May 2016
Date Title Listen
22nd 6:00 PM Proverbs and purityExtraordinary Wisdom for Everyday LifeProverbs 5v1-23Jonathan Gregory
22nd 10:30 AM The Servant KingWhat kind of King?Mark 10v32 - 52Hugh Thomson
15th 6:00 PM Proverbs and decisionsExtraordinary Wisdom for Everyday LifeProverbs 3v9-12Jonathan Gregory
15th 10:30 AM The King who demands first placeWhat kind of King?Mark 10v17 - 31Hugh Thomson
8th 4:00 PM Interview with Emma Scrivener (Grace and Healing for Anorexia)Grace and Healing for Anorexian/aEmma Scrivener
1st 6:00 PM Proverbs and wisdomExtraordinary Wisdom for Everyday LifeProverbs 9v1-18Jonathan Gregory
1st 10:30 AM The King and relationshipsWhat kind of King?Mark 10v1 - 16Hugh Thomson
April 2016
Date Title Listen
24th 6:00 PM Proverbs and fear of the LordExtraordinary Wisdom for Everyday LifeProverbs 1:1-7Jonathan Gregory
24th 10:30 AM The King and His subjectsWhat kind of King?Mark 9v38 - 50Hugh Thomson
17th 6:00 PM "Without holiness no-one will see the Lord"No Other WayHebrews 12:7 - 14Tim Hay
17th 10:30 AM The unique KingWhat kind of King?Mark 9v14 - 37Hugh Thomson
10th 6:00 PM "Without faith it is impossible to please God"No Other WayHebrews 11:1 - 7Tim Hay
10th 10:30 AM The King of GloryWhat kind of King?Mark 9v1 - 13Hugh Thomson
3rd 6:00 PM "Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness"No Other WayHebrews 9:11 - 28Daniel Haynes
3rd 10:30 AM Death is deadFull of hope1 Corinthians 15:20 - 28Hugh Thomson
March 2016
Date Title Listen
27th 10:30 AM We shall liveFull of hope1 Corinthians 15:12 - 20Hugh Thomson
20th 6:00 PM How does God’s mission cross cultures?The Church on MissionActs 8:26-40, Isaiah 53Jonathan Gregory
20th 10:30 AM Christ is AliveFull of hope1 Corinthians 15:1-11, John 19:28-37Hugh Thomson
13th 6:00 PM How does God’s mission continue despite greed?The Church on MissionActs 8:2 - 25Jonathan Gregory
13th 10:30 AM Partnering7 signs of a healthy churchPhilippians 1:3-6 & 4:10-20Neil Powell
6th 6:00 PM Mission & Ministry Gift Day PM Mission & Ministry Gift Day 2016Luke 16:1-15Jonathan Gregory
6th 10:30 AM Mission & Ministry Gift Day AMMission & Ministry Gift Day 20161 Corinthians 16:1-4Hugh Thomson
February 2016
Date Title Listen
28th 6:00 PM Why God’s mission is worth dying forThe Church on MissionActs 6:8-8:1Jonathan Gregory
28th 10:30 AM Planting7 signs of a healthy churchLuke 5:27-31, Luke 15:1-10Neil Powell
21st 6:00 PM How does God’s mission continue despite distractions?The Church on MissionActs 5v42-6v7Jonathan Gregory
21st 10:30 AM Evangelising7 signs of a healthy church1 Peter 2v4-12Neil Powell
14th 6:00 PM How does God's mission continue despite persecution?The Church on MissionActs 5:12 - 42Jonathan Gregory
14th 10:30 AM Serving7 signs of a healthy churchMatthew 25:14-30Neil Powell
7th 6:00 PM How does God’s mission continue despite compromise?The Church on MissionActs 4:32-5:11Hugh Thomson
7th 10:30 AM Training7 signs of a healthy churchEphesians 4v4-16Neil Powell
January 2016
Date Title Listen
31st 6:00 PM How To Save A LifeThe Church on MissionActs 4:1-31Hugh Thomson
31st 10:30 AM Teaching7 signs of a healthy church2 Timothy 3v16 - 4v5Neil Powell
24th 6:00 PM Why is God's mission good news?The Church on MissionActs 3:1-26Hugh Thomson
24th 10:30 AM Worshipping7 signs of a healthy churchRomans 12v1-2, Revelation 4v1-11Neil Powell
17th 6:00 PM How does God's mission reach religious people?The Church on MissionActs 2:14-47Hugh Thomson
17th 11:00 AM Session 4: The Heart of ChurchFamily Matters: why bother with church?Hebrews 13v1-3Phil Allcock
17th 10:30 AM Q3: If you're a loving God, why do you send people to hell?If you could ask God one question...2 Thessalonians 1v1-2Neil Powell
16th 12:00 PM Session 3: The Mission of ChurchFamily Matters: why bother with church?1 Peter 2v4-12Phil Allcock
16th 9:15 AM Session 2: The True ChurchFamily Matters: why bother with church?Acts 2v42-47Phil Allcock
15th 9:15 PM Session 1: The Point of ChurchFamily Matters: why bother with church?Ephesians 3v1-21Phil Allcock
10th 6:00 PM How can ordinary people fulfill God's mission?The Church on MissionActs 2:1-13Hugh Thomson
10th 10:30 AM Q2: God, why did you create a world with so much misery?If you could ask God one question...Revelation 21 : 1 - 5Neil Powell
3rd 6:00 PM What's the mission of the church?The Church on MissionActs 1v1-26Hugh Thomson
3rd 10:30 AM Q1: God, if you're there why don't you make yourself more obvious?If you could ask God one question...Hebrews 1v1-4Neil Powell
December 2015
Date Title Listen
27th 10:30 AM A joy fulfilledJoy to the world: finding joy in ChristmasLuke 2v21-40Tim Hay
20th 6:00 PM Christmas MeditationOne OffColossians 1 : 19 - 20Daniel Haynes
20th 10:30 AM Great joy for all peopleJoy to the world: finding joy in ChristmasLuke 2 : 1 - 20Neil Powell
13th 7:00 PM Carols by Candlelight talkOne OffJohn 1: 1 - 18Neil Powell
13th 10:30 AM They shared her joyJoy to the world: finding joy in ChristmasLuke 1v57-80Jonathan Gregory
6th 6:00 PM Genesis: pulling it all togetherGenesis: In the beginningGenesis 1v1-2, Genesis 1v27-28, Genesis 3v1-7Jonathan Gregory