April 2006
9th AM JustificationResurrectionRomans 4v25Neil Powell
16th AM Identity in ChristResurrectionRomans 10v9Hugh Thomson
23rd AM New LifeResurrectionRomans 6v4John Stevens
30th AM HopeResurrectionRomans 8v34Dan Steel
March 2007
4th AM Romans 6v1-14One OffJohn Stevens
January 2010
3rd AM A Passion for the LostLead Up to A Passion for LifeRomans 10John Stevens
April 2010
25th AM A God Who Is Always RightRight With God?Romans 2v1-3v20Neil Powell
May 2010
2nd AM In The Right With GodRight With God?Romans 3v21-4v8Neil Powell
9th AM What Comes Of Getting Right With GodRight With God?Romans 5v1-11Neil Powell
16th AM What Does Life Right With God Look LikeRight With God?Romans 6v1-23Neil Powell
July 2010
11th PM Nothing Shall Separate UsThis We Know: God's Precious PromisesRomans 8v35-39Hugh Thomson
18th PM In All Things God Works For GoodThis We Know: God's Precious PromisesRomans 8v28Hugh Thomson
February 2012
5th PM Groan, groan, groan...RomansRomans 8:18-27
12th PM The Future is BrightRomansRomans 8:28-35
19th PM The Godness of GodRomansRomans 9:1-29
26th PM The Wickedness of ManRomansRomans 9:30-10:21
March 2012
4th PM The Majest of The PlanRomansRomans 11
11th PM Review: Romans 1-11RomansRomans 1-11
18th PM Pure WorshipRomansRomans 12:1-2
September 2012
9th AM Romans 3 - What it takes to be right with GodNeil Powell
9th AM In the right with God? - Romans 3v21 - 4v8Neil Powell
January 2014
5th PM What is the gospel?Romans 3v21 - 26Steve White
August 2014
31st AM Is God fair?Attributes of GodRomans 1v18Barnaby Pain
September 2014
7th AM Does God have a short fuse?Attributes of GodRomans 1v18Hugh Thomson
14th AM Does God know best?Attributes of GodRomans 11v33 - 36Neil Powell
January 2016
24th AM Worshipping7 signs of a healthy churchRomans 12v1-2, Revelation 4v1-11Neil Powell
September 2016
25th AM Good news!Romans Ch 1 - 4Romans 1v1 - 7Hugh Thomson
October 2016
2nd AM God's righteousness revealedRomans Ch 1 - 4Romans 1v8 - 17Hugh Thomson
9th AM The wicked need the gospelRomans Ch 1 - 4Romans 1:18-32Hugh Thomson
16th AM The religious need the gospelRomans Ch 1 - 4Romans 2:1-16Hugh Thomson
23rd AM Everyone needs the gospelRomans Ch 1 - 4Romans 2:17 - 3:20Hugh Thomson
30th AM How can I be free from guilt?Romans Ch 1 - 4Rom. 3v21 - 31Jonathan Gregory
November 2016
6th AM God's righteousness is oursRomans Ch 1 - 4Romans 4:1-8Hugh Thomson
13th AM Serve the CityServe the City1 Corinthians 9Ralph Cunnington
20th AM Through faith aloneRomans Ch 1 - 4Romans 4:9-25Hugh Thomson
May 2017
7th AM Submitting to the authority of the stateServant of all : submitting to God given authorityRomans 13:1-7, 1 Timothy 2:1-6Neil Powell
September 2017
24th AM Salvation in ChristRomans 5 - 8 'New Life in Christ'Romans 5:1-11Hugh Thomson
October 2017
1st AM Identity in ChristRomans 5 - 8 'New Life in Christ'Romans 5:12-21Hugh Thomson
8th AM Union with ChristRomans 5 - 8 'New Life in Christ'Romans 6:1-14Hugh Thomson
15th AM Servants of ChristRomans 5 - 8 'New Life in Christ'Romans 6:15 - 23Hugh Thomson
22nd AM Freedom from the LawRomans 5 - 8 'New Life in Christ'Romans 7:1 - 25Hugh Thomson
29th AM Living in the SpiritRomans 5 - 8 'New Life in Christ'Romans 8:1 - 13Hugh Thomson
November 2017
12th AM Adopted as sonsRomans 5 - 8 'New Life in Christ'Romans 8:14 - 17Hugh Thomson
19th AM Rejoicing in hopeRomans 5 - 8 'New Life in Christ'Romans 8:18 - 30Hugh Thomson
26th AM Secure in Christ's loveRomans 5 - 8 'New Life in Christ'Romans 8:31 - 39Hugh Thomson
May 2018
27th PM Praying spirituallyTeach us to prayRomans 8Craig Summers
June 2018
24th PM The anchor for the Christian lifeUnion with ChristRomans 5:12-21Neil Powell
July 2018
15th AM Experiencing the SpiritLife in the SpiritRomans 8: 1-17Craig Summers
August 2018
19th AM ImageBattles we all faceRomans 8:14 - 17, 35 - 39 Jonathan Gregory
October 2018
28th AM God's design - restored in the gospelPositively different - Our unity in diversityRomans 16:1-16Neil Powell
November 2018
4th AM By design - men and women mobilised for ministryPositively different - Our unity in diversityRomans 16:1-16Neil Powell
January 2019
27th AM God's Sovereignty in SalvationOverflowing GraceRomans 9:1-29Neil Powell
February 2019
3rd AM Human Responsibility in SalvationOverflowing GraceRomans 9:30-10:21Neil Powell
10th AM God's overflowing graceOverflowing GraceRomans 11Neil Powell
17th AM God's merciful planOverflowing GraceRomans 11:11-36Neil Powell
April 2019
21st AM Romans 1:1 - 6 : Easter Sunday Morning One-offRomans 1:1-6Hugh Thomson
May 2019
12th AM As we serve the world: why mission?Serve The World SundayRomans 10:1-11:1Joseph Steinberg