Sunday Evening

January 2006
8th PM Praising God our Maker and MonarchSong of the DayPsalm 33Neil Powell
15th PM Thanking God for His GoodnessSong of the DayPsalm 103Neil Powell
22nd PM 2 Corinthians 5v10-21World Mission Day 2006Jonathan Lamb
29th PM Thanking God for our SalvationSong of the DayPsalm 116Neil Powell
February 2006
12th PM Trusting God who knows all and sees allSong of the DayPsalm 139Hugh Thomson
19th PM Facing up to FearSong of the NightPsalm 27Dan Steel
26th PM Contending with AnxietySong of the NightPsalm 55John Stevens
March 2006
12th PM Dealing with DoubtSong of the NightPsalm 73Hugh Thomson
19th PM Finding Confidence for the FutureSong of HopePsalm 91John Stevens
26th PM Hope for the Downcast SoulSong of HopePsalm 42-43Neil Powell
April 2006
23rd PM Running from God : Jonah 1JonahNeil Powell
30th PM Jonah 1v17-2v10JonahNeil Powell
May 2006
21st PM Jonah 3JonahDan Steel
28th PM Jonah 4JonahNeil Powell
October 2006
1st PM 1 Thessalonians 1v1-101 ThessaloniansNeil Powell
8th PM 1 Thessalonians 2v1-121 ThessaloniansNeil Powell
15th PM 1 Thessalonians 2v13-3v51 ThessaloniansHugh Thomson
22nd PM 1 Thessalonians 3v6-4v21 ThessaloniansHugh Thomson
29th PM 1 Thessalonians 4v1-121 ThessaloniansJohn Stevens
November 2006
12th PM 1 Thessalonians 4v13-181 ThessaloniansDavid Shaw
19th PM 1 Thessalonians 5v1-111 ThessaloniansDavid Shaw
26th PM 1 Thessalonians 5v12-281 ThessaloniansNeil Powell
December 2006
3rd PM What Would Jesus Say to Madonna?ContactDavid Shaw
January 2007
7th PM John 20v30-31Signs in JohnHugh Thomson
14th PM John 2v1-11Signs in JohnDavid Shaw
21st PM John 4v43-54Signs in JohnAndy Weatherley
28th PM John 5v1-15Signs in JohnNeil Powell
February 2007
4th PM What Would Jesus Say to Stephen Hawking?ContactAndy Schofield
18th PM John 6v1-15Signs in JohnJohn Stevens
25th PM John 6Signs in JohnJohn Stevens
March 2007
11th PM John 9Signs in JohnNeil Powell
18th PM John 11Signs in JohnHugh Thomson
25th PM John 20Signs in JohnDavid Shaw
April 2007
22nd PM How Can We Pray?PrayerJohn Stevens
29th PM How Does Prayer Work? - Sovereignty and PrayerPrayerNeil Powell
May 2007
20th PM Prayer and the Providence of GodPrayerNeil Powell
27th PM Prayer and Adoration - Hallowed by Thy NamePrayerHugh Thomson
June 2007
3rd PM What Would Jesus Say to Germane Greer?ContactJohn Stevens
10th PM Prayer and Mission - Thy Kingdom ComePrayerDavid Shaw
17th PM Prayer and the Church - Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in HeavenPrayerHoward Jackson
July 2007
1st PM Prayer and Provision - Give us Today our Daily BreadPrayerHugh Thomson
8th PM Prayer and Confession - Forgive us our Sins, as we Forgive OthersPrayerJohn Stevens
15th PM Hebrews 12v1-11One OffHugh Thomson
22nd PM Prayer and Protection: Lead us not into Temptation but Deliver us from the Evil OnePrayerHugh Thomson
September 2007
2nd PM Lamentations 3v19-42One OffHoward Jackson
9th PM Blessings in ChristOne OffEphesians 1v1-14John Stevens
23rd PM Before the Big BangGenesisGenesis 1v1Neil Powell
30th PM Intelligent Design?GenesisGenesis 2v2-23Neil Powell
October 2007
7th PM Dawkins DilemmaGenesisGenesis 1v24-25Neil Powell
14th PM Who Are We?GenesisGenesis 1v26-27John Stevens
21st PM Why Are We Here?GenesisGenesis 1v28-31John Stevens
