Ministry Trainee Scheme

The Ministry Trainee Scheme is a one or two year full-time training programme aimed at equipping women and men for future gospel ministry.  Our training scheme comprises of ministry experience, practical skills and training and runs from September to July.

We’re looking to recruit for 2017-18.

If you’re interested then you can find out more by downloading MT information and an application form.

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Alternatively contact Jonathan Gregory on

The deadline for applications is Friday 11th November 2016.

Introduction to the church

City Church is committed to the task of glorifying God and taking the good news of Jesus Christ to the world.  We believe that God’s word changes lives and therefore put the teaching of the Bible at the heart of our ministry.

We have been meeting in Edgbaston, about a mile from the city centre since September 1999.  We are affiliated to the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, a network linking over 500 churches in the UK.

We are grateful to God for blessing City Church and not least in the growing numbers attending the church.  We attract approximately 200 people to our 10.30am service with around 150 to our 6pm service.  About a third of our congregation are British undergraduates from the five universities in Birmingham and we also have a busy International Student work.  In September 2004 we introduced StudentPlus, a meeting for students, after the evening service.  This has changed shape over the last few years but now involves a mixture of testimony slots, prayer and a 35 minute Bible study in smaller groups, Q&A sessions and food afterwards.

Our ministry trainee scheme started in September 2001 and offers a one or two year programme designed for recent graduates.  Many of our trainees have completed the scheme on graduation although some have preferred to apply after working in other jobs first.

There are usually between four and five ministry trainees each year which makes for a good team atmosphere. The trainees, along with the staff team, are based in an office near the location of the school. The office provides a working environment through the week for staff.


As a team, the trainees meet with some of the staff several times a week to pray together for each other and the ministry.  Over the course of a year trainees read and review at least three Christian books and there is also an opportunity during the summer to undertake a supervised summer study project through which apprentices can look at an issue or subject of their choice whilst getting direction and advice from a member of the staff team.

As part of their training our apprentices complete the Midlands Ministry Training Course one day a week.  The course is located a very short distance from the office.  The course provides an opportunity to develop Bible-handling skills as well as the skills necessary to teach it to others.  As part of the MMTC there is an opportunity to give talks or lead Bible Studies and receive feedback and advice.

In addition to MMTC apprentices also attend two conferences in the course of the year: 9:38 Apprentices in January and Living Leadership in September.

MT’s also attend the weekly staff team meeting where there is an opportunity to reflect on services and meetings of the church as well as pray for individuals and events.


Perhaps the smallest component of the scheme is practical service but without the efforts of our trainees the church would not be able to function. Each week trainees help out at a crèche for the mums’ mid-week group and they also carry out a number of practical jobs in the office such as photocopying, website updates, producing audio resources and administration for church events.  In total, the practical service element of our scheme does not add up to more than eight hours in a normal week.  Meeting in a school on Sundays does mean quite a lot of practical work and it can feel like a long day, without the trainees we really wouldn’t be able to do it. It does mean that as a general rule they will be first in and last out on a Sunday.

Ministry opportunity at City comes mostly in the form of Student work although there is some opportunity to help out at a weekly youth group, on a Christianity Explored course or at an International Student Bible study for Christians and seekers.  Alongside the weekly Studentplus meeting our trainees are expected to meet three times a week with either individual students or small groups to study and learn together.  Some of the time trainees work in pairs or with another member of the staff team so that ministry can be a shared experience and trainees can receive advice and evaluation.

Additionally, trainees help organise our student weekend away and a summer term girls/guys getaways.  Where possible we also aim to involve apprentices in a local University mission week.


Trainees meet each week with a mentor usually to read the Bible together or a Christian book; reflect on how life and ministry is going and to pray together.  Apprentices find this part of their week invaluable, as it provides an opportunity to reflect on their experiences and understanding of ministry and the encouragements and challenges it raises for their own personal walk with Christ. It also helps them think through how the training scheme is preparing them for a lifetime of service to Christ and his church, as well as providing opportunities for a trainee to discover, articulate, and then work through how their own personality, character and gifting shape them as individuals.  Learning more about ourselves and our strengths and weaknesses can be challenging and unsettling at times but coupled with humility and a desire for godliness can be a real growing experience.

Length of post

The ministry trainee position is initially for a minimum of 1 year and could be extended to 2 years if both the MT and the church staff agree that this would be a good thing.  The first year of the ministry trainee scheme is divided into roughly equal thirds: ministry (e.g. leading a Bible study group, reading the Bible one-to-one etc.), practical (e.g. printing and folding service sheets; setting up church on a Sunday morning etc.) and training (e.g. Midlands Ministry Training Course etc.).  Because the second year of the scheme is designed for those people who are considering set apart gospel ministry more seriously, the practical side is reduced so that 50% of the time is devoted to ministry, 33% to training and 17% practical.

Availability for 2017-18

We typically have four or five MTs in any given year and expect to have between 2-3 posts available for Year 1 Ministry trainees in 2017-18.  In particular we’re looking for a ministry trainee who is passionate about children’s and youth ministry and whose role with us can be focused in those areas.  The start date for the scheme is September 2017.  The total cost for one MT to serve for a year is around £8,500.  We would expect successful applicants to raise about £4,000 of that (trainees can raise support throughout their year with us – it doesn’t need to all be ready for when they start). The amount of money an MT receives each month from City remains the same and isn’t dependent on how their fundraising is going.  Finances and fundraising are discussed at interview, and support and advice are offered regarding raising this amount.

So who are we looking for?

The kinds of people we need are Christians who want to serve the gospel.

In particular:

  • People who have a commitment to the importance and centrality of God’s words in their own lives, and a desire to share and develop that in others.
  • A Christian humility that is shown in an eagerness to learn and willingness to wholeheartedly serve in a whole variety of different contexts.
  • A level of Christian maturity that would enable trainees to meet with and lead students in Bible study and manage basic pastoral issues.
  • The ability to work as part of the church staff team.

What now?

If you are interested in applying you may like to visit the church on a Sunday.  We would be happy to provide hospitality and even a bed for the night. If you would like to apply please fill in the attached application form by Friday 11th November 2016 and return in the enclosed envelope to:

Jonathan Gregory (MTS applications)
City Church Office
1 Greenfield Crescent
B15 3BE

Interviews will be conducted during November- January.

If you have further questions about our scheme contact
Jonathan Gregory on 07789 621619 or