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July 2015
Date Title Speaker Listen
26th PM The Great Banquet - Luke 14v7 - 24 Andy Cole
26th AM Don't be ashamed of the Gospel - 2 Timothy 1v1 - 18 Hugh Thomson
19th PM The Good Samaritan - Luke 10v25 - 37 Jez Dearing
19th AM Trusting God's grace: He forgives - Psalm 103 Andy Weatherley
12th PM The Sower - Luke 8v1 - 15 John Taylor
12th AM Seeing God's faithfulness: He is faithful - Psalm 98 Jonny Richards
5th PM Unconditional obedience - Genesis 22 Hugh Thomson
5th AM Admitting our fragility: Our time is short - Psalm 90 John Walley
June 2015
Date Title Speaker Listen
28th PM God does keep his promises - Genesis 21 Hugh Thomson
28th AM How God's Kingdom comes - Mark 4v26 - 34 John Stevens
21st PM The Greatness of the King and the Joy of his Kingdom - 1 Kings 4:20-34 Colin Tamplin
21st AM Is anyone listening? - Mark 4v1 - 25 Neil Powell
14th PM Will God keep his promises? - Genesis 20 Hugh Thomson
14th AM Mad, bad or God? The identity of Jesus - Mark 3v20 - 35 Neil Powell
7th PM Judgment and mercy - Genesis 19 Hugh Thomson
7th AM In the crowd or on the team? - Mark 3v7 - 19 Neil Powell
May 2015
Date Title Speaker Listen
31st PM The justice of God - Genesis 18 Hugh Thomson
31st AM The end of religion - Mark 2v18 - 3v6 Neil Powell
24th PM Belonging to the covenant - Genesis 16 & 17 Hugh Thomson
24th AM Too bad for God? - Mark 2v13 - 17 Jonathan Gregory
17th PM Our covenant God - Genesis 15 Neil Powell
17th AM What's the best thing God could give you? - Mark 2v1 - 12 Jonathan Gregory
10th PM Serve The World Sunday (pm) Daniel Bara
10th AM Serve The World Sunday (am) Daniel Bara
3rd PM Choices have consequences - Genesis 13 & 14 Hugh Thomson
3rd AM What's top of God's to do list? - Mark 1v29 - 45 Jonathan Gregory
April 2015
Date Title Speaker Listen
26th PM Believing the unbelievable - Genesis 11v27 - 12v20 Hugh Thomson
26th AM Why follow Jesus? - Mark 1v14 - 28 Jonathan Gregory
19th PM 3 John Hugh Thomson
19th AM Do you need rescuing? - Mark 1v1 - 13 Jonathan Gregory
12th PM 2 John Tim Hay
12th AM Easter : John 20v19 - 31 - John 20v19 - 31 John Walley
5th AM Easter : John 20v1 - 18 - John 20v1 - 18 Hugh Thomson
March 2015
Date Title Speaker Listen
29th PM Jude Hugh Thomson
29th AM God's kingdom is coming : Daniel 11 & 12 - Daniel 11 & 12 Hugh Thomson
22nd PM One greater than Jonah - Luke 11v29 - 33 Neil Powell
22nd AM Wait for the King of kings : Daniel 10 - Daniel 10 Hugh Thomson
15th PM The God of compassion - Jonah 4v4 - 12 Neil Powell
15th AM How long, O Lord? : Daniel 9 - Daniel 9 Hugh Thomson
8th PM Angry with God - Jonah 4v1 - 3 Neil Powell
8th AM Worldly kings pass away : Daniel 8 - Daniel 8 Hugh Thomson
1st PM Mission & Ministry Gift Day Service (Evening) : Matt 6v19 - 24 - Matthew 6v19 - 24 Neil Powell
1st AM Mission & Ministry Gift Day Service (Morning) : 2 Cor 8:1 - 9 - 2 Corinthians 8v1 - 9 Hugh Thomson
February 2015
Date Title Speaker Listen
22nd PM The God of the nations - Jonah 4v4 - 10 Neil Powell
22nd AM Worship the real King : Daniel 7 - Daniel 7 Hugh Thomson
15th PM The Suffering Church Hugh Thomson
15th AM Will you stay godly even when they're out to get you? : Daniel 6 - Daniel 6 Hugh Thomson
8th PM The God of second chances - Jonah 3v1 - 3 Jonathan Gregory
8th AM Who is Jesus? (International Student Service) - Luke 5v17 - 26 Rowland Hughes
1st PM The man who nearly had it all - Matthew 19v16 - 26 Graham Daniels
1st AM Divine regime change : Daniel 5 - Daniel 5 Jonathan Gregory
January 2015
Date Title Speaker Listen
25th PM Rescued by God - Jonah 2v1 - 10 Neil Powell
25th AM Do you know who's really in charge? : Daniel 4 - Daniel 4 Jonathan Gregory