28th PM Where Are We Going?GenesisGenesis 2v1-3John Stevens
November 2007
4th PM What a Wonderful WorldGenesisGenesis 2v4-17Neil Powell
11th PM Made for Each Other1 PeterGenesis 2v18-25Neil Powell
18th PM Safe Sex? Creation and SexualityGenesisGenesis 2v18-25Neil Powell
25th PM Paradise LostGenesisGenesis 3v1-7Hugh Thomson
December 2007
2nd PM Why is the World the Way it is?GenesisGenesis 3v8-19Hugh Thomson
9th PM Paradise Restored?GenesisGenesis 3v20-24Hugh Thomson
January 2008
6th PM Introduction to Song of SongsSex and SpiritualityNeil Powell
13th PM Song of Songs 2v1-3v5Sex and SpiritualityNeil Powell
20th PM True BeautySex and SpiritualitySong of Song 4v1-7 & 5v9-16Neil Powell
27th PM True LoveSex and SpiritualitySong of Songs 2Neil Powell
February 2008
3rd PM Song of Songs 2v6-11Sex and SpiritualityNeil Powell
10th PM How to be a Great LoverOne OffJohn Stevens
17th PM Waiting for JesusThe End of the WorldHugh Thomson
24th PM Dying...and then?The End of the WorldHugh Thomson
March 2008
2nd PM Before God's ThroneThe End of the WorldHugh Thomson
9th PM World MissionWorld Mission Day 2012Acts 17v1-9Richard Iley
16th PM Eternal DestinyThe End of the WorldHugh Thomson
April 2008
6th PM 1 Corinthians 1v1-171 CorinthiansJohn Stevens
13th PM 1 Corinthians 1v18-251 CorinthiansJohn Stevens
20th PM 1 Corinthians 1v26-311 CorinthiansJohn Stevens
27th PM 1 Corinthians 2v1-51 CorinthiansJohn Stevens
May 2008
4th PM 1 Corinthians 2v6-161 CorinthiansJohn Stevens
18th PM 1 Corinthians 3v1-171 CorinthiansHugh Thomson
25th PM 1 Corinthians 3v18-4v51 CorinthiansHugh Thomson
June 2008
1st PM 1 Corinthians 4v6-211 CorinthiansHugh Thomson
8th PM 1 Corinthians 5v1-131 CorinthiansNeil Powell
15th PM 1 Corinthians 6v1-81 CorinthiansNeil Powell
22nd PM 1 Corinthians 6v9-201 CorinthiansNeil Powell
29th PM 1 Corinthians 71 CorinthiansJohn Taylor
July 2008
6th PM 1 Corinthians 81 CorinthiansJohn Stevens
13th PM 1 Corinthians 91 CorinthiansHugh Thomson
20th PM 1 Corinthians 10v1-11v11 CorinthiansDan Steel
27th PM 1 Corinthians 11v2-161 CorinthiansJohn Stevens
August 2008
3rd PM 1 Corinthians 11v17-341 CorinthiansHugh Thomson
10th PM 1 Corinthians 121 CorinthiansDavid Shaw
17th PM 1 Corinthians 131 CorinthiansJames Davison
24th PM 1 Corinthians 141 CorinthiansHugh Thomson
31st PM 1 Corinthians 15v1-191 CorinthiansNeil Powell
September 2008
7th PM 1 Corinthians 15v20-341 CorinthiansNeil Powell
14th PM 1 Corinthians 161 CorinthiansJohn Stevens
21st PM Introduction to the Sermon on the MountLife in the Kingdom - A Fresh Look at the Sermon on the MountHugh Thomson
28th PM Matthew 5v1-12Life in the Kingdom - A Fresh Look at the Sermon on the MountNeil Powell
October 2008
5th PM Matthew 5v13-16Life in the Kingdom - A Fresh Look at the Sermon on the MountNeil Powell
12th PM 1 Samuel 14v1-23One OffRichard Cunningham
19th PM Matthew 5v17-30Life in the Kingdom - A Fresh Look at the Sermon on the MountJohn Stevens
26th PM Matthew 5v21-37Life in the Kingdom - A Fresh Look at the Sermon on the MountJohn Stevens
November 2008
2nd PM Matthew 5v38-48Life in the Kingdom - A Fresh Look at the Sermon on the MountJohn Stevens
9th PM Matthew 6v1-18Life in the Kingdom - A Fresh Look at the Sermon on the MountNeil Powell