City Church,


August 2015
Date Title Listen
30th PM The Pharisee & the Tax CollectorMore than a story: The parables of JesusLuke 18v9-14John Putt
30th AM What to do when September seems dauntingPsalmsPsalm 121Barnaby Pain
23rd PM The Persistent WidowMore than a story: The parables of JesusLuke 18v1-5Steve White
23rd AM Preach the Gospel2 Timothy2 Timothy 4v1 - 22Hugh Thomson
16th PM The Rich Man & LazarusMore than a story: The parables of JesusLuke16v19-31Jonathan Gregory
16th AM Have confidence in the Gospel2 Timothy2 Timothy 3v1 - 17Hugh Thomson
9th PM The Shrewd ManagerMore than a story: The parables of JesusLuke 16v1-15John Walley
9th AM Be faithful to the Gospel2 Timothy2 Timothy 2v14 - 26Hugh Thomson
2nd PM The Prodigal SonMore than a story: The parables of JesusLuke 15v11 - 32Richard Iley
2nd AM Work hard for the Gospel2 Timothy2 Timothy 2v1 - 13Hugh Thomson
July 2015
Date Title Listen
26th PM The Great BanquetMore than a story: The parables of JesusLuke 14v7-24Andy Cole
26th AM Don't be ashamed of the Gospel2 Timothy2 Timothy 1v1-18Hugh Thomson
19th PM The Good SamaritanMore than a story: The parables of JesusLuke 10v25-37Jez Dearing
19th AM Trusting God's Grace: He forgivesPsalmsPsalm 103Andy Weatherley
12th PM The SowerMore than a story: The parables of JesusLuke 8v1-15John Taylor
12th AM Seeing God's faithfulness: He is faithfulKingdom ComePsalm 98Jonny Richards
5th PM Unconditional obedienceAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 22Hugh Thomson
5th AM Admitting our fragility: Our time is shortPsalmsPsalm 90John Walley
June 2015
Date Title Listen
28th AM How God's Kingdom comesMark's GospelMark 4v26-34John Stevens
21st PM God does keep his promisesAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 21Hugh Thomson
21st PM The Greatness of the King and the Joy of his KingdomOne Off1 Kings 4:20-34Colin Tamplin
21st AM Is anyone listening?Kingdom ComeMark 4v1 - 25Neil Powell
14th PM Will God keep his promises?Abraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 20Hugh Thomson
14th AM Mad, bad or God? The identity of JesusKingdom ComeMark 3v20 - 35Neil Powell
7th PM Judgement and MercyAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 19Hugh Thomson
7th AM In the crowd or on the team?Mark's GospelMark 3v7 - 19Neil Powell
May 2015
Date Title Listen
31st PM The justice of GodAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 18Hugh Thomson
31st AM The end of religionMark's GospelMark 2v18 - 3v6Neil Powell
24th PM Belonging to the covenantAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 16 & 17Hugh Thomson
24th AM Too bad for God?Mark's GospelMark 2v13 - 17Jonathan Gregory
17th PM Our covenant GodAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 15Neil Powell
17th AM What's the best thing God could give you?Mark's GospelMark 2v1 - 12Jonathan Gregory
10th PM Serve The World Sunday (pm)Daniel Bara
10th AM Serve The World Sunday (am)Daniel Bara
3rd PM Choices have consequencesAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 13 & 14Hugh Thomson
3rd AM What's top of God's to do list?Mark's GospelMark 1v29 - 45Jonathan Gregory
April 2015
Date Title Listen
26th PM Believing the unbelievableAbraham - The Father of FaithGenesis 11v27 - 12v20Hugh Thomson
26th AM Why follow Jesus?Mark's GospelMark 1v14 - 28Jonathan Gregory
19th PM 3 John3 JohnHugh Thomson
19th AM Do you need rescuing?Mark's GospelMark 1v1 - 13Jonathan Gregory
12th PM 2 John2 JohnTim Hay
12th AM Easter : John 20v19 - 31Easter 2015John 20v19 - 31John Walley
5th AM Easter : John 20v1 - 18Easter 2015John 20v1 - 18Hugh Thomson
March 2015
Date Title Listen
29th PM JudeJudeHugh Thomson
29th AM God's kingdom is coming : Daniel 11 & 12Faithful under fireDaniel 11 & 12Hugh Thomson
22nd PM One greater than JonahJonah - Surprised by graceLuke 11v29 - 33Neil Powell
22nd AM Wait for the King of kings : Daniel 10Faithful under fireDaniel 10Hugh Thomson
15th PM The God of compassionJonah - Surprised by graceJonah 4v4 - 12Neil Powell
15th AM How long, O Lord? : Daniel 9Faithful under fireDaniel 9Hugh Thomson
8th PM Angry with GodJonah - Surprised by graceJonah 4v1 - 3Neil Powell