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April 2014
Date Title Speaker Listen
13th PM Hebrews 12v1 - 3 Richard Iley
13th AM Luke 23v1 - 25 Andy Weatherley
6th PM 1 Thessalonians 5v12 - 28 Hugh Thomson
6th AM Luke 22v39 - 62 Jonathan Gregory
March 2014
Date Title Speaker Listen
30th PM 1 Thessalonians 4v13 - 5v11 Hugh Thomson
30th AM Luke 22v24 - 38 Hugh Thomson
23rd PM 1 Thessalonians 4v1 - 12 Hugh Thomson
23rd AM International Student Service - Luke 15v11 - 32 Tim Gill
16th PM 1 Thessalonians 2v17 - 3v13 Hugh Thomson
16th AM Luke 22v1 - 23 Neil Powell
9th PM Ministry & Mission Gift Day (pm) : Luke 6v20 - 26 - Luke 6v20 - 26 Hugh Thomson
9th AM Ministry & Mission Gift Day (am) : Luke 16v1 - 15 - Luke 16v1 - 15 Jonathan Gregory
2nd PM World Mission Sunday (Evening Service) - Matthew 9v36 - 10v15 Graham Daniels
2nd AM World Mission Sunday (Morning Service) - Acts 2 Graham Daniels
February 2014
Date Title Speaker Listen
23rd PM 1 Thessalonians 2v7 - 16 Hugh Thomson
23rd AM What God can do through weak people. - 1 Samuel 17v1 - 54 Jonathan Gregory
16th PM 1 Thessalonians 2v1 - 6 Hugh Thomson
16th AM Marriage, Divorce & Singleness : Divorce 3 Neil Powell
9th PM 1 Thessalonians 1v1 - 10 Hugh Thomson
9th AM Marriage, Divorce & Singleness : Divorce 2 Neil Powell
2nd PM Science has disproved God right? Hugh Thomson
2nd AM Marriage, Divorce & Singleness : Divorce 1 Neil Powell
January 2014
Date Title Speaker Listen
26th PM How can you believe in God when there's so much suffering? Jonathan Gregory
26th AM Marriage, Divorce & Singleness : Marriage 3 John Benton
19th PM What to expect when we share the gospel? - Mark 4v1 - 23 Hugh Thomson
19th AM Marriage, Divorce & Singleness : Marriage 2 Neil Powell
12th PM Why share the gospel? - Luke 15v1 - 32 John Stevens
12th AM Marriage, Divorce & Singleness : Marriage 1 Neil Powell
5th PM What is the gospel? - Romans 3v21 - 26 Steve White
5th AM Isaiah 40 Howard Jackson
December 2013
Date Title Speaker Listen
29th AM Philippians 2:1 - 11 John Rochfort
25th AM Christmas Day 2013 Morning Talk : Colossians 1:15 - 23 Neil Powell
22nd PM A Christmas Meditation Dan Cottle
22nd AM 'A Christmas Carol' - Christmas Future Neil Powell
15th PM Carols By Candlelight Neil Powell
15th AM 'A Christmas Carol' - Christmas Present Hugh Thomson
8th PM 'Building a life that lasts' (Matt 7v24 - 29) Jonathan Gregory
8th AM 'A Christmas Carol' - Christmas Past Hugh Thomson
1st PM 'How to walk the path of success' (Matt 7v13 - 23) Jonathan Gregory
1st AM 'A Christmas Carol' : Introduction Neil Powell
November 2013
Date Title Speaker Listen
24th PM 'The blame game: finding fault with others' (Matt 7v1 -12) Jonathan Gregory
24th AM John 17v1 - 26 Hugh Thomson
17th PM 'How to be free from worry' (Matt 6v25 - 34) Jonathan Gregory
17th AM John 16v16 - 33 Hugh Thomson
10th PM 'How to be smart with your money' (Matt 6v19 - 24) Ralph Cunnington
10th AM 2 Corinthians 5v16 - 6v2 Andrew Heard
3rd PM 'Go on! Reward yourself!' (Matt 6v1 - 18) Jonathan Gregory
3rd AM John 16v4 - 15 Hugh Thomson
October 2013
Date Title Speaker Listen
27th PM 'Setting your goals for life' (Matt 5v38 - 48) Neil Powell
27th AM John 15v18 - 16v4 Hugh Thomson
20th PM 'How to be true to our word' (Matt 5v31 - 37) Neil Powell
20th AM John 15v1 - 17 Hugh Thomson
13th PM 'Overcoming anger' (Matt 5v21 - 30) Neil Powell
13th AM John 14v15 - 31 Hugh Thomson
6th PM 'How to be good at everything!' (Matt 5v17 - 20) Neil Powell
6th AM John 14v1 - 14 Hugh Thomson
September 2013
Date Title Speaker Listen
29th PM 'How to really make a difference in the world' (Matt 5v13 - 16) Neil Powell
29th AM John 13v18 - 38 Hugh Thomson
22nd PM 'The secret of happiness ' (Matt 5v1 - 12) Neil Powell
22nd AM John 13v1 - 17 Hugh Thomson
15th PM Life Coach: Living well (Matt 5 - 7 overview) Neil Powell
15th AM Seeking God consistently through life (Weekend Away) Julian Hardyman
14th PM Seeking God when things look hopeless (Weekend Away) Julian Hardyman
13th PM Seeking God - Introduction (Weekend Away) Julian Hardyman
8th AM Will only a few people be saved? Luke 13v22 - 30 Tim Hay
1st PM Who do you love more? Luke 14v25 - 27 John Rochfort
1st AM Praying for God's forgiveness John Taylor
August 2013
Date Title Speaker Listen
25th PM Who are my family? Luke 8v19 - 21 Craig Niclasen
25th AM Praying for God's provision Jonny Moore
18th PM You get what you ask for. Luke11v9 Tom Martin
18th AM Praying for God's priorities Jonathan Gregory
11th PM God or money? Luke 16v13 Adam Cooper
11th AM Praying for God's purposes Neil Powell
4th PM Love your enemies! Luke 6v27 - 28 Barnaby Pain
4th AM Praying for God's glory Andy Weatherley
July 2013
Date Title Speaker Listen
28th PM Are you ashamed of me? Luke 9v26
28th AM Praying with great confidence Jonathan Worsley
21st PM Experiencing rejection - when others are against me Neil Powell
21st AM What's the point of prayer? Neil Powell
7th PM Dealing with failure - when life goes wrong Jonathan Gregory
7th AM Haggai 2v20 - 23 Hugh Thomson
June 2013
Date Title Speaker Listen
30th PM Living with pain (illness or disability) - when life hurts Neil Powell
30th AM Haggai 2v10 - 19 Hugh Thomson
23rd PM Feeling inadequate - when others have much more to offer Neil Powell
23rd AM Haggai 2v1 - 9 Hugh Thomson
16th PM Wasting away - when our mortality confronts us Neil Powell
16th AM Haggai 1 Hugh Thomson
9th PM Dealing with disappointment - when life hasn't lived up to my expectations Neil Powell
9th AM Titus 3v3 - 15 Jonathan Gregory
2nd PM Overcoming guilt - when the past won't go away Neil Powell
2nd AM Titus 2v1 - 3v2 Jonathan Gregory
May 2013
Date Title Speaker Listen
26th PM Embracing your weakness, discovering your strength Neil Powell
26th AM Titus 1v5 - 16 Hugh Thomson
19th PM Joshua 24 : We will serve the Lord Hugh Thomson
19th AM Titus 1v1 - 4 Hugh Thomson
12th PM Joshua 23 : Will God's people be faithful? Hugh Thomson
12th AM 2 Peter 3v11 - 18 Jonathan Gregory
5th PM Joshua 22 : Will God's people be united? Hugh Thomson
5th AM 2 Peter 3v1 - 10 Jonathan Gregory
April 2013
Date Title Speaker Listen
28th PM Joshua 9v1 - 10v28 : God is faithful to his covenant Hugh Thomson