February 2009
8th AM Mark 6World Mission Day 2009Colin Tamplin
May 2009
10th AM Mark 10v1-27International Student ServicePeter Teagle
January 2010
17th AM A Parable for LifeLead Up to A Passion for LifeMark 4John Stevens
March 2011
20th PM Belief in the Face of Evidence: is Christianity Blind to all SufferingOne OffMark 15v16-40Steve Baraniak
May 2012
13th AM Harmony with HeavenInternational Student ServiceMark 12v28-24Peter Teagle
January 2014
19th PM What to expect when we share the gospel?Mark 4v1 - 23Hugh Thomson
April 2015
19th AM Do you need rescuing?Mark's GospelMark 1v1 - 13Jonathan Gregory
26th AM Why follow Jesus?Mark's GospelMark 1v14 - 28Jonathan Gregory
May 2015
3rd AM What's top of God's to do list?Mark's GospelMark 1v29 - 45Jonathan Gregory
17th AM What's the best thing God could give you?Mark's GospelMark 2v1 - 12Jonathan Gregory
24th AM Too bad for God?Mark's GospelMark 2v13 - 17Jonathan Gregory
31st AM The end of religionMark's GospelMark 2v18 - 3v6Neil Powell
June 2015
7th AM In the crowd or on the team?Mark's GospelMark 3v7 - 19Neil Powell
14th AM Mad, bad or God? The identity of JesusKingdom ComeMark 3v20 - 35Neil Powell
21st AM Is anyone listening?Kingdom ComeMark 4v1 - 25Neil Powell
28th AM How God's Kingdom comesMark's GospelMark 4v26-34John Stevens
September 2015
6th AM Nature submits to JesusWho is this man? - Mark 4-8Mark 4v35-41Hugh Thomson
20th AM Demons submit to JesusWho is this man? - Mark 4-8Mark 5v1-20Hugh Thomson
27th AM The dead submit to JesusWho is this man? - Mark 4-8Mark 5v21-43Hugh Thomson
October 2015
4th AM Will we submit to Jesus?Who is this man? - Mark 4-8Mark 6v1-13Hugh Thomson
11th AM Herod refuses to submit to JesusWho is this man? - Mark 4-8Mark 6v6b-30Hugh Thomson
25th AM Does God care for me?Who is this man? - Mark 4-8Mark 6v30 - 56Jonathan Gregory
November 2015
1st AM Why do people do bad things?Who is this man? - Mark 4-8Mark 7v1-23Jonathan Gregory
8th AM Is Jesus just for religious people?Who is this man? - Mark 4-8Mark 7v24-8v10Jonathan Gregory
15th AM The danger of knowing too much!Who is this man? - Mark 4-8Mark 8v11 - 21Jonathan Gregory
22nd AM Seeing Clearly? - International Student ServiceWho is this man? - Mark 4-8Mark 8v22 - 38Peter Teagle
April 2016
10th AM The King of GloryWhat kind of King?Mark 9v1 - 13Hugh Thomson
17th AM The unique KingWhat kind of King?Mark 9v14 - 37Hugh Thomson
24th AM The King and His subjectsWhat kind of King?Mark 9v38 - 50Hugh Thomson
May 2016
1st AM The King and relationshipsWhat kind of King?Mark 10v1 - 16Hugh Thomson
15th AM The King who demands first placeWhat kind of King?Mark 10v17 - 31Hugh Thomson
22nd AM The Servant KingWhat kind of King?Mark 10v32 - 52Hugh Thomson
29th AM The Messiah KingWhat kind of King?Mark 11v1 - 11Hugh Thomson
June 2016
12th AM The King who hates religionWhat kind of King?Mark 11v12-33Jonathan Gregory
19th AM The King they want to get rid ofWhat kind of King?Mark 12v1 - 12Jonathan Gregory
26th AM The King they try to trapWhat kind of King?Mark 12v13 - 27Jonathan Gregory
July 2016
3rd AM The wisdom of the KingWhat kind of King?Mark 12v28 - 44Jonathan Gregory
January 2017
29th AM The end of the world as we know it - Jesus the judgeThe Suffering KingMark 13:1-37Neil Powell
February 2017
5th AM What so amazing about grace? - what Jesus wants from usThe Suffering KingMark 14:1-11Neil Powell
12th AM The Last supper - why Jesus had to dieThe Suffering KingMark 14:12-26Neil Powell
19th AM Does God care? What Jesus went through for us.The Suffering KingMark 14:27-42Neil Powell
26th AM The case for Christ - Jesus on trialThe Suffering KingMark 14:43-72Hugh Thomson
March 2017
19th AM The great exchange - Why Jesus diedThe Suffering KingMark 15:1-15Neil Powell
26th AM The final curtain - What Jesus' death achievedThe Suffering KingMark 15:16-47Neil Powell
April 2017
2nd AM Long live the King! - The resurrection of JesusThe Suffering KingMark 16:1-8Neil Powell
July 2017
30th AM Where is forgiveness found?One OffMark 2:1-12Jonathan Gregory
August 2017
27th AM Because he's worth itOne-offMark 14:1-11Craig Summers
November 2017
5th AM Serve The City SundayServe the CityMark 6:30 - 44Matthew Skirton (OM)
March 2018
11th PM Mission & Ministry Gift Day EveningMMGD 2018Mark 14:1 - 11Neil Powell
July 2018
8th PM The engine for the Christian lifeOne-offMark 4Neil Powell
August 2018
26th AM PrideBattles we all faceMark 9:30 - 37, Philppians 2:5 - 11Jonathan Gregory