March 2008
9th PM World MissionWorld Mission Day 2012Acts 17v1-9Richard Iley
January 2010
3rd PM Acts 6v8-15 & 7v54-60One OffHoward Jackson
February 2010
14th AM Acts 8v1-40World Mission Day 2010Philip Bingham
January 2011
9th AM More Blessed To Give Than To ReceiveOne OffActs 20v17-38Trevor Archer
March 2011
20th AM God: Myth, Mystery or Known RealityInternational Student ServiceActs 17v16-34Peter Teagle
September 2011
18th AM You Shall Be My WitnessesActsActs 1v1-26Hugh Thomson
25th AM The Birth Day of the ChurchActsActs 2v1-13Hugh Thomson
October 2011
2nd AM Pentecost ExplainedActsActs 2v14-41Hugh Thomson
9th AM The New CommunityActsActs 2v42-47Hugh Thomson
16th AM Get A LifeActsActs 3Hugh Thomson
23rd AM Salvation is Found in No-one ElseActsActs 4v1-31Hugh Thomson
30th AM Radical HolinessActsActs 4v32-5v11Hugh Thomson
November 2011
6th AM An attempt to silence the GospelActsActs 5v12-42Hugh Thomson
20th AM Setting priorities in the churchActsActs 6v1-7Hugh Thomson
27th AM The First MartyrActsActs 6v8-7v60Hugh Thomson
December 2011
4th AM Good news for the SamaritansActsActs 8:1-25Hugh Thomson
4th AM Good News for the SamaritainsActsActs 8v1-25Hugh Thomson
11th AM Good News for the OutcastActsActs 8v26-40Hugh Thomson
March 2012
4th PM Sovereignty & EvangelismSovereigntyActs 13v26-42John Stevens
August 2012
19th AM ResurrectionActs 2v36John Taylor
July 2014
6th AM Does God need me?Attributes of GodActs 17v24 - 28Jonathan Gregory
September 2014
7th PM How to share the gospel with religious peopleHow to share the GospelActs 17v1 - 15Jonathan Gregory
14th PM How to share the gospel with secular peopleHow to share the GospelActs 17v16 - 34Jonathan Gregory
January 2016
3rd PM What's the mission of the church?The Church on MissionActs 1v1-26Hugh Thomson
10th PM How can ordinary people fulfill God's mission?The Church on MissionActs 2:1-13Hugh Thomson
16th AM Session 2: The True ChurchFamily Matters: why bother with church?Acts 2v42-47Phil Allcock
17th PM How does God's mission reach religious people?The Church on MissionActs 2:14-47Hugh Thomson
24th PM Why is God's mission good news?The Church on MissionActs 3:1-26Hugh Thomson
31st PM How To Save A LifeThe Church on MissionActs 4:1-31Hugh Thomson
February 2016
7th PM How does God’s mission continue despite compromise?The Church on MissionActs 4:32-5:11Hugh Thomson
14th PM How does God's mission continue despite persecution?The Church on MissionActs 5:12 - 42Jonathan Gregory
21st PM How does God’s mission continue despite distractions?The Church on MissionActs 5v42-6v7Jonathan Gregory
28th PM Why God’s mission is worth dying forThe Church on MissionActs 6:8-8:1Jonathan Gregory
March 2016
13th PM How does God’s mission continue despite greed?The Church on MissionActs 8:2 - 25Jonathan Gregory
20th PM How does God’s mission cross cultures?The Church on MissionActs 8:26-40, Isaiah 53Jonathan Gregory
January 2019
6th PM The Gospel in Samaria'Into all the world'Acts 8Hugh Thomson
13th PM Salvation of a Pharisee'Into all the world'Acts 9:1-31Hugh Thomson
20th PM Salvation of Gentile'Into all the world'Acts 9:32-11:18Hugh Thomson
27th PM The gospel opposed 'Into all the world'Acts 11:19-12:24Hugh Thomson
February 2019
3rd PM The gospel in asia minor'Into all the world'Acts 12:25-14:28Hugh Thomson
10th PM The council at Jerusalem'Into all the world'Acts 15:1- 16:5Hugh Thomson
17th PM The gospel in Philippi'Into all the world'Acts 16: 6-40Hugh Thomson
24th PM The gospel in Thessalonica & Berea'Into all the world'Acts 17:1-15Hugh Thomson
March 2019
3rd PM MMGD 2019 Evening Service'Into all the world'Acts 17:16-34Neil Powell
10th PM Unstoppable: Why Christianity continues to grow'Into all the world'Acts 18: 1-28Neil Powell
17th PM Turning the world upside down'Into all the world'Acts 19:1-41Jonathan Gregory
24th PM How to keep going as a ChristianInto the worldActs 20:1-37Jonathan Gregory
31st PM The case for Christ'Into all the world'Acts 21:1- 23:35Jonathan Gregory
April 2019
7th PM True & Reasonable: why Christianity makes senseInto the worldActs 24:1-26:32Jonathan Gregory
14th PM Acts 27 & 28Into all the worldActs 27:1-28:31Hugh Thomson