June 2018
17th PM How Jesus makes the Christian life possibleHow Jesus makes the Christian life possibleJohn 15:1-17Neil Powell
24th PM The anchor for the Christian lifeUnion with ChristRomans 5:12-21Neil Powell
August 2018
12th PM Praising and cursingThe danger of double-mindednessJames 3:1 - 18Hugh Thomson
26th PM Patience and prayerThe danger of double-mindednessJames 5:1 - 20Hugh Thomson
September 2018
2nd PM The Secret of ContentmentFinding contentmentPsalm 73Neil Powell
9th PM Learning contentmentFinding contentmentPsalm 73Neil Powell
16th AM Content in every situation?Finding contentment1 Timothy 6:6 - 10Neil Powell
23rd AM A source of true joyA life worth livingPhilippians 1:1-11Jonathan Gregory
March 2019
24th PM Keep watchInto all the worldActs 20:1-37Jonathan Gregory
October 2019
27th AM Romans 13:8-14RomansRomans 13:8-14Hugh Thomson
November 2019
3rd PM Real LoveGenuine1 John 3:11-24Jonathan Gregory
January 2020
5th PM When the darkness falls so hardRuth: A Hope in the DarknessRuth 1Jonathan Gregory
12th PM Hope in the darknessRuth: A Hope in the DarknessRuth 2Jonathan Gregory
19th PM When hope is delayedRuth: A Hope in the DarknessRuth 3Jonathan Gregory
26th PM God is StrangerGuest ServiceSpeaker's ChoiceKrish Kandiah
February 2020
2nd PM The dawning of hope Ruth: A Hope in the DarknessRuth 4Jonathan Gregory
March 2020
1st PM The grace that givesMMGD 2020Speaker's ChoiceNeil Powell
22nd PM Apologetics EveningApologetics 2020Speaker's ChoiceCraig Summers
29th PM Holiness in the churchLiving as the people of God1 Corinthians 5:1-6:11Hugh Thomson
October 2021
17th PM The Great ReversalEsther - Living in a Godless WorldEsther 7-9Craig Summers
24th PM How to live in a (not) godless worldEsther - Living in a Godless WorldEsther 9-10Craig Summers
31st PM Christian Counterculture - Part 1Christian Counterculture (2021)Matthew 5:1-16Hugh Thompson
November 2021
7th PM Christian Counterculture (Part 2)Christian Counterculture (2021)Matthew 5:17-28Hugh Thompson
14th PM Christian Counterculture (Part 3)Christian Counterculture (2021)Matthew 6:1-18Hugh Thompson
21st PM Christian Counterculture (Part 4)Christian Counterculture (2021)Matthew 6:19-34Hugh Thompson
28th PM Christian Counterculture (Part 5)Christian Counterculture (2021)Matthew 7:1-12Hugh Thompson
December 2021
12th PM City ChristmasChristmas 2021-Craig Summers
January 2022
16th PM Acts:6:8-7:60UnstoppableActs:6:8-7:60John James
23rd PM Acts 8UnstoppableActs 8John James
30th PM Acts 9UnstoppableActs 9John James
February 2022
6th PM Acts 10UnstoppableActs 10John James
13th PM Acts 11UnstoppableActs 11John James
March 2022
6th PM Generous GodGenerous2 Corinthians 8:9Craig Summers
13th PM Generous PeopleGenerous1 Timothy 6:17-19John James
20th PM Can the world be saved?Find Life (2022)--John James
27th PM Am I in control of my destiny? Find Life (2022)--Craig Summers
April 2022
3rd PM #justice: will we ever get there?Find Life (2022)--Craig Summers
10th PM I thought I might dieFind Life (2022)--Craig Summers
May 2022
1st PM World Mission SundayWorld Mission Sunday 2022----
8th PM 2 Thessalonians part 12 Thessalonians2 thessalonians 1:1-12Hugh Thompson
15th PM 2 Thessalonians part 22 Thessalonians2 thessalonians 2:1-12Hugh Thompson
22nd PM 2 Thessalonians Part 32 Thessalonians2 thessalonians 2:13-17Hugh Thompson
29th PM 2 Thessalonians part 42 Thessalonians2 thessalonians 3:1-5Hugh Thompson
June 2022
5th PM 2 Thessalonians part 52 Thessalonians2 thessalonians 3:6-18Hugh Thompson
12th PM Malachi part 1MalachiMalachi 1:1-5John James
19th PM Malachi part 2MalachiMalachi 1:6-2:9John James
26th PM Malachi part 3MalachiMalachi 2:10-16John James
July 2022
3rd PM Malachi part 4MalachiMalachi 2:17-3:5John James
10th PM Malachi part 5MalachiMalachi 3:6-12John James
17th PM Malachi part 6MalachiMalachi 3:13-4:6John James