Thomson
20th AM Isaiah 40Howard Jackson
27th AM Isaiah 42v1-9IsaiahHugh Thomson
July 2010
4th AM Isaiah 44v6-45v8IsaiahHugh Thomson
18th AM Psalm 2PsalmsNeil Powell
25th AM Psalm 23PsalmsSteve White
August 2010
1st AM Psalm 32PsalmsStephen Trump
8th AM Psalm 42-43PsalmsJohn James
15th AM Psalm 73PsalmsNeil Powell
22nd AM Psalm 96PsalmsDan Steel
29th AM Psalm 103PsalmsHugh Thomson
September 2010
5th AM Psalm 145PsalmsStephen Trump
12th AM Galatians 1v1-10GalatiansHugh Thomson
19th AM Galatians 1v11-2v10GalatiansHugh Thomson
26th AM Luke 18v9-30One OffLuke 18v9-30Dan Steel
26th AM Luke 18v9-30LukeHugh Thomson
October 2010
3rd AM Righteous By Faith AloneGalatiansGalatians 2v11-21Hugh Thomson
10th AM The Promise of the SpiritGalatiansGalatians 3v1-14Hugh Thomson
17th AM The Purpose of the LawGalatiansGalatians 3v15-25Hugh Thomson
24th AM Not Slaves But SonsGalatiansGalatians 3v26-4v20Hugh Thomson
31st AM Children of PromiseGalatiansGalatians 4v21-5v12Hugh Thomson
November 2010
7th AM Life In The SpiritGalatiansGalatians 5v13-25Hugh Thomson
14th AM Life In The Christian CommunityGalatiansGalatians 5v26-6v18Hugh Thomson
21st AM Serve The CityOne OffRevelation 3v7-13Paul Mallard
21st AM Serve The CityAndrew Evans
28th AM Matthew 1v1-17MatthewNeil Powell
December 2010
5th AM Matthew 1v18-25One OffJohn Stevens
5th AM Matthew 1v18-25MatthewMatthew 1v18-25Neil Powell
12th AM Matthew 2v1-23MatthewNeil Powell
January 2011
2nd AM Children of the LightOne Off1 Thessalonians 5v1-11Giles Coghlan
9th AM More Blessed To Give Than To ReceiveOne OffActs 20v17-38Trevor Archer
16th AM The King Has ComeMatthewMatthew 3v1-17Neil Powell
23rd AM Clash Of The KingdomsMatthewMatthew 4v1-25Neil Powell
30th AM The Values Of The KingdomMatthewMatthew 5v1-16Neil Powell
February 2011
6th AM The Demands Of The KingMatthewMatthew 5v17-48Neil Powell
13th AM A Heart For The KingMatthewMatthew 6v1-18Neil Powell
20th AM How to Spend ItMatthewMatthew 6v19-24Neil Powell
27th AM Mission in the Modern WorldWorld Mission Day 20111 Peter 1v1-16Lindsay Brown
March 2011
6th AM Life Under the KingMatthewMatthew 6v25-7v12Neil Powell
13th AM The Kingdom that DividesMatthewMatthew 7v13-29Neil Powell
20th AM God: Myth, Mystery or Known RealityInternational Student ServiceActs 17v16-34Peter Teagle
27th AM The Kingdom ExtendsMatthewMatthew 8v1-34John Taylor
April 2011
3rd AM The Call of the KingMatthewMatthew 9v1-10v4 Neil Powell
10th AM The King's CommissionMatthewMatthew 10v5-25Stephen Trump
17th AM Habakkuk 3One OffKenny Dubnik
24th AM 1 Corinthians 15v1-34One OffHugh Thomson
May 2011
1st AM Psalm 1One OffPsalm 1Dan Cottle
1st AM Psalm 1PsalmsJohn Taylor
8th AM A Polished ArrowIsaiahIsaiah 49v1-13Hugh Thomson
15th AM A Wake-Up CallIsaiahIsaiah 51v9-52v10Hugh Thomson
22nd AM Ephesians 4v1-6One OffDan Steel
