October 2011
Date Title Listen
23rd AM Salvation is Found in No-one ElseActsActs 4v1-31Hugh Thomson
16th PM No Country for Old MenExodusExodus 4v18 - 5v21Neil Powell
16th AM Get A LifeActsActs 3Hugh Thomson
9th PM BraveheartExodusExodus 3v1-4v17Neil Powell
9th AM The New CommunityActsActs 2v42-47Hugh Thomson
2nd PM Prince of EgyptExodusExodus 2v1-25Neil Powell
2nd AM Pentecost ExplainedActsActs 2v14-41Hugh Thomson
September 2011
Date Title Listen
25th PM Cry FreedomExodusExodus 1v1-2v2Neil Powell
25th AM The Birth Day of the ChurchActsActs 2v1-13Hugh Thomson
18th PM The Greatest Story Ever ToldExodusExodus 1-18Neil Powell
18th AM You Shall Be My WitnessesActsActs 1v1-26Hugh Thomson
11th PM Psalm 89One OffHoward Jackson
11th AM Revelation 2v8-11One OffPaul Mallard
4th PM Faith or FaithlessnessOne OffNumbers 13Hugh Thomson
4th AM Questioning GodOne OffJob 40John Taylor
August 2011
Date Title Listen
7th AM Praying for the NationsPrayerPsalm 67Jonny Moore
July 2011
Date Title Listen
31st AM Praying with Thankfulness PrayerPsalm 118Hugh Thomson
24th AM Praying for ContentmentPrayerPsalm 73Hugh Thomson
17th PM I Will Give You the Crown of LifeThis We KnowRevelation2v10bBarnaby Pain
17th AM Praying for JusticePrayerPsalm 137Neil Powell
10th PM I Will Be With YouThis We KnowIsaiah 43v2Howard Jackson
10th AM Praying for ForgivenessPrayerPsalm 51Hugh Thomson
3rd PM We Shall Be Like HimThis We Know: God's Precious Promises1 John 3v2Howard Jackson
3rd PM We Shall Be Like HimThis We Know1 Corinthians 15v49John Rochfort
3rd AM 1 Peter 5v13One OffPatrick Sookdheo
June 2011
Date Title Listen
26th PM 1 Timothy 6v11-211 TimothyNeil Powell
26th AM The Arrival of the EndIsaiahIsaiah 66Hugh Thomson
19th PM 1 Timothy 6v3-101 TimothyNeil Powell
19th AM Two Ways to LiveIsaiahIsaiah 65Hugh Thomson
12th PM 1 Timothy 5v17-6v21 TimothyNeil Powell
12th AM The Year of the Lord's FavourIsaiahIsaiah 61Hugh Thomson
5th PM 1 Timothy 5v3-161 TimothyNeil Powell
5th AM The Gospel InvitationIsaiahIsaiah 55Hugh Thomson
May 2011
Date Title Listen
29th PM 1 Timothy 4v1-5v21 TimothyRalph Cunnington
29th AM Man of SorrowsIsaiahIsaiah 52v13 - 53v12Hugh Thomson
22nd PM 1 Timothy 31 TimothyNeil Powell
22nd AM Ephesians 4v1-6One OffDan Steel
15th PM 1 Timothy 21 TimothyNeil Powell
15th AM A Wake-Up CallIsaiahIsaiah 51v9-52v10Hugh Thomson
8th PM 1 Timothy 1v12-201 TimothyNeil Powell
8th AM A Polished ArrowIsaiahIsaiah 49v1-13Hugh Thomson
1st PM 1 Timothy 1v1-111 TimothySteve White
1st AM Psalm 1One OffPsalm 1Dan Cottle
1st AM Psalm 1PsalmsJohn Taylor
April 2011
Date Title Listen
24th AM 1 Corinthians 15v1-34One OffHugh Thomson
17th PM Isaiah 35One OffRichard Iley
17th AM Habakkuk 3One OffKenny Dubnik
10th PM A Big Disappointment1 Kings1 Kings 11Hugh Thomson
10th AM The King's CommissionMatthewMatthew 10v5-25Stephen Trump
3rd PM The Splendour of God's Kingdom1 Kings1 Kings 10Hugh Thomson