December 2005
4th AM Luke 1v1-4LukeAndy Weatherley
11th AM Luke 1v5-25 & 57-80LukeJohn Stevens
18th PM Luke 1v26-56LukeHugh Thomson
January 2006
8th AM Luke 2v21-52LukeHugh Thomson
15th AM Luke 3v1-20LukeJohn Stevens
29th AM Luke 3v21-4v13LukeJohn Stevens
February 2006
12th AM Luke 4v14-30LukeJohn Stevens
19th AM Luke 4v31-44LukeJohn Stevens
26th AM Luke 5v1-11LukeNeil Powell
March 2006
5th AM Luke 5v12-26LukeNeil Powell
12th AM Luke 5v27-6v11LukeAndy Weatherley
19th AM Luke 6v12-26LukeHugh Thomson
26th AM Luke 6v27-38LukeHugh Thomson
April 2006
2nd AM Luke 6v39-49LukeHugh Thomson
May 2006
21st AM Luke 7v1-17LukeHugh Thomson
28th AM Luke 7v18-35LukeHugh Thomson
June 2006
4th AM Luke 7v36-50LukeNeil Powell
11th AM Luke 8v1-21LukeJohn Stevens
18th AM Luke 8v22-39LukeJohn Stevens
25th AM Luke 8v40-56LukeJohn Stevens
July 2006
2nd AM Luke 9v1-17LukeDavid Shaw
9th AM Luke 9v18-27LukeMike Summerfield
16th AM Luke 9v28-36LukeNeil Powell
23rd AM Luke 9v37-50LukeNeil Powell
30th AM Luke 9v51-10v24LukeNeil Powell
August 2006
6th AM Luke 10v25-42LukeHugh Thomson
13th AM Luke 11v1-13LukeHugh Thomson
20th AM Luke 11v14-36LukeJohn Stevens
27th AM Luke 11v37-12v11LukeDan Steel
September 2006
3rd AM Luke 12v13-34LukeJohn Stevens
10th AM Luke 12v35-13v9LukeHugh Thomson
17th AM Luke 13v10-35LukeNeil Powell
October 2006
1st AM Luke 14v1-14LukeHugh Thomson
8th AM RSVP - The Ultimate InvitationLukeLuke 14v15-34Hugh Thomson
15th AM Luke 15v1-31LukeJohn Stevens
22nd AM Luke 16v1-31LukeJohn Stevens
29th AM Luke 17v1-19LukeNeil Powell
November 2006
5th AM Luke 17v20-18v8LukeMike Summerfield
26th AM Luke18v31-19v10LukeAndy Weatherley
December 2006
3rd AM Luke 19v11-27LukeJohn Stevens
10th AM Luke 19v28-44LukeJohn Stevens
March 2007
11th AM It's Worth a Second LookOne OffLuke 19v1-10Nick Cuthbert
December 2008
14th AM Luke 1v26-38One OffJohn Stevens
January 2009
4th AM Recap of Luke's GospelLukeJohn Stevens
11th AM Luke 19v45-48LukeJohn Stevens
18th AM Luke 20v1-18LukeJohn Stevens
February 2009
15th AM If You Could Ask God One QuestionLukeLuke 20v27-40Neil Powell
22nd AM From the Lesser to the GreaterLukeLuke 20v41-21v4Neil Powell
March 2009
1st AM Luke 21v5-38LukeNeil Powell
8th AM Luke 22v1-23LukeNeil Powell
15th AM Luke 22v24-38LukeHugh Thomson
15th PM Losing My Religion - Why Religion won't get you to GodOne OffLuke 18v9-14Neil Powell
22nd AM Luke 22v39-53LukeHugh Thomson
29th AM Luke 22v54-62LukeHugh Thomson
April 2009
5th AM Luke 22v63-23v25LukeHugh Thomson
10th PM Good FridayLukeLuke 23v26-43Hugh Thomson
12th AM Easter SundayLukeLuke 23v44-24v12Neil Powell
19th AM Luke 24v13-35LukeJohn Stevens
26th AM Luke 24v38-49LukeJohn Stevens
May 2009
3rd AM Luke 24v50-53LukeJohn Stevens
December 2009
20th AM A Tale of Two FamiliesOne OffLuke 1v5-17 & 26-38Richard Iley
January 2010
10th AM A Passion Like God'sLead Up to A Passion for LifeLuke 15Neil Powell
May 2010
23rd AM Luke 12v13-21Mission & Ministry Gift Day 2010Hugh Thomson
September 2010
26th AM Luke 18v9-30One OffLuke 18v9-30Dan Steel
26th AM Luke 18v9-30LukeHugh Thomson
January 2012
1st AM New Year's DayOne OffLuke 9v18-27Stephen Trump
July 2012
8th PM The SowerParables in LukeLuke 8v1-15Dan Cottle
15th PM The Good SamaritanParables in LukeLuke 10v25-37John Taylor
22nd PM The Rich FoolParables in LukeLuke 12v13-21Hugh Thomson
29th PM The Great BanquetParables in LukeLuke 14v15-24Richard Iley
29th PM The Great BanquetParablesLuke 14v7 - 24Andy Cole
August 2012
5th PM The Lost SonParables in LukeLuke 15v11-32Hugh Thomson
12th PM The Shrewd ManagerParables in LukeLuke 16v1-15Howard Jackson
26th PM The Persistent WidowParables in LukeLuke 18v1-8David Shaw
26th PM Luke 18v1-8 - The Persistent WidowParables in LukeLuke 18v1-8David Shaw
September 2012
2nd PM The Pharisee & the Tax CollectorParables in LukeLuke 18v9-14Adam Cooper
2nd PM The Pharisee and the Tax CollectorParables in LukeLuke 18v9-14Adam Cooper
9th PM The Ten MinasParables in LukeLuke 19v11-22John Rochfort
December 2012
9th AM Luke 1v1 - 25LukeJonathan Gregory
16th AM Luke 1 v26 - 38LukeNeil Powell
23rd AM Luke 1 v39 - 56LukeDan Cottle
30th AM Luke 2 v21 - 40LukeTim Hay
July 2013
28th PM Are you ashamed of me? Luke 9v26Things I wish Jesus had never said
August 2013
4th PM Love your enemies! Luke 6v27 - 28Things I wish Jesus had never saidBarnaby Pain
11th PM God or money? Luke 16v13Things I wish Jesus had never saidAdam Cooper
18th PM You get what you ask for. Luke11v9Things I wish Jesus had never saidTom Martin
25th PM Who are my family? Luke 8v19 - 21Things I wish Jesus had never saidCraig Niclasen
September 2013
1st PM Who do you love more? Luke 14v25 - 27Things I wish Jesus had never saidJohn Rochfort
8th AM Will only a few people be saved? Luke 13v22 - 30Things I wish Jesus had never saidTim Hay
November 2013
24th AM John 17v1 - 26Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
January 2014
12th PM Why share the gospel?Luke 15v1 - 32John Stevens
March 2014
16th AM Luke 22v1 - 23'24' - the last day in the life of JesusNeil Powell
30th AM Luke 22v24 - 38'24' - the last day in the life of JesusHugh Thomson
April 2014
6th AM Luke 22v39 - 62'24' - the last day in the life of JesusJonathan Gregory
13th AM Luke 23v1 - 25'24' - the last day in the life of JesusAndy Weatherley
20th AM Luke 24v1 - 12'24' - the last day in the life of JesusNeil Powell
27th AM Luke 24v13 - 35'24' - the last day in the life of JesusJonathan Gregory
February 2015
8th AM Who is Jesus? (International Student Service)International Student ServiceLuke 5v17 - 26Rowland Hughes
July 2015
12th PM The SowerMore than a story: The parables of JesusLuke 8v1-15John Taylor
19th PM The Good SamaritanMore than a story: The parables of JesusLuke 10v25-37Jez Dearing