Annual Giving Review

annual giving review 2022



Our annual giving review is an opportunity for us to reflect together on God’s goodness to us, and to review our giving so that we might together continue to share in providing for the mission and ministry of City Church.

As we set the budget for the forthcoming financial year we would love to remain committed to all our mission and ministry objectives, and in order to do that we are prayerfully seeking an additional £48,000.

Please will you prayerfully consider your part in helping us meet the shortfall. Do bear in mind that one off gifts allow us to meet the particular need of any single given year, whilst a regular commitment to give or increase your giving has a significant impact year on year.

Please also remember that our giving is a Spirit wrought work of God, and is all for Him and his glory. We offer ourselves to God, and our giving is part of our worship. This means absolutely everyone can join in the annual giving review. The size or frequency of the gift does not matter, because we all share together in the ministry God has given us.

how to join in


Seek the Lord and his leading in this area of your discipleship


Consider your giving and how you might play your part in this way


Let us know your response by completing our 5 minute online response form.

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To start giving and to find out more about how to give to City Church, head to our giving page.

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thank you!