5 July 2020 - City Church Service

5 Jul 2020

Welcome to city church!


This Sunday, City Church is meeting online. Thanks for joining us!

We think it's so important as God's people to keep meeting together in whatever way we can! We need to be teaching, encouraging, comforting and spurring each other on to live for Jesus in testing and unpredictable times.

Virtual Tea and Coffee will be before the service from 10:20am to 10:40am. You can access virtual Tea and Coffee through a link sent out by email or by direct messaging on City Church's social media accounts. We hope to see you there!

After Tea and Coffee, please join us for our service as we worship, pray, and learn about Jesus and how we are to be encouraged by his sacrifice and resurrection during this time. Let us keep our eyes on the great hope we have!

Afterwards, at 11:40am, we will continue to spend time together in our home groups or StudentPlus groups to talk through what we have been thinking about and to pray with one another.

Please find the Sunday Music playlist here.

If you would prefer to use a YouTube playlist for the service, please click here. 

Welcome to City Church this morning:

Song - king of kings

Kids' talk:

Kids' song - god's people in god's place


church family greetings: Introducing John James

Interview with John James:


scripture reading - Joshua 2:1-16//Hebrews 11:31


Song - by faith


Discussion Questions

Hope to see you all next week!

Bible Reference: 
Joshua 2:1-16//Hebrews 11:31