September 2009
20th PM Revelation OverviewRevelationHugh Thomson
27th PM The Revelation of Jesus ChristRevelationRevelation 1Hugh Thomson
October 2009
4th PM What Does Jesus Think of the Church?RevelationRevelation 2-3Hugh Thomson
11th PM Praising Jesus in GloryRevelationRevelation 4-5Hugh Thomson
18th PM Waiting for the Completion of the ChurchRevelationRevelation 6-7Hugh Thomson
25th PM Witnessing in a Hostile WorldRevelationRevelation 8-11Hugh Thomson
November 2009
8th PM The Downfall of SatanRevelationRevelation 12Hugh Thomson
15th PM Persecution: Political and ReligiousRevelationRevelation 13Hugh Thomson
22nd PM Judgement of God's EnemiesRevelationRevelation 14-16Hugh Thomson
29th PM Judgement and VindicationRevelationRevelation 17-19Hugh Thomson
December 2009
6th PM The Final ReckoningRevelationRevelation 20Hugh Thomson
13th PM A New Heaven and a New EarthRevelationRevelation 21-22Hugh Thomson
November 2010
21st AM Serve The CityOne OffRevelation 3v7-13Paul Mallard
July 2011
17th PM I Will Give You the Crown of LifeThis We KnowRevelation2v10bBarnaby Pain
September 2011
11th AM Revelation 2v8-11One OffPaul Mallard
July 2012
15th AM Revelation 12One OffHugh Thomson
January 2016
10th AM Q2: God, why did you create a world with so much misery?If you could ask God one question...Revelation 21 : 1 - 5Neil Powell
24th AM Worshipping7 signs of a healthy churchRomans 12v1-2, Revelation 4v1-11Neil Powell
September 2018
9th AM What does Jesus think of the church?Jesus Wins!Revelation 2 - 3Hugh Thomson
16th AM Creation and RedemptionJesus Wins!Revelation 4 & 5Hugh Thomson
23rd PM Holding on through sufferingJesus Wins!Revelation 6-7Hugh Thomson
30th AM Witnessing for JesusJesus Wins!Revelation 8-11Hugh Thomson
October 2018
7th AM The end of evil?Jesus Wins!Revelation 12:1-12Hugh Thomson
November 2018
25th AM One glorious future: Every tribe, nation and tonguePositively different - Our unity in diversityRevelation 7:9-12Neil Powell
April 2019
28th AM Satan's downfallJesus Wins!Revelation12Hugh Thomson
May 2019
5th AM The unholy trinityJesus Wins!Rev 13Hugh Thomson
26th AM Salvation and condemnationJesus Wins!Revelation 14-16Hugh Thomson
June 2019
2nd AM The fall of babylonJesus Wins!Revelation 17-19Hugh Thomson
9th AM Final JudgementJesus Wins!Revelation 20Hugh Thomson
16th AM The new creationJesus Wins!Rev 21 - 22Hugh Thomson