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September 2018
Date Title Listen
2nd 10:30 AM The Majesty of ChristJesus Wins!Revelation 1Hugh Thomson
August 2018
Date Title Listen
26th 6:00 PM Patience and prayerThe danger of double-mindednessJames 5:1 - 20Hugh Thomson
26th 10:30 AM PrideBattles we all faceMark 9:30 - 37, Philppians 2:5 - 11Jonathan Gregory
19th 6:00 PM Submission and boastingThe danger of double-mindednessJames 4:1-17Hugh Thomson
19th 10:30 AM ImageBattles we all faceRomans 8:14 - 17, 35 - 39 Jonathan Gregory
12th 6:00 PM Praising and cursingThe danger of double-mindednessJames 3:1 - 18Hugh Thomson
12th 10:30 AM DisappointmentBattles we all faceJohn 11:17 - 35Jonathan Gregory
5th 6:00 PM Faith and deedsThe danger of double-mindednessJames 2:14-26Hugh Thomson
5th 10:30 AM DepressionBattles we all facePsalm 42 & 43Jonathan Gregory
July 2018
Date Title Listen
29th 6:00 PM Pride and prejudiceThe danger of double-mindednessJames 2:1-13Hugh Thomson
29th 10:30 AM LonelinessBattles we all faceGenesis 3: 1-13, 1 John 1: 5-7Jonathan Gregory
22nd 6:00 PM Listening and doingThe danger of double-mindednessJames 1:19-27Hugh Thomson
22nd 10:30 AM How (not) to walk by the SpiritLife in the SpiritGalatians 5:13-26Craig Summers
15th 6:00 PM Trials or temptations?The danger of double-mindednessJames 1:1-18Hugh Thomson
15th 10:30 AM Experiencing the SpiritLife in the SpiritRomans 8: 1-17Craig Summers
8th 6:00 PM The engine for the Christian lifeOne-offMark 4Neil Powell
8th 10:30 AM Who is the Holy Spirit?Life in the SpiritJohn 14:15-26, John 16:4b-15Craig Summers
1st 10:30 AM Mission UnaccomplishedNehemiahNehemiah 13:1-30Jonathan Gregory
June 2018
Date Title Listen
24th 6:00 PM The anchor for the Christian lifeUnion with ChristRomans 5:12-21Neil Powell
24th 10:30 AM Celebrating what God has doneNehemiahNehemiah 11:1-12:47Hugh Thomson
17th 6:00 PM How Jesus makes the Christian life possibleHow Jesus makes the Christian life possibleJohn 15:1-17Neil Powell
17th 10:30 AM God is faithful to His peopleNehemiahNehemiah 8:1-10:39, Nehemiah 9:1-18Jonathan Gregory
10th 6:00 PM Unanswered prayerTeach us to prayMatthew 7:7-14, Psalm 102Craig Summers
10th 10:30 AM Quench the thirstThe God who makes himself knownJohn 4:1-30Neil Powell
3rd 6:00 PM Praying persistentlyTeach us to prayLuke 18:1-8Craig Summers
3rd 10:30 AM Status-anxiety? Getting life in perspectiveThe God who makes himself knownJohn 3:22-36Neil Powell
May 2018
Date Title Listen
27th 10:30 AM How to live foreverThe God who makes himself knownJohn 3:1-21Neil Powell
20th 6:00 PM Praying confidentlyTeach us to prayExodus 32:1-14, Hebrews 4:14-16Craig Summers
20th 10:30 AM The end of religion?The God who makes himself knownJohn 2:13-25Hugh Thomson
13th 6:00 PM Serve the WorldServe the World Sunday 2018Revelations 5James Poole
13th 10:30 AM Serve the WorldServe the World Sunday 20182 Thessalonians 2:13 - 3:5James Poole
6th 6:00 PM Praying through the tough timesTeach us to prayPsalm 42 & 43Jonathan Gregory
6th 10:30 AM Finding a happiness that lastsThe God who makes himself knownJohn 2:1-12Neil Powell
April 2018
Date Title Listen
29th 6:00 PM Praying for othersTeach us to prayColossians 1:9-14Jonathan Gregory
29th 10:30 AM Oh no! My friend has got religion!The God who makes himself knownJohn 1:35-53Neil Powell
22nd 6:00 PM Praying to a loving FatherTeach us to prayLuke 11:1-13Jonathan Gregory
22nd 10:00 AM Why Jesus is perfect for youThe God who makes himself knownJohn 1:19-34Craig Summers
15th 6:00 PM Praying like JesusTeach us to prayMatthew 6:5-15Jonathan Gregory
15th 10:30 AM Why doesn't God make himself clearer?The God who makes himself knownJohn 1:1-18Neil Powell
8th 6:00 PM Proverbs 3:1 - 6One OffProverbs 3:1-6Daniel Haynes
8th 10:30 AM John 21:1 - 25One OffJohn 21:1-25Hugh Thomson
1st 10:30 AM Easter Sunday Morning One OffLuke 24:1-12Neil Powell
March 2018
Date Title Listen
30th 11:00 AM Good Friday morning talkOne OffLuke 22:66-23:49Neil Powell
25th 6:00 PM From fear to faith HabbakukHabbakuk 3Craig Summers
25th 10:30 AM John 13:1-17One-offJohn 13:1-17Hugh Thomson
18th 6:00 PM The God who answersHabbakukHabbakuk 3Craig Summers
11th 6:00 PM Mission & Ministry Gift Day EveningMMGD 2018Mark 14:1 - 11Neil Powell
11th 10:30 AM Mission & Ministry Gift DayMMGD 2018Matthew 6: 19 - 21Hugh Thomson
4th 6:00 PM When God doesn't make senseHabbakukHabbakuk 1:12 - 2:20Craig Summers
4th 10:30 AM Building God's KingdomRebuilding God's KingdomNehemiah 6-7Jonathan Gregory