15th January 10:30 AM serviceRomans
February 2012
5th PM Groan, groan, groan...RomansRomans 8:18-27
12th PM The Future is BrightRomansRomans 8:28-35
19th PM The Godness of GodRomansRomans 9:1-29
26th PM The Wickedness of ManRomansRomans 9:30-10:21
March 2012
4th PM The Majest of The PlanRomansRomans 11
11th PM Review: Romans 1-11RomansRomans 1-11
18th PM Pure WorshipRomansRomans 12:1-2
October 2019
6th AM Romans 12: 1-8RomansRomans 12: 1-8Craig Summers
13th AM Romans 12: 9-21RomansRomans 12: 9-21Hugh Thomson
20th AM Romans 13: 1-7RomansRomans 13: 1-7Hugh Thomson
27th AM Romans 13: 8-14RomansRomans 13: 8-17Hugh Thomson
27th AM Romans 13:8-14RomansRomans 13:8-14Hugh Thomson
November 2019
10th AM Romans 14RomansRomans 14 - 15:13Neil Powell
17th AM Romans 15RomansRomans 15Neil Powell
24th AM Romans 16RomansRomans 16Neil Powell