29th AM Man of SorrowsIsaiahIsaiah 52v13 - 53v12Hugh Thomson
June 2011
5th AM The Gospel InvitationIsaiahIsaiah 55Hugh Thomson
12th AM The Year of the Lord's FavourIsaiahIsaiah 61Hugh Thomson
19th AM Two Ways to LiveIsaiahIsaiah 65Hugh Thomson
26th AM The Arrival of the EndIsaiahIsaiah 66Hugh Thomson
July 2011
3rd AM 1 Peter 5v13One OffPatrick Sookdheo
10th AM Praying for ForgivenessPrayerPsalm 51Hugh Thomson
17th AM Praying for JusticePrayerPsalm 137Neil Powell
17th PM I Will Give You the Crown of LifeThis We KnowRevelation2v10bBarnaby Pain
24th AM Praying for ContentmentPrayerPsalm 73Hugh Thomson
31st AM Praying with Thankfulness PrayerPsalm 118Hugh Thomson
August 2011
7th AM Praying for the NationsPrayerPsalm 67Jonny Moore
September 2011
4th AM Questioning GodOne OffJob 40John Taylor
11th AM Revelation 2v8-11One OffPaul Mallard
18th AM You Shall Be My WitnessesActsActs 1v1-26Hugh Thomson
25th AM The Birth Day of the ChurchActsActs 2v1-13Hugh Thomson
October 2011
2nd AM Pentecost ExplainedActsActs 2v14-41Hugh Thomson
9th AM The New CommunityActsActs 2v42-47Hugh Thomson
16th AM Get A LifeActsActs 3Hugh Thomson
23rd AM Salvation is Found in No-one ElseActsActs 4v1-31Hugh Thomson
30th AM Radical HolinessActsActs 4v32-5v11Hugh Thomson
November 2011
6th AM An attempt to silence the GospelActsActs 5v12-42Hugh Thomson
13th AM Serve the City SundayJonathan Bell
20th AM Setting priorities in the churchActsActs 6v1-7Hugh Thomson
27th AM The First MartyrActsActs 6v8-7v60Hugh Thomson
December 2011
4th AM Good news for the SamaritansActsActs 8:1-25Hugh Thomson
4th AM Good News for the SamaritainsActsActs 8v1-25Hugh Thomson
11th AM Good News for the OutcastActsActs 8v26-40Hugh Thomson
18th AM Family Carol ServiceOne OffGalatians 4v4-5Hugh Thomson
25th AM Christmas Day Morning ServiceHugh Thomson
January 2012
1st AM New Year's DayOne OffLuke 9v18-27Stephen Trump
8th AM Eyes Wide Shut?MatthewMatthew 11v1-30Neil Powell
15th AM Lord of the SabbathMatthewMatthew 12v1-21Neil Powell
22nd AM Lord of the Flies?MatthewMatthew 12v22-50Neil Powell
29th AM If God is there why doesn't he make himself more obvious?MatthewMatthew 13v1-53Neil Powell
February 2012
5th AM The Prince or a PauperMatthewMatthew 13v54-14v36Neil Powell
12th AM A World After ReligionMatthewMatthew 15v1-39Neil Powell
26th AM Who do you say I am?MatthewMatthew 16v1-20Stephen Trump
March 2012
4th AM Unbelievable?MatthewMatthew 16v21-17v23John Stevens
11th PM Ministry and Mission Gift DayMission & Ministry Gift Day 20122 Corinthians 8v1-15Neil Powell
18th AM The School of DiscipleshipMatthewMatthew 17v24-19v12Neil Powell
25th AM Beating the Credit Crunch - Lessons from Jesus on all things moneyMatthewMatthew 19v13-30Neil Powell
April 2012
1st AM God that's not fair - Does Christianity fly in the face of justice?MatthewMatthew 20v1-21v11Neil Powell