March 2008
30th AM Isaiah 7v1-9One OffHoward Jackson
February 2010
7th AM Isaiah 1v1-20IsaiahHugh Thomson
21st AM Call of IsaiahIsaiahIsaiah 6v1-13Hugh Thomson
28th AM Immanuel, God With UsIsaiahIsaiah 7v1-25Hugh Thomson
March 2010
7th AM To Us a Child is BornIsaiahIsaiah 9v1-7Hugh Thomson
28th AM God's Global SovereigntyIsaiahIsaiah 10v5-34Hugh Thomson
May 2010
30th AM Isaiah 25IsaiahHugh Thomson
June 2010
6th AM Isaiah 36-37IsaiahHugh Thomson
13th AM Isaiah 38-39IsaiahHugh Thomson
20th AM Isaiah 40IsaiahIsaiah 40Hugh Thomson
20th AM Isaiah 40Howard Jackson
27th AM Isaiah 42v1-9IsaiahHugh Thomson
July 2010
4th AM Isaiah 44v6-45v8IsaiahHugh Thomson
April 2011
17th PM Isaiah 35One OffRichard Iley
May 2011
8th AM A Polished ArrowIsaiahIsaiah 49v1-13Hugh Thomson
15th AM A Wake-Up CallIsaiahIsaiah 51v9-52v10Hugh Thomson
29th AM Man of SorrowsIsaiahIsaiah 52v13 - 53v12Hugh Thomson
June 2011
5th AM The Gospel InvitationIsaiahIsaiah 55Hugh Thomson
12th AM The Year of the Lord's FavourIsaiahIsaiah 61Hugh Thomson
19th AM Two Ways to LiveIsaiahIsaiah 65Hugh Thomson
26th AM The Arrival of the EndIsaiahIsaiah 66Hugh Thomson
July 2011
10th PM I Will Be With YouThis We KnowIsaiah 43v2Howard Jackson
August 2014
17th AM Is God really good?Attributes of GodIsaiah 6v1 - 7Adam Cooper
August 2016
7th AM Go and tell - our glorious mission for our glorious KingOne OffIsaiah 6:1 - 13John Stevens
November 2016
27th AM Immanuel – God with usAdvent Series 2016Isaiah 7:1-17Neil Powell
December 2016
4th AM Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty GodAdvent Series 2016Isaiah 9:1-7Hugh Thomson
11th AM The Spirit of the Lord will rest on himAdvent Series 2016Isaiah 11:1-9Jonathan Gregory
April 2017
9th AM Palm Sunday morningOne-offIsaiah 52:13 - 53:12Hugh Thomson
September 2018
15th AM Nick TuckerSession 2Psalms 139, Isaiah 40, Luke 2Nick Tucker