September 2007
23rd PM Before the Big BangGenesisGenesis 1v1Neil Powell
30th PM Intelligent Design?GenesisGenesis 2v2-23Neil Powell
October 2007
7th PM Dawkins DilemmaGenesisGenesis 1v24-25Neil Powell
14th PM Who Are We?GenesisGenesis 1v26-27John Stevens
21st PM Why Are We Here?GenesisGenesis 1v28-31John Stevens
28th PM Where Are We Going?GenesisGenesis 2v1-3John Stevens
November 2007
4th PM What a Wonderful WorldGenesisGenesis 2v4-17Neil Powell
11th PM Made for Each Other1 PeterGenesis 2v18-25Neil Powell
18th PM Safe Sex? Creation and SexualityGenesisGenesis 2v18-25Neil Powell
25th PM Paradise LostGenesisGenesis 3v1-7Hugh Thomson
December 2007
2nd PM Why is the World the Way it is?GenesisGenesis 3v8-19Hugh Thomson
9th PM Paradise Restored?GenesisGenesis 3v20-24Hugh Thomson
April 2009
19th PM Genesis 37v1-26Life of JosephNeil Powell
26th PM Genesis 39v1-21Life of JosephNeil Powell
May 2009
3rd PM Genesis 39v21-40v23Life of JosephHugh Thomson
10th PM Genesis 41v1-57Life of JosephHugh Thomson
24th PM Genesis 42v1-38Life of JosephJohn Stevens
31st PM Genesis 43v1-45v28Life of JosephJohn Taylor
June 2009
7th PM Genesis 44v1-47v31Life of JosephJohn Stevens
14th PM Genesis 48v1-49v28Life of JosephHugh Thomson
21st PM Genesis 49v29-50v26Life of JosephHugh Thomson
April 2015
26th PM Believing the unbelievableAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 11v27 - 12v20Hugh Thomson
May 2015
3rd PM Choices have consequencesAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 13 & 14Hugh Thomson
17th PM Our covenant GodAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 15Neil Powell
24th PM Belonging to the covenantAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 16 & 17Hugh Thomson
31st PM The justice of GodAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 18Hugh Thomson
June 2015
7th PM Judgement and MercyAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 19Hugh Thomson
14th PM Will God keep his promises?Abraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 20Hugh Thomson
21st PM God does keep his promisesAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 21Hugh Thomson
July 2015
5th PM Unconditional obedienceAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 22Hugh Thomson
September 2015
20th PM In the beginningGenesis: In the beginningGenesis 1v1Neil Powell
27th PM Life on planet EarthGenesis: In the beginningGenesis 1v2-25Neil Powell
October 2015
4th PM What kind of God would make a world like this?Genesis: In the beginningGenesis 1v2-25Neil Powell
11th PM On Being HumanGenesis: In the beginningGenesis 1v26-30Neil Powell
18th PM What on earth are we doing here?Genesis: In the beginningGenesis 1v26-30Neil Powell
25th PM I've started so I'll finishGenesis: In the beginningGenesis 1v31-2v3Neil Powell
November 2015
1st PM True freedomGenesis: In the beginningGenesis 2v4-17Neil Powell
8th PM Made for each otherGenesis: In the beginningGenesis 2v18-25Neil Powell
15th PM Not the way it's supposed to be - what went wrong?Genesis: In the beginningGenesis 3v1-6Neil Powell
22nd PM At a loss to explain ourselvesGenesis: In the beginningGenesis 3v7-13Neil Powell
29th PM It's not supposed to end this wayGenesis: In the beginningGenesis 3v14-24Neil Powell
December 2015
6th PM Genesis: pulling it all togetherGenesis: In the beginningGenesis 1v1-2, Genesis 1v27-28, Genesis 3v1-7Jonathan Gregory
September 2017
15th PM False FaithWeekend Away 2017Genesis 3:1-7Graham Beynon
May 2019
12th PM As we serve the world: God's call of Abraham, an example for us allServe The World SundayGenesis 11:27-12:9Joseph Steinberg