June 2017
Date Title Listen
18th PM Greater than MelchizedekThe incomparable ChristHebrews 7:1 - 8:13Daniel Haynes
18th AM Submitting to authorities away from homeLiving away from home1 Peter 2:11 - 3:13Jonathan Gregory
11th PM Greater than AbrahamThe incomparable ChristHebrews 5:11 - 6:20Hugh Thomson
11th AM Declaring God's praises away from homeLiving away from home1 Peter 2:4 - 10Jonathan Gregory
4th PM Greater than AaronThe incomparable ChristHebrews 4:14 - 5:10Hugh Thomson
4th AM Living with our future home in mindLiving away from home1 Peter 1:13 - 2:3Jonathan Gregory
May 2017
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28th PM Greater than the SabbathThe incomparable ChristHebrews 4:1 - 13Hugh Thomson
28th AM Being happy away from home.Living away from home1 Peter 1:1 - 12Jonathan Gregory
21st PM Greater than JoshuaThe incomparable ChristHebrews 3:1 - 19Jonathan Gregory
21st AM Submitting to authority in the workplaceServant of all : submitting to God given authorityDaniel 1, Ephesians 6:1-9Neil Powell
14th PM Serve The WorldOne OffActs 19:1-20Mark Picketts
14th AM Serve the WorldOne-offActs 11:19-30, Acts 12:25-13:3Mark Picketts
7th PM Greater than MosesThe incomparable ChristHebrews 2:5 - 18Jonathan Gregory
7th AM Submitting to the authority of the stateServant of all : submitting to God given authorityRomans 13:1 - 7, 1 Timothy 2:1 - 6Neil Powell
April 2017
Date Title Listen
30th PM Greater than the angelsThe incomparable ChristHebrews1:5 - 2:4Jonathan Gregory
30th AM Submitting to authority in marriageServant of all : submitting to God given authorityEph 5:21-33Neil Powell
23rd PM God's last wordThe incomparable ChristHebrews 1:1 - 4Jonathan Gregory
23rd AM Submitting to authority in the churchServant of all : submitting to God given authorityHebrews 13:7 - 17Neil Powell
16th AM Romans 1:1 - 4One-offRomans 1:1 - 4Hugh Thomson
9th PM Standing for the gospelEphesiansEph 6:10-24Hugh Thomson
9th AM Palm Sunday morningOne-offIsaiah 52:13 - 53:12Hugh Thomson
2nd PM Living under authorityEphesiansEph 6:1-9Jonathan Gregory
2nd AM long live the King! - The resurrection of JesusThe Suffering KingMark 16:1-8Neil Powell
March 2017
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26th PM Living as wives and husbandsEphesiansEph 5:21-33Jonathan Gregory
26th AM The final curtain - What Jesus' death achievedThe Suffering KingMark 15:16-47Neil Powell
19th PM Living as God's childrenEphesiansEph 5:3-21Jonathan Gregory
19th AM The great exchange - Why Jesus diedThe Suffering KingMark 15:1-15Neil Powell
12th PM Mission & Ministry Gift Day EveningMMGD 20172 Corinthians 8:1 - 15Neil Powell
12th AM Mission & Ministry Gift Day MorningMMGD 2017Matthew 6:19 - 24Jonathan Gregory
5th PM Living out your new identityEphesiansEph 4:25-5:2Jonathan Gregory
5th AM International Student ServiceOne OffRevelation 21Rowland Hughes
February 2017
Date Title Listen
26th PM Putting off your old identityEphesiansEph 4:17-24Jonathan Gregory
26th AM The case for Christ - Jesus on trialThe Suffering KingMark 14:43-72Hugh Thomson
19th PM Growing togetherEphesiansEph 4:1-16Jonathan Gregory
19th AM Does God care? What Jesus went through for us.The Suffering KingMark 14:27-42Neil Powell
12th PM Praying for power and loveEphesiansEph 3:14-21Hugh Thomson
12th AM The Last supper - why Jesus had to dieThe Suffering KingMark 14:12-26Neil Powell
5th PM Displaying God's wisdomEphesiansEph 3:1-13Hugh Thomson
5th AM What so amazing about grace? - what Jesus wants from usThe Suffering KingMark 14:1-11Neil Powell
January 2017
Date Title Listen
29th PM United in ChristEphesiansEph 2:11-22Hugh Thomson
29th AM The end of the world as we know it - Jesus the judgeThe Suffering KingMark 13:1-37Neil Powell
22nd PM Saved by graceEphesiansEph 2:1-10Hugh Thomson
22nd AM 'It's not for people like me.'‘Worth a second look? Does Christianity have anything worth hearing?'John 8:31-38Neil Powell
15th PM Recognising our privilegesEphesiansEph 1:15-23Hugh Thomson
15th AM 'Now isn't the time; I'm happy as I am.'‘Worth a second look? Does Christianity have anything worth hearing?'Luke 12:13-21Neil Powell
8th PM Every blessing in ChristEphesiansEph.1:1-14Hugh Thomson
8th AM 'But isn't faith blind to the evidence?’‘Worth a second look? Does Christianity have anything worth hearing?'Acts 26Neil Powell
1st AM A Fresh StartOne OffMicah 6:1-8Neil Powell
December 2016
Date Title Listen
25th AM Christmas Day Morning ServiceOne OffJohn 3:16Hugh Thomson
18th AM Family Carol Service : Matthew 2:1-12One OffMatthew 2:1-12Jonathan Gregory