Children’s Worker (0-11 years) - Job Description

Church Profile

City Church was established in September 1999. The church meets in a school in Edgbaston, close to the city centre and strategically located close to halls of residence of the Universities of Birmingham and Birmingham City. The church is affiliated to the FIEC (Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches), and Midlands Gospel Partnership, and currently has a membership of over two hundred.

The Sunday services of the church are attended by approximately 400 people in total. The 10.30am morning service is family-friendly and each week includes a 5-minute talk and song for children early in the service after which they leave for Sunday School. The 6.00pm evening service is more informal in style and although it draws from a wide cross-section of the church is the more popular service for younger members of the congregation such as students and youth.

Since September 2016, City has a second congregation, Second City Church, which meets at 4pm at St. Martin in the Bull Ring tea lounge in the heart of the city centre.

City Church is led by two Pastors, an Associate Pastor and an Assistant Pastor. The church also employs a Families Worker, female Pastoral Worker, female Student Worker, a Women’s Worker along with an Evangelism Facilitator and Church Manager. We also have a number of Ministry Trainees/Apprentices. It is hoped that next year the church will have at least four Ministry Trainees, one of whom we hope will have a more focused role with children’s and/or youth work. Employees of the church are based at office premises close to the school where we meet, where smaller church meetings and activities are held. The church also owns a building in Selly Oak, where many of our midweek events take place, including a Friday evening club for years 3-6 and a mums’ Bible study where childcare is provided.

City Church is a dynamic and growing fellowship, with a multi-cultural congregation. Although a large proportion of the congregation are in their 20s, there are also around 50 families, particularly young families.

The church is committed to reaching the city through church-planting. It has planted two new congregations, one as a joint initiative with its daughter church, Grace Church Stirchley/Cotteridge. It has also initiated two church revitalisation projects in Birmingham. It plays a leading part in the development of 2020birmingham, a church-planting movement for our city with a new aim of establishing 50 new churches between the years 2010 and 2030.

The fundamental conviction of the church is that ‘God’s Word changes lives.’ In all our activities, we seek to teach the Bible in a faithful, relevant and contemporary way, trusting that as the Bible is taught, God’s voice is heard.

More information about the church, together with the Statement of Faith and Doctrinal Distinctives, can be found on our website:

Children at City

Over the past 18 years, City Church has been blessed with a thriving and growing ministry to children, growing from no children when the church was founded, to over 90 children aged 0-11. Our morning Sunday School forms the backbone of our ministry to children, including a talk from the front each week, which leads into our Sunday School programme, currently divided into five age groups: 0-2yrs Crèche/Toddlers, 3-4yrs Preschool, 5-6yrs Kids, 7-8yrs Kids Plus, 9-11yrs Kids Extra.

We run a club for juniors on Friday evenings, and a holiday club each October half term. We encourage our children to attend camps in the summer, in partnership with the Midlands Gospel Partnership.

We have employed a part-time children’s worker for the past few years, but growth in the church means that the work involved in this role now demands a full-time post.

Key Responsibilities

The person appointed to this role will be expected to co-ordinate and develop the work amongst children at City Church.

It is expected that the Children’s Worker will undertake such activities as:

  • Overseeing the direction and development of the ministry.
  • Overseeing the Sunday School Leadership Team, including the chairing of its meetings.
  • In conjunction with the Elders, overseeing the children’s teaching programme for Sunday mornings and any mid-week children’s meetings.
  • Ensuring that the Sunday programme is adequately staffed, where necessary by recruiting members to the team.
  • Facilitating the training of children’s ministry teams.
  • Creating the children’s ministry team rotas.
  • Ensuring that the church’s Child Protection Policy is rigorously adhered to in all meetings involving children in the church.
  • Being part of the team that provides Child Protection Training, and processes DBS checks, and in time, becoming the church’s protection coordinator.
  • Ensuring that evangelism to children including friends and/or family of City Church children remains a key focus of the ministry, including running the Holiday Club in October half term.
  • Training speakers, checking their talks, and providing feedback on them.
  • Liaising with our parents, elders (Deacons meetings, Tiv Rd event childcare), our church (QBMs) and other churches (weekends away, shared events).
  • Being active in Sunday School on most Sundays to both teach and shadow those teaching to assist in their training.
  • Running our club for years 3-6 on Friday evening (5:45-6:45pm)
  • Co-ordinating a team to provide childcare for weekly Mums’ Group Bible studies.

The person in this post will, with the exception of agreed holidays, be required to attend the Sunday Services of the church, the weekly meeting of the church staff, and to join a mid-week Homegroup of the church. It is expected that they will be made a Deacon of the church. 

All employees of City Church are expected to assist with the practical and administrative tasks that are essential to the efficient running of the church.

Core Competencies

Previous experience of ministry amongst children and the training of others for children’s ministry are requirements for this post. Applicants must be in full agreement with City Church’s Statement of Faith, and be willing to respect and observe the Doctrinal Distinctives. The core competencies required for this job are:

  • An ability to teach the Bible well to children in talks and in small groups;
  • An ability to lead teams well: envisioning, motivating, encouraging and caring for team members;
  • Excellent organisational skill and planning;
  • An ability to co-ordinate training and development for the children’s ministry teams;
  • An ability to relate well and communicate clearly with