Hugh Thomson

July 2012
1st AM God's Covenant StandsAmosAmos 9Hugh Thomson
15th AM Revelation 12One OffHugh Thomson
22nd PM The Rich FoolParables in LukeLuke 12v13-21Hugh Thomson
August 2012
5th PM The Lost SonParables in LukeLuke 15v11-32Hugh Thomson
12th AM Psalm 127Hugh Thomson
September 2012
16th AM James 1v1-18JamesHugh Thomson
30th AM James 1v19-27JamesHugh Thomson
October 2012
7th AM James 2v1-13JamesHugh Thomson
14th AM James 2v14-26JamesHugh Thomson
21st AM James 3v1-12JamesHugh Thomson
28th AM James 3v13-18JamesHugh Thomson
November 2012
11th AM James 4v1-12JamesHugh Thomson
18th AM James 4v13-17JamesHugh Thomson
25th AM James 5v1-12JamesHugh Thomson
December 2012
2nd AM James 5v13-20JamesHugh Thomson
February 2013
10th AM World Mission SundayHugh Thomson
17th AM Matthew 24v1 - 51MatthewHugh Thomson
17th PM Joshua 1 : God always delivers on his promisesJoshuaHugh Thomson
24th PM Joshua 2 : Stake your life on God's promisesHugh Thomson
March 2013
3rd PM MMGD Evening ServiceMission & Ministry Gift Day 2013Hugh Thomson
10th PM Joshua 3v1 - 4v24 : Don't forget what God has doneJoshuaHugh Thomson
17th PM Joshua 5v1 - 12 ; God's purposes are unstoppableJoshuaHugh Thomson
24th PM Joshua 5v13 - 6v27 : Do things God's wayJoshuaHugh Thomson
April 2013
14th PM Joshua 7 : Deal radically with sinJoshuaHugh Thomson
21st PM Joshua 8 : God always winsJoshuaHugh Thomson
28th PM Joshua 9v1 - 10v28 : God is faithful to his covenantJoshuaHugh Thomson
May 2013
5th PM Joshua 22 : Will God's people be united?JoshuaHugh Thomson
12th PM Joshua 23 : Will God's people be faithful?JoshuaHugh Thomson
19th AM Titus 1v1 - 4TitusHugh Thomson
19th PM Joshua 24 : We will serve the LordJoshuaHugh Thomson
26th AM Titus 1v5 - 16TitusHugh Thomson
June 2013
16th AM Haggai 1HaggaiHugh Thomson
23rd AM Haggai 2v1 - 9HaggaiHugh Thomson
30th AM Haggai 2v10 - 19HaggaiHugh Thomson
July 2013
7th AM Haggai 2v20 - 23HaggaiHugh Thomson
14th AM Haggai : New Testament fulfilmentHaggaiHugh Thomson
September 2013
22nd AM John 13v1 - 17Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
29th AM John 13v18 - 38Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
October 2013
6th AM John 14v1 - 14Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
13th AM John 14v15 - 31Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
20th AM John 15v1 - 17Upper Room DiscourseJohn 15v1 - 17Hugh Thomson
27th AM John 15v18 - 16v4Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
November 2013
3rd AM John 16v4 - 15Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
17th AM John 16v16 - 33Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
24th AM John 17v1 - 26Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
December 2013
8th AM 'A Christmas Carol' - Christmas PastA Christmas CarolHugh Thomson
15th AM 'A Christmas Carol' - Christmas PresentA Christmas CarolHugh Thomson
22nd PM A Christmas MeditationGalatians 4v4 - 5Hugh Thomson
January 2014
19th PM What to expect when we share the gospel?Mark 4v1 - 23Hugh Thomson
February 2014
2nd PM Science has disproved God right?Hugh Thomson
9th PM 1 Thessalonians 1v1 - 101 ThessaloniansHugh Thomson
16th PM 1 Thessalonians 2v1 - 61 ThessaloniansHugh Thomson
23rd PM 1 Thessalonians 2v7 - 161 ThessaloniansHugh Thomson
March 2014
9th PM Ministry & Mission Gift Day (pm) : Luke 6v20 - 26Luke 6v20 - 26Hugh Thomson
16th PM 1 Thessalonians 2v17 - 3v131 ThessaloniansHugh Thomson
23rd PM 1 Thessalonians 4v1 - 121 ThessaloniansHugh Thomson
30th AM Luke 22v24 - 38'24' - the last day in the life of JesusHugh Thomson
30th PM 1 Thessalonians 4v13 - 5v111 ThessaloniansHugh Thomson
April 2014
