January 2007
7th PM John 20v30-31Signs in JohnHugh Thomson
14th PM John 2v1-11Signs in JohnDavid Shaw
21st PM John 4v43-54Signs in JohnAndy Weatherley
28th PM John 5v1-15Signs in JohnNeil Powell
February 2007
18th PM John 6v1-15Signs in JohnJohn Stevens
25th PM John 6Signs in JohnJohn Stevens
March 2007
11th PM John 9Signs in JohnNeil Powell
18th PM John 11Signs in JohnHugh Thomson
25th PM John 20Signs in JohnDavid Shaw
October 2007
28th AM John 12One OffJonathan Stephen
December 2007
23rd AM John 1v14One OffHugh Thomson
April 2008
27th AM The Most Important Questions You'll Ever AskInternational Student ServiceJohn 1v1-18Peter Teagle
October 2008
12th AM Blinded by the Light - Does Faith Contradict Reason?One OffJohn 9v1-41Richard Cunningham
April 2010
4th AM Jesus' Resurrection: Did It Happen? Does It Matter?EasterJohn 20v1-23Hugh Thomson
11th AM John 20v24-31EasterJohn 20v24-31Dan Cottle
11th AM John 20v24-31One OffHugh Thomson
18th AM John 21EasterJohn 21Hugh Thomson
18th AM John 21Signs in JohnHugh Thomson
August 2010
29th PM He Who Believes in Me Will LiveThis We Know: God's Precious PromisesJohn 11v25Neil Powell
September 2010
5th PM No-One Can Snatch Them Out of my Hand This We Know: God's Precious PromisesJohn 10v28Hugh Thomson
September 2013
22nd AM John 13v1 - 17Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
29th AM John 13v18 - 38Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
October 2013
6th AM John 14v1 - 14Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
13th AM John 14v15 - 31Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
20th AM John 15v1 - 17Upper Room DiscourseJohn 15v1 - 17Hugh Thomson
27th AM John 15v18 - 16v4Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
November 2013
3rd AM John 16v4 - 15Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
17th AM John 16v16 - 33Upper Room DiscourseHugh Thomson
April 2015
5th AM Easter : John 20v1 - 18Easter 2015John 20v1 - 18Hugh Thomson
12th AM Easter : John 20v19 - 31Easter 2015John 20v19 - 31John Walley
December 2015
13th PM Carols by Candlelight talkOne OffJohn 1: 1 - 18Neil Powell
June 2016
5th AM Don't work for the food that spoilsThe Bread of LifeJohn 6:25 - 69Neil Powell
5th AM Bread of LifeOne OffJohn 6v25-40Neil Powell
November 2016
6th PM How can I have a fresh start?Encounters with JesusJohn 3:1-21Jonathan Gregory
13th PM Is there life after death?Encounters with JesusJohn 11:1-57Jonathan Gregory
20th PM Where can I find satisfaction?Encounters with JesusJohn 4:1-42Jonathan Gregory
27th PM How can I know the truth?Encounters with JesusJohn 20:19-31Jonathan Gregory
December 2016
4th PM What should I do when life is disappointing?Encounters with JesusJohn 21:1-25Jonathan Gregory
11th PM Carols By Candlelight ServiceOne OffJohn 1:1-18Neil Powell
25th AM Christmas Day Morning ServiceOne OffJohn 3:16Hugh Thomson
October 2017
29th PM Sharing the mercy of ChristSupercharged: the surprising power of life with ChristJohn 13:1 - 5Craig Summers
December 2017
24th AM John 1:1 - 18One-offJohn 1:1-18Craig Summers
January 2018
7th PM Who turns water into wine?Signs in John's Gospel - That you may believeJohn 2:1-11Hugh Thomson
14th PM Who heals the sick?Signs in John's Gospel - That you may believeJohn 4:43-54Hugh Thomson
21st PM Who heals on the Sabbath?Signs in John's Gospel - That you may believeJohn 5:1-15Hugh Thomson
28th PM Who feeds the crowds?Signs in John's Gospel - That you may believeJohn 6:1-15Hugh Thomson
February 2018
4th PM Who walks on water?Signs in John's Gospel - That you may believeJohn 6:16-24Hugh Thomson
11th PM Who gives sight to the blind?Signs in John's Gospel - That you may believeJohn 9:1-41Hugh Thomson
18th PM Who raises the dead?Signs in John's Gospel - That you may believeJohn 11:1-44Hugh Thomson
March 2018
25th AM John 13:1-17One-offJohn 13:1-17Hugh Thomson
April 2018
8th AM John 21:1 - 25One OffJohn 21:1-25Hugh Thomson
15th AM Why doesn't God make himself clearer?The God who makes himself knownJohn 1:1-18Neil Powell
22nd AM Why Jesus is perfect for youThe God who makes himself knownJohn 1:19-34Craig Summers
29th AM Oh no! My friend has got religion!The God who makes himself knownJohn 1:35-53Neil Powell
May 2018
6th AM Finding a happiness that lastsThe God who makes himself knownJohn 2:1-12Neil Powell
20th AM The end of religion?The God who makes himself knownJohn 2:13-25Hugh Thomson
27th AM How to live foreverThe God who makes himself knownJohn 3:1-21Neil Powell
June 2018
3rd AM Status-anxiety? Getting life in perspectiveThe God who makes himself knownJohn 3:22-36Neil Powell
10th AM Quench the thirstThe God who makes himself knownJohn 4:1-30Neil Powell
17th PM How Jesus makes the Christian life possibleHow Jesus makes the Christian life possibleJohn 15:1-17Neil Powell
July 2018
8th AM Who is the Holy Spirit?Life in the SpiritJohn 14:15-26, John 16:4b-15Craig Summers
August 2018
12th AM DisappointmentBattles we all faceJohn 11:17 - 35Jonathan Gregory
February 2019
24th AM The doctor who works SundaysLife in His nameJohn 5:1-18Craig Summers
March 2019
10th AM Why it's hard to believe in JesusLife in His nameJohn 5: 16-47Craig Summers
17th AM Jesus wins star bakerLife in His nameJohn 6:1-15Craig Summers
31st AM The Jesus diet planLife in His nameJohn 6:25-59Craig Summers
April 2019
7th AM Why Jesus offends us and captivates usLife in His nameJohn 6:60-71Craig Summers
April 2020
12th AM Easter Sunday Service 12th April 2020Holy WeekPassion Sequence--JohnNeil Powell