April 2011
Date Title Listen
3rd AM The Call of the KingMatthewMatthew 9v1-10v4 Neil Powell
March 2011
Date Title Listen
27th PM God's Awesome Presence1 Kings1 Kings 8Hugh Thomson
27th AM The Kingdom ExtendsMatthewMatthew 8v1-34John Taylor
20th PM Belief in the Face of Evidence: is Christianity Blind to all SufferingOne OffMark 15v16-40Steve Baraniak
20th AM God: Myth, Mystery or Known RealityInternational Student ServiceActs 17v16-34Peter Teagle
13th PM Approaching a Holy God1 Kings1 Kings 5-7Hugh Thomson
13th AM The Kingdom that DividesMatthewMatthew 7v13-29Neil Powell
6th PM God's Wisdom for the King1 Kings1 Kings 3 & 4Hugh Thomson
6th AM Life Under the KingMatthewMatthew 6v25-7v12Neil Powell
February 2011
Date Title Listen
27th PM The People God UsesWorld Mission Day 20112 Timothy 2v1-7Lindsay Brown
27th AM Mission in the Modern WorldWorld Mission Day 20111 Peter 1v1-16Lindsay Brown
20th PM God's Enemies Destroyed1 Kings1 Kings 2v1-46Hugh Thomson
20th AM How to Spend ItMatthewMatthew 6v19-24Neil Powell
13th PM God's Anointed King1 Kings1 Kings 1v1-53 Hugh Thomson
13th AM A Heart For The KingMatthewMatthew 6v1-18Neil Powell
6th PM Ambition and WorkWorkPhillipians 3v4-14Neil Powell
6th AM The Demands Of The KingMatthewMatthew 5v17-48Neil Powell
January 2011
Date Title Listen
30th AM The Values Of The KingdomMatthewMatthew 5v1-16Neil Powell
23rd PM The Opportunities Of WorkWorkDaniel 1v1-25; Matthew 5v13-16Neil Powell
23rd AM Clash Of The KingdomsMatthewMatthew 4v1-25Neil Powell
16th PM The Difficulty Of WorkWorkEphesians 6v5-8John Stevens
16th AM The King Has ComeMatthewMatthew 3v1-17Neil Powell
9th PM The Dignity Of WorkWork2 Thessalonians 3v6-15; 1 Timothy 5v11-15; Genesis 1v26-28; Genesis 3v16-19; Philippians 4v11-13John Stevens
9th AM More Blessed To Give Than To ReceiveOne OffActs 20v17-38Trevor Archer
2nd PM Philippians 3v14-4v1One OffHugh Thomson
2nd AM Children of the LightOne Off1 Thessalonians 5v1-11Giles Coghlan
December 2010
Date Title Listen
12th PM Life TogetherHebrewsHebrews 13Hugh Thomson
12th AM Matthew 2v1-23MatthewNeil Powell
5th PM Going The DistanceHebrewsHebrews 12Hugh Thomson
5th AM Matthew 1v18-25One OffJohn Stevens
5th AM Matthew 1v18-25MatthewMatthew 1v18-25Neil Powell
November 2010
Date Title Listen
28th PM Heroes Of The FaithHebrewsHebrews 11Hugh Thomson
28th AM Matthew 1v1-17MatthewNeil Powell
21st PM Keep Going As A ChristianHebrewsHebrews 10v19-39Neil Powell
21st AM Serve The CityOne OffRevelation 3v7-13Paul Mallard
21st AM Serve The CityAndrew Evans
14th PM Losing My ReligionHebrewsHebrews 9v1-10v18Neil Powell
14th AM Life In The Christian CommunityGalatiansGalatians 5v26-6v18Hugh Thomson
7th PM A Better CovenantHebrewsHebrews 8Neil Powell
7th AM Life In The SpiritGalatiansGalatians 5v13-25Hugh Thomson
October 2010
Date Title Listen
31st PM Mel Who?HebrewsHebrews 6v13-7v28Neil Powell
31st AM Children of PromiseGalatiansGalatians 4v21-5v12Hugh Thomson
24th PM Confident of Better ThingsHebrewsHebrews 5v11-6v12Hugh Thomson
24th AM Not Slaves But SonsGalatiansGalatians 3v26-4v20Hugh Thomson
17th PM Find Help in our Time of NeedHebrewsHebrews 4v14-5v10Neil Powell
17th AM The Purpose of the LawGalatiansGalatians 3v15-25Hugh Thomson
10th PM Hold on TightHebrewsHebrews 3v1-4v13Neil Powell
10th AM The Promise of the SpiritGalatiansGalatians 3v1-14Hugh Thomson
3rd PM Band of BrothersHebrewsHebrews 2v5-18Neil Powell
3rd AM Righteous By Faith AloneGalatiansGalatians 2v11-21Hugh Thomson