January 2006
8th PM Praising God our Maker and MonarchSong of the DayPsalm 33Neil Powell
15th PM Thanking God for His GoodnessSong of the DayPsalm 103Neil Powell
29th PM Thanking God for our SalvationSong of the DayPsalm 116Neil Powell
February 2006
12th PM Trusting God who knows all and sees allSong of the DayPsalm 139Hugh Thomson
19th PM Facing up to FearSong of the NightPsalm 27Dan Steel
26th PM Contending with AnxietySong of the NightPsalm 55John Stevens
March 2006
12th PM Dealing with DoubtSong of the NightPsalm 73Hugh Thomson
19th PM Finding Confidence for the FutureSong of HopePsalm 91John Stevens
26th PM Hope for the Downcast SoulSong of HopePsalm 42-43Neil Powell
May 2007
6th AM Psalm 19International Student ServicePsalm 19Howard Jackson
August 2008
17th AM Psalm 34One OffRichard Iley
24th AM Psalm 8One OffHugh Thomson
31st AM Psalm 56One OffHugh Thomson
January 2009
25th AM Beauty from the DustOne OffPsalm 90William Edgar
July 2010
18th AM Psalm 2PsalmsNeil Powell
25th AM Psalm 23PsalmsSteve White
August 2010
1st AM Psalm 32PsalmsStephen Trump
8th AM Psalm 42-43PsalmsJohn James
15th AM Psalm 73PsalmsNeil Powell
22nd AM Psalm 96PsalmsDan Steel
29th AM Psalm 103PsalmsHugh Thomson
September 2010
5th AM Psalm 145PsalmsStephen Trump
May 2011
1st AM Psalm 1One OffPsalm 1Dan Cottle
1st AM Psalm 1PsalmsJohn Taylor
July 2011
10th AM Praying for ForgivenessPrayerPsalm 51Hugh Thomson
17th AM Praying for JusticePrayerPsalm 137Neil Powell
24th AM Praying for ContentmentPrayerPsalm 73Hugh Thomson
31st AM Praying with Thankfulness PrayerPsalm 118Hugh Thomson
August 2011
7th AM Praying for the NationsPrayerPsalm 67Jonny Moore
September 2011
11th PM Psalm 89One OffHoward Jackson
August 2012
12th AM Psalm 127Hugh Thomson
September 2012
2nd AM Psalm 51One OffJonathan Worsley
April 2014
27th PM 'Who am I?'Genesis 1v26 - 31 & Psalm 8Howard Jackson
July 2014
13th AM Can I trust God with my future?Attributes of GodPsalm 90v1 - 6Neil Powell
July 2015
5th AM Admitting our fragility: Our time is shortPsalmsPsalm 90John Walley
12th AM Seeing God's faithfulness: He is faithfulKingdom ComePsalm 98Jonny Richards
19th AM Trusting God's Grace: He forgivesPsalmsPsalm 103Andy Weatherley
August 2015
30th AM What to do when September seems dauntingPsalmsPsalm 121Barnaby Pain
May 2016
8th AM God's praise amongst all nationsServe The WorldPsalms 117Andrew Dudgeon
July 2016
24th PM How to be happyOne OffPsalm 1Tim Hay
September 2017
17th AM Life under a curseOne-offPsalm 102Andy Weatherley
17th AM Psalm 102One OffPsalm 102Andy Weatherly
December 2017
31st AM Psalm 90One-offPsalm 90Craig Summers
May 2018
6th PM Praying through the tough timesTeach us to prayPsalm 42 & 43Jonathan Gregory
August 2018
5th AM DepressionBattles we all facePsalm 42 & 43Jonathan Gregory
September 2018
9th PM Learning contentmentFinding contentmentPsalm 73Neil Powell
15th AM Session 112 Things God Can't DoPsalms 121Nick Tucker
15th AM Nick TuckerSession 2Psalms 139, Isaiah 40, Luke 2Nick Tucker