6th PM 1 Thessalonians 5v12 - 281 ThessaloniansHugh Thomson
May 2014
25th AM Esther 1v1 - 2v18 'The queen of compromise'Esther (2014)Hugh Thomson
June 2014
1st AM Esther 2v19 - 3v15 'The cost of integrity'Esther (2014)Hugh Thomson
8th AM Esther 4v1 - 5v8 ' The danger of approaching the king'Esther (2014)Hugh Thomson
15th AM Esther 5v9 - 7v10 ' The tables turned'Esther (2014)Hugh Thomson
22nd AM Esther 8v1 - 10v3 ' The triumph of God's people'Esther (2014)Hugh Thomson
July 2014
27th AM How do I get to know God?Attributes of GodHebrews 1v1 - 2Hugh Thomson
August 2014
10th PM Looking at the kings : HezekiahLooking at the kings2 Kings 18 - 20Hugh Thomson
September 2014
7th AM Does God have a short fuse?Attributes of GodRomans 1v18Hugh Thomson
November 2014
2nd PM Is Jesus enough?The Complete ChristianColossians 2v6 - 15Hugh Thomson
9th PM What are the Christian's rules?The Complete ChristianColossians 2v16 - 23Hugh Thomson
16th PM This is your life!The Complete ChristianColossians 3v1 - 11Hugh Thomson
23rd PM Is it all about me?The Complete ChristianColossians 3v12 - 17Hugh Thomson
30th PM How should I relate to others?The Complete ChristianColossians 3v18 - 4v1Hugh Thomson
December 2014
7th AM He will save His peopleGreat ExpectationsMatthew 1v18-25Hugh Thomson
7th PM How should I speak?The Complete ChristianColossians 4v2 - 18Hugh Thomson
February 2015
15th AM Will you stay godly even when they're out to get you? : Daniel 6Faithful under fireDaniel 6Hugh Thomson
15th PM The Suffering ChurchHugh Thomson
22nd AM Worship the real King : Daniel 7Faithful under fireDaniel 7Hugh Thomson
March 2015
1st AM Mission & Ministry Gift Day Service (Morning) : 2 Cor 8:1 - 9Mission & Ministry Gift Day 20152 Corinthians 8v1 - 9Hugh Thomson
8th AM Worldly kings pass away : Daniel 8Faithful under fireDaniel 8Hugh Thomson
15th AM How long, O Lord? : Daniel 9Faithful under fireDaniel 9Hugh Thomson
22nd AM Wait for the King of kings : Daniel 10Faithful under fireDaniel 10Hugh Thomson
29th AM God's kingdom is coming : Daniel 11 & 12Faithful under fireDaniel 11 & 12Hugh Thomson
29th PM JudeJudeHugh Thomson
April 2015
5th AM Easter : John 20v1 - 18Easter 2015John 20v1 - 18Hugh Thomson
19th PM 3 John3 JohnHugh Thomson
26th PM Believing the unbelievableAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 11v27 - 12v20Hugh Thomson
May 2015
3rd PM Choices have consequencesAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 13 & 14Hugh Thomson
24th PM Belonging to the covenantAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 16 & 17Hugh Thomson
31st PM The justice of GodAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 18Hugh Thomson
June 2015
7th PM Judgement and MercyAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 19Hugh Thomson
14th PM Will God keep his promises?Abraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 20Hugh Thomson
21st PM God does keep his promisesAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 21Hugh Thomson
July 2015
5th PM Unconditional obedienceAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 22Hugh Thomson
26th AM Don't be ashamed of the Gospel2 Timothy2 Timothy 1v1-18Hugh Thomson
August 2015
2nd AM Work hard for the Gospel2 Timothy2 Timothy 2v1 - 13Hugh Thomson
9th AM Be faithful to the Gospel2 Timothy2 Timothy 2v14 - 26Hugh Thomson
16th AM Have confidence in the Gospel2 Timothy2 Timothy 3v1 - 17Hugh Thomson
23rd AM Preach the Gospel2 Timothy2 Timothy 4v1 - 22Hugh Thomson
September 2015
6th AM Nature submits to JesusWho is this man? - Mark 4-8Mark 4v35-41Hugh Thomson
20th AM Demons submit to JesusWho is this man? - Mark 4-8Mark 5v1-20Hugh Thomson