September 2011
18th PM The Greatest Story Ever ToldExodusExodus 1-18Neil Powell
25th PM Cry FreedomExodusExodus 1v1-2v2Neil Powell
October 2011
2nd PM Prince of EgyptExodusExodus 2v1-25Neil Powell
9th PM BraveheartExodusExodus 3v1-4v17Neil Powell
16th PM No Country for Old MenExodusExodus 4v18 - 5v21Neil Powell
23rd PM The King's SpeechExodusExodus 5v22-7v7Neil Powell
30th PM War of the WorldsExodusExodus 7v8-8v19Neil Powell
November 2011
6th PM Escape to VictoryExodusExodus 8v20-10v29Neil Powell
13th PM There will be BloodExodusExodus 11v1-12v51Neil Powell
20th PM A Night to RememberExodusExodus 13v1-16Neil Powell
27th PM The Great EscapeExodusExodus 13v17-15v21Neil Powell
December 2011
4th PM Into the wildernessSovereigntyExodus 15:22-17:7Neil Powell
4th PM Into the wildernessExodusExodus 15v22-17v7Neil Powell
11th PM The Good, the Bad and the UglyExodusExodus 17v8-19v1Neil Powell
April 2012
22nd PM Blueprint: God's Design for Life - An Introduction to the 10 CommandmentsBlueprint: God's Design for Life - Living the 10 CommandmentsExodus 20Neil Powell
May 2012
6th PM 2nd Commandment - True WorshipBlueprint: God's Design for Life - Living the 10 CommandmentsNeil Powell
20th PM 4th Commandment - Taking my timeBlueprint: God's Design for Life - Living the 10 CommandmentsNeil Powell
May 2014
4th PM Exodus : Overview of Ch 1 - 20ExodusExodus 6v1 - 6 & 19v1 - 8Neil Powell
11th PM Learning to live as God's peopleExodusExodus 20 - 24v11Neil Powell
18th PM All that it takes for God to live with usExodusExodus 24v12 - 27v19Neil Powell
25th PM The one who makes it possible for us to live with GodExodusExodus 27v20 - 30v10Neil Powell
June 2014
1st PM Sin - the relationship threatenedExodusExodus 32v1 - 35Neil Powell
8th PM Jesus - the relationship protectedExodusExodus 33v1 - 23Neil Powell
15th PM Grace - the relationship restoredExodusExodus 34v1 - 35Neil Powell
22nd PM The relationship perfectedExodusExodus 35 - 40Neil Powell
29th AM Is God Jekyll and Hyde?Attributes of GodExodus 34v1 - 7Jonathan Gregory
July 2014
20th AM Does God have a body?Attributes of GodExodus 20v4 - 6Tom Martin
August 2014
24th AM God is jealous! Really?Attributes of GodExodus 34v14John Walley
May 2018
20th PM Praying confidentlyTeach us to prayExodus 32:1-14, Hebrews 4:14-16Craig Summers