City Church,


October 2016
Date Title Listen
16th PM Wisdom to live byLife under the sun : Finding meaning in a meaningless worldEcclesiastes 7:1 - 29Neil Powell
16th AM The religious need the gospelRomans Ch 1 - 4Rom. 2v1 - 16Hugh Thomson
9th PM What if the world is not enough?Life under the sun : Finding meaning in a meaningless worldEcclesiastes 5:8 - 6:9Neil Powell
9th AM The wicked need the gospelRomans Ch 1 - 4Rom. 1v18 - 32Hugh Thomson
2nd PM One short life - seeking a purpose to live forLife under the sun : Finding meaning in a meaningless worldEcclesiastes 3:1 - 22Neil Powell
2nd AM God's righteousness revealedRomans Ch 1 - 4Rom. 1v8 - 17Hugh Thomson
September 2016
Date Title Listen
25th PM Searching for something that satisfiesLife under the sun : Finding meaning in a meaningless worldEcclesiastes 2:1 - 26Neil Powell
25th AM Good news!Romans Ch 1 - 4Rom. 1v1 - 7Hugh Thomson
18th PM Finding meaning in a meaningless worldLife under the sun : Finding meaning in a meaningless worldEcclesiastes 1:1 - 11Neil Powell
18th AM Weekend at home 2016: Elijah 3Weekend at Home 20161 Kings 18:41 - 19:18Marcus Honeysett
17th AM Weekend at home 2016: Elijah 2Weekend at home 2016: Elijah1 Kings 18:1-40Marcus Honeysett
17th AM Weekend at home 2016: Elijah 1Weekend at home 2016: Elijah1 Kings 17Marcus Honeysett
11th PM How to be goodLiving the good lifeTitus 3v3 - 15Hugh Thomson
11th AM An unlikely saviourSamsonJudges 16Neil Powell
4th PM Pattern for godly livingLiving the good lifeTitus 2 v1 - 3v2Hugh Thomson
4th AM An unmistakable saviourSamsonJudges 15Neil Powell
August 2016
Date Title Listen
28th PM Guarding our godlinessLiving the good lifeTitus 1 : 5 - 16Hugh Thomson
28th AM An unpredictable saviourSamsonJudges 14Neil Powell
21st PM Truth leading to salvationLiving the good lifeTitus 1:1-4Hugh Thomson
21st AM An unexpected SaviourSamsonJudges 3:7-11, Judges 13:1-25Neil Powell
14th PM The day of the LordJoelJoel3:1-21Jonathan Gregory
14th AM The love of God the FatherOne Off1 John 4:7-16Andy Weatherley
7th PM The day of the SpiritJoelJoel 2:18 - 32Jonathan Gregory
7th AM Go and tell - our glorious mission for our glorious KingOne OffIsaiah 6:1 - 13John Stevens
July 2016
Date Title Listen
31st PM The day of locustsJoelJoel 1:1 - 2:17Jonathan Gregory
31st AM Colossians 3 : 1 - 4One OffColossians 3:1-4Jonty Worsley
24th PM How to be happyOne OffPsalm 1Tim Hay
24th AM Stop and think!NumbersNumbers 22:21 - 41Hugh Thomson
17th PM Leaving all for JesusOne OffLuke 5v1-11Steven Green
17th AM Look and live!NumbersNumbers 21:1 - 9Hugh Thomson
10th PM Proverbs and prideExtraordinary Wisdom for Everyday LifePhilippians 2v1-10Jonathan Gregory
10th AM How to say goodbye to guiltOne Off1 John 1v5 - 2v2Jonathan Gregory
3rd AM The wisdom of the KingWhat kind of King?Mark 12v28 - 44Jonathan Gregory
June 2016
Date Title Listen
26th PM Proverbs and planningExtraordinary Wisdom for Everyday LifeProverbs 16v1-9Neil Powell
26th AM The King they try to trapWhat kind of King?Mark 12v13 - 27Jonathan Gregory
19th PM Proverbs and contentmentExtraordinary Wisdom for Everyday LifePhilippians 4v10-13Neil Powell
19th AM The King they want to get rid ofWhat kind of King?Mark 12v1 - 12Jonathan Gregory
12th PM Proverbs and workExtraordinary Wisdom for Everyday LifeProverbs 31v10-31Hugh Thomson
12th AM The King who hates religionWhat kind of King?Mark 11v12-33Jonathan Gregory
5th PM Proverbs and alcoholExtraordinary Wisdom for Everyday LifeProverbs 23v29-35Hugh Thomson
5th AM Bread of LifeOne OffJohn 6v25-40Neil Powell
May 2016
Date Title Listen
29th PM Proverbs and friendshipExtraordinary Wisdom for Everyday LifeProverbs 27v1-17, John 15v9-17Jonathan Gregory
29th AM The Messiah KingWhat kind of King?Mark 11v1 - 11Hugh Thomson
22nd PM Proverbs and purityExtraordinary Wisdom for Everyday LifeProverbs 5v1-23Jonathan Gregory
22nd AM The Servant KingWhat kind of King?Mark 10v32 - 52Hugh Thomson
15th PM Proverbs and decisionsExtraordinary Wisdom for Everyday LifeProverbs 3v9-12Jonathan Gregory
15th AM The King who demands first placeWhat kind of King?Mark 10v17 - 31Hugh Thomson
8th PM Interview with Emma Scrivener (Grace and Healing for Anorexia)Grace and Healing for Anorexian/aEmma Scrivener
1st PM Proverbs and wisdomExtraordinary Wisdom for Everyday LifeProverbs 9v1-18Jonathan Gregory
1st AM The King and relationshipsWhat kind of King?Mark 10v1 - 16Hugh Thomson