1 Peter

September 2007
30th AM 1 Peter 1v13-2v21 PeterHugh Thomson
October 2007
7th AM 1 Peter 2v4-121 PeterHugh Thomson
14th AM 1 Peter 2v13-171 PeterJohn Stevens
21st AM Second Life? The Quest to do Life Better1 Peter1 Peter 2v22-24Neil Powell
November 2007
4th AM 1 Peter 2v18-251 PeterJohn Stevens
11th AM 1 Peter 3v1-71 PeterJohn Stevens
18th AM 1 Peter 3v8-161 PeterHugh Thomson
25th AM 1 Peter 3v17-4v61 PeterHugh Thomson
December 2007
2nd AM 1 Peter 4v7-191 PeterHugh Thomson
9th AM 1 Peter 5v1-131 PeterNeil Powell
February 2011
27th AM Mission in the Modern WorldWorld Mission Day 20111 Peter 1v1-16Lindsay Brown
July 2011
3rd AM 1 Peter 5v13One OffPatrick Sookdheo
November 2012
4th PM FIEC 90th Anniversary Celebration John Stevens
April 2013
7th AM 1 Peter 1v22 - 2v10Neil Powell
January 2016
16th PM Session 3: The Mission of ChurchFamily Matters: why bother with church?1 Peter 2v4-12Phil Allcock
February 2016
21st AM Evangelising7 signs of a healthy church1 Peter 2v4-12Neil Powell
May 2017
21st AM Submitting to authority in the workplaceServant of all : submitting to God given authorityDaniel 1, Ephesians 6:1-9Neil Powell
28th AM Being happy away from home.Living away from home1 Peter 1:1-12Jonathan Gregory
June 2017
4th AM Living with our future home in mindLiving away from home1 Peter 1:13 - 2:3Jonathan Gregory
11th AM Declaring God's praises away from homeLiving away from home1 Peter 2:4-10Jonathan Gregory
18th AM Submitting to authorities away from homeLiving away from home1 Peter 2:11 - 3:13Jonathan Gregory
25th AM Suffering for doing good away from homeLiving away from home1 Peter 3:13 - 4:11Jonathan Gregory
July 2017
2nd AM Standing firm as we hope for homeLiving away from home1 Peter 4:12 - 5:14Jonathan Gregory