18th PM The God who is in control - Jonah 1v4 - 17 Neil Powell
18th AM Is anything worth dying for? : Daniel 3 - Daniel 3 Neil Powell
11th PM Running from God - Jonah1v1 - 3 Neil Powell
11th AM Are you on the right side? : Daniel 2 - Daniel 2 Jonathan Gregory
4th PM How to really make a fresh start - Philippians 3v7 - 16 Neil Powell
4th AM Will you compromise when it looks like you're on the losing side? : Daniel 1 - Daniel 1 Jonathan Gregory
December 2014
Date Title Speaker Listen
28th AM The King who hated Christmas - Matthew 2v13-23 Adam Cooper
21st PM A Christmas Meditation - Galatians 4v4 - 5 Hugh Thomson
21st AM Family Nativity Service
14th PM Carols By Candlelight Jonathan Gregory
14th PM Christingle Service Neil Powell
14th AM Worshipped by the wise - Matthew 2v1-12 Neil Powell
7th PM How should I speak? - Colossians 4v2 - 18 Hugh Thomson
7th AM He will save His people - Matthew 1v18-25 Hugh Thomson
November 2014
Date Title Speaker Listen
30th PM How should I relate to others? - Colossians 3v18 - 4v1 Hugh Thomson
30th AM When the time had fully come - Matthew 1v1-17 Jonathan Gregory
23rd PM Is it all about me? - Colossians 3v12 - 17 Hugh Thomson
23rd AM How should we live in the light of Christ's death? Sacrifice - Luke 9v18 - 27 Neil Powell
16th PM This is your life! - Colossians 3v1 - 11 Hugh Thomson
16th AM For whom did Christ die? Salvation accomplished - John 10v1-30 Neil Powell
9th PM What are the Christian's rules? - Colossians 2v16 - 23 Hugh Thomson
9th AM What did Christ's death achieve? Acceptance - Romans 5v1-2, 2 Corinthians 5v15-6v2 Neil Powell
2nd PM Is Jesus enough? - Colossians 2v6 - 15 Hugh Thomson
2nd AM Serve The City Sunday Jonathan Bell
October 2014
Date Title Speaker Listen
26th PM Are you in danger of being deceived? - Colossians 2v1-5 Jonathan Gregory
26th AM What did Christ's death achieve? Deliverance - Hebrews 2v14, Colossians 2v13-15 Neil Powell
19th PM Mission Impossible - Colossians 1v24-29 Jonathan Gregory
19th AM What did Christ's death achieve? Justification - Luke 18v9-14, Romans 3v21-26 Neil Powell
12th PM What would you swap for Jesus? - Colossians 1v21-23 Jonathan Gregory
12th AM What happened when Christ died? Self substitution - John 3v13-21 Neil Powell
5th PM Is Jesus enough for you? - Colossians1v15-20 Jonathan Gregory
5th AM What happened when Christ died? Satisfaction - Isaiah 53, Romans 3v21-26 Neil Powell
September 2014
Date Title Speaker Listen
28th PM Are you missing out on something? - Colossians 1v1-14 Jonathan Gregory
28th AM Why did Christ have to die? Necessity - Isaiah 6, Romans 2v5-6 Neil Powell
21st PM Colossians : Introduction - Colossians Jonathan Gregory
21st AM God's goal - a servant-hearted church - 2 Corinthians 12v11 - 13v14 : Church W/E@Home 4 of 4 Ray Evans
20th PM What mature spirituality looks like - 2 Corinthians 11v1 - 12v10 : Church W/E@Home 3 of 4 Ray Evans
20th AM Serving God now, in the light of the future and the past - 2 Corithians 5v1 - 6v2 : Church W/E@Home 2 of 4 Ray Evans
20th AM The God who serves us - 2 Corinthians 1v1 - 11 : Church W/E@Home 1 of 4 (Recording lacks last few minutes, our apologies) Ray Evans
14th PM How to share the gospel with secular people - Acts 17v16 - 34 Jonathan Gregory
14th AM Does God know best? - Romans 11v33 - 36 Neil Powell
7th PM How to share the gospel with religious people - Acts 17v1 - 15 Jonathan Gregory
7th AM Does God have a short fuse? - Romans 1v18 Hugh Thomson
August 2014
Date Title Speaker Listen
31st PM Looking at the kings : Zedekiah - 2 Kings 24 - 25 Barnaby Pain
31st AM Is God fair? - Romans 1v18 Barnaby Pain
24th PM Looking at the kings : Josiah - 2 Kings 22 - 23 Tim Hay
24th AM God is jealous! Really? - Exodus 34v14 John Walley