June 2013
Date Title Listen
2nd AM Titus 2v1 - 3v2TitusJonathan Gregory
May 2013
Date Title Listen
26th PM Embracing your weakness, discovering your strengthPerfected in weakness - discovering that your weakness is your strengthNeil Powell
26th AM Titus 1v5 - 16TitusHugh Thomson
19th PM Joshua 24 : We will serve the LordJoshuaHugh Thomson
19th AM Titus 1v1 - 4TitusHugh Thomson
12th PM Joshua 23 : Will God's people be faithful?JoshuaHugh Thomson
12th AM 2 Peter 3v11 - 182 PeterJonathan Gregory
5th PM Joshua 22 : Will God's people be united?JoshuaHugh Thomson
5th AM 2 Peter 3v1 - 102 PeterJonathan Gregory
April 2013
Date Title Listen
28th PM Joshua 9v1 - 10v28 : God is faithful to his covenantJoshuaHugh Thomson
21st PM Joshua 8 : God always winsJoshuaHugh Thomson
21st AM 2 Peter 1v12 - 212 PeterJonathan Gregory
14th PM Joshua 7 : Deal radically with sinJoshuaHugh Thomson
14th AM 2 Peter 1v1 - 112 PeterJonathan Gregory
7th PM 1 Corinthians 15v1 - 20 "These are the facts..."One OffHoward Jackson
7th AM 1 Peter 1v22 - 2v10Neil Powell
March 2013
Date Title Listen
31st AM Matthew 28MatthewNeil Powell
24th PM Joshua 5v13 - 6v27 : Do things God's wayJoshuaHugh Thomson
24th AM Matthew 26v31 - 75MatthewNeil Powell
17th PM Joshua 5v1 - 12 ; God's purposes are unstoppableJoshuaHugh Thomson
17th AM Matthew 26v1-30Neil Powell
10th PM Joshua 3v1 - 4v24 : Don't forget what God has doneJoshuaHugh Thomson
10th AM A Look InsidePeter Teagle
3rd PM MMGD Evening ServiceMission & Ministry Gift Day 2013Hugh Thomson
3rd AM MMGD Morning ServiceMission & Ministry Gift Day 2013Neil Powell
February 2013
Date Title Listen
24th PM Joshua 2 : Stake your life on God's promisesHugh Thomson
24th AM Matthew 25 v1 - 46MatthewNeil Powell
17th PM Joshua 1 : God always delivers on his promisesJoshuaHugh Thomson
17th AM Matthew 24v1 - 51MatthewHugh Thomson
10th AM World Mission SundayHugh Thomson
3rd PM Behold our God! God is not impulsiveBehold our God!Jonathan Gregory
3rd AM Matthew 23MatthewNeil Powell
January 2013
Date Title Listen
27th PM Behold our God! God does not changeBehold our God!Jonathan Gregory
27th AM Matthew 22MatthewNeil Powell
20th PM Behold our God! God can do anythingBehold our God!Jonathan Gregory
20th AM Matthew 21v33 - 46MatthewNeil Powell
13th PM Behold our God! God knows everythingBehold our God!Jonathan Gregory
13th AM Matthew 21v1 - 32MatthewNeil Powell
6th PM PhilemonPhilemonRichard Iley
6th AM New Year, New Beginnings - Colossians 3v1-11One OffJohn Rochfort
December 2012
Date Title Listen
30th AM Luke 2 v21 - 40LukeTim Hay
23rd AM Luke 1 v39 - 56LukeDan Cottle
16th AM Luke 1 v26 - 38LukeNeil Powell
9th PM Philippians 4v10-23PhilippiansNeil Powell
9th AM Luke 1v1 - 25LukeJonathan Gregory
2nd PM Philippians 4v4-9PhilippiansNeil Powell
2nd AM James 5v13-20JamesHugh Thomson
November 2012
Date Title Listen
25th PM Philippians 3v17-4v3PhilippiansNeil Powell
25th AM James 5v1-12JamesHugh Thomson
18th PM Philippians 3v12-16PhilippiansNeil Powell