Neil Powell

June 2010
13th PM The Miracle-MakerElisha - A Man Like Jesus2 Kings 4Neil Powell
20th PM The God Of All PeoplesElisha - A Man Like Jesus2 Kings 5Neil Powell
27th PM Chariots of Fire: The ReturnElisha - A Man Like Jesus2 Kings 6-7Neil Powell
July 2010
4th PM A Prophet of DoomElisha - A Man Like Jesus2 Kings 8Neil Powell
18th AM Psalm 2PsalmsNeil Powell
August 2010
15th AM Psalm 73PsalmsNeil Powell
15th PM Our Labour is Not in VainThis We Know: God's Precious Promises1 Corinthians 15v58Neil Powell
29th PM He Who Believes in Me Will LiveThis We Know: God's Precious PromisesJohn 11v25Neil Powell
September 2010
19th PM The Final WordHebrewsHebrews 1v1-4Neil Powell
26th PM Don't Drift Away!HebrewsHebrews 1v1-2v4Neil Powell
October 2010
3rd PM Band of BrothersHebrewsHebrews 2v5-18Neil Powell
10th PM Hold on TightHebrewsHebrews 3v1-4v13Neil Powell
17th PM Find Help in our Time of NeedHebrewsHebrews 4v14-5v10Neil Powell
31st PM Mel Who?HebrewsHebrews 6v13-7v28Neil Powell
November 2010
7th PM A Better CovenantHebrewsHebrews 8Neil Powell
14th PM Losing My ReligionHebrewsHebrews 9v1-10v18Neil Powell
21st PM Keep Going As A ChristianHebrewsHebrews 10v19-39Neil Powell
28th AM Matthew 1v1-17MatthewNeil Powell
December 2010
5th AM Matthew 1v18-25MatthewMatthew 1v18-25Neil Powell
12th AM Matthew 2v1-23MatthewNeil Powell
January 2011
16th AM The King Has ComeMatthewMatthew 3v1-17Neil Powell
23rd AM Clash Of The KingdomsMatthewMatthew 4v1-25Neil Powell
23rd PM The Opportunities Of WorkWorkDaniel 1v1-25; Matthew 5v13-16Neil Powell
30th AM The Values Of The KingdomMatthewMatthew 5v1-16Neil Powell
February 2011
6th AM The Demands Of The KingMatthewMatthew 5v17-48Neil Powell
6th PM Ambition and WorkWorkPhillipians 3v4-14Neil Powell
13th AM A Heart For The KingMatthewMatthew 6v1-18Neil Powell
20th AM How to Spend ItMatthewMatthew 6v19-24Neil Powell
March 2011
6th AM Life Under the KingMatthewMatthew 6v25-7v12Neil Powell
13th AM The Kingdom that DividesMatthewMatthew 7v13-29Neil Powell
April 2011
3rd AM The Call of the KingMatthewMatthew 9v1-10v4 Neil Powell
May 2011
8th PM 1 Timothy 1v12-201 TimothyNeil Powell
15th PM 1 Timothy 21 TimothyNeil Powell
22nd PM 1 Timothy 31 TimothyNeil Powell
June 2011
5th PM 1 Timothy 5v3-161 TimothyNeil Powell
12th PM 1 Timothy 5v17-6v21 TimothyNeil Powell
19th PM 1 Timothy 6v3-101 TimothyNeil Powell
26th PM 1 Timothy 6v11-211 TimothyNeil Powell
July 2011
17th AM Praying for JusticePrayerPsalm 137Neil Powell
September 2011
18th PM The Greatest Story Ever ToldExodusExodus 1-18Neil Powell
25th PM Cry FreedomExodusExodus 1v1-2v2Neil Powell
October 2011
2nd PM Prince of EgyptExodusExodus 2v1-25Neil Powell
9th PM BraveheartExodusExodus 3v1-4v17Neil Powell
16th PM No Country for Old MenExodusExodus 4v18 - 5v21Neil Powell
23rd PM The King's SpeechExodusExodus 5v22-7v7Neil Powell
30th PM War of the WorldsExodusExodus 7v8-8v19Neil Powell
November 2011
6th PM Escape to VictoryExodusExodus 8v20-10v29Neil Powell
13th PM There will be BloodExodusExodus 11v1-12v51Neil Powell
20th PM A Night to RememberExodusExodus 13v1-16Neil Powell
27th PM The Great EscapeExodusExodus 13v17-15v21Neil Powell
December 2011
4th PM Into the wildernessSovereigntyExodus 15:22-17:7Neil Powell
4th PM Into the wildernessExodusExodus 15v22-17v7Neil Powell
11th PM The Good, the Bad and the UglyExodusExodus 17v8-19v1Neil Powell
18th PM Carols By Candlelight (Blue Coat School Chapel)TBANeil Powell
January 2012
8th AM Eyes Wide Shut?MatthewMatthew 11v1-30Neil Powell
15th AM Lord of the SabbathMatthewMatthew 12v1-21Neil Powell
22nd AM Lord of the Flies?MatthewMatthew 12v22-50Neil Powell
29th AM If God is there why doesn't he make himself more obvious?MatthewMatthew 13v1-53Neil Powell
February 2012
5th AM The Prince or a PauperMatthewMatthew 13v54-14v36Neil Powell
12th AM A World After ReligionMatthewMatthew 15v1-39Neil Powell
March 2012
11th PM Ministry and Mission Gift DayMission & Ministry Gift Day 20122 Corinthians 8v1-15Neil Powell
18th AM The School of DiscipleshipMatthewMatthew 17v24-19v12Neil Powell
25th AM Beating the Credit Crunch - Lessons from Jesus on all things moneyMatthewMatthew 19v13-30Neil Powell
April 2012
1st AM God that's not fair - Does Christianity fly in the face of justice?MatthewMatthew 20v1-21v11Neil Powell
8th AM If a Man Dies, Will He Live Again?One OffJob 14v1-17Neil Powell
22nd PM Blueprint: God's Design for Life - An Introduction to the 10 CommandmentsBlueprint: God's Design for Life - Living the 10 CommandmentsExodus 20Neil Powell
29th PM 1st Commandment - Who Comes First?Blueprint: God's Design for Life - Living the 10 CommandmentsNeil Powell
May 2012
6th PM 2nd Commandment - True WorshipBlueprint: God's Design for Life - Living the 10 CommandmentsNeil Powell
13th PM 3rd Commandment - Are you serious?Blueprint: God's Design for Life - Living the 10 CommandmentsNeil Powell
20th PM 4th Commandment - Taking my timeBlueprint: God's Design for Life - Living the 10 CommandmentsNeil Powell
27th PM 5th Commandment - Honouring our ParentsBlueprint: God's Design for Life - Living the 10 CommandmentsNeil Powell
June 2012
3rd PM 6th Commandment - Live and Let LiveBlueprint: God's Design for Life - Living the 10 CommandmentsNeil Powell
10th PM 7th Commandment - God in a Sex-Mad WorldBlueprint: God's Design for Life - Living the 10 CommandmentsNeil Powell
17th PM 8th Commandment - What's God's is mine and what's mine is...?Blueprint: God's Design for Life - Living the 10 CommandmentsNeil Powell
24th PM 9th Commandment - The Truth, the Whole Truth and...?Blueprint: God's Design for Life - Living the 10 CommandmentsNeil Powell
July 2012
1st PM 10th Commandment - Finding ContentmentBlueprint: God's Design for Life - Living the 10 CommandmentsNeil Powell
8th AM Hold on by making sense of your sufferingHolding on to the end2 Thessalonians 1v1-12Neil Powell
22nd AM Hold on to the truth and don't be deceived!2 Thessalonians2 Thessalonians 2v1-17Neil Powell
22nd AM Hold to the truth and don't be deceived!Holding on to the end2 Thessalonians 2v1-12Neil Powell
29th AM Hold on together till the endHolding on to the end2 Thessalonians 3v1-18Neil Powell
September 2012
9th AM Romans 3 - What it takes to be right with GodNeil Powell
9th AM In the right with God? - Romans 3v21 - 4v8Neil Powell
16th PM Philippians 1v1-11PhilippiansNeil Powell
23rd PM Philippians 1v12-18aPhilippiansNeil Powell
30th PM Philippians 1v18b-26PhilippiansNeil Powell
October 2012
7th PM Philippians 1v27-30PhilippiansNeil Powell
14th PM Philippians 2v1-11PhilippiansNeil Powell
21st PM Philippians 2v12-18PhilippiansNeil Powell
28th PM Philippians 2v19-30PhilippiansNeil Powell
November 2012
11th PM Philippians 3v1-11PhilippiansNeil Powell
18th PM Philippians 3v12-16PhilippiansNeil Powell
25th PM Philippians 3v17-4v3PhilippiansNeil Powell
December 2012
2nd PM Philippians 4v4-9PhilippiansNeil Powell
9th PM Philippians 4v10-23PhilippiansNeil Powell
16th AM Luke 1 v26 - 38LukeNeil Powell
January 2013
13th AM Matthew 21v1 - 32MatthewNeil Powell
20th AM Matthew 21v33 - 46MatthewNeil Powell
27th AM Matthew 22MatthewNeil Powell
February 2013
3rd AM Matthew 23MatthewNeil Powell
24th AM Matthew 25 v1 - 46MatthewNeil Powell