Something More

This isn't the world we want. This isn't what we want life to be. 

With pandemics and lockdowns, political riots, racial injustice, and dozens of headlines sharing misery, pain and brokenness. This year has made us feel lost. Lost in a world that doesn't seem to be right. We've felt hopeless, uncertain, frustrated, scared and meaningless. And all the while death is more present than it has ever been before.

Surely this can't be it? This isn't the way things are meant to be. Deep down we all know there should be something more. 
Join us each Monday evening at 8pm from 18th January on zoom as we see that this world isn't right but Jesus doesn't just offer us a pre 2020 world but he others something so much more than even that. Each week we will look at one of the promises that Jesus offers us and discuss why we might one and see what we think of Jesus' claim that he can give it to us. 

This may sound completely amazing to you, or you may think it's too good to be true or maybe it sounds utterly ridiculous. Whatever your reaction we would love you to join us to share your opinion, to discuss ours to just to listen in. You're welcome to come to one week, some or all of them! 

If you any questions drop me a line at or sign up here:


18th January - Hope

25th January - Peace

1st February - Meaning

8th February - Security

15th February - Belonging

22nd February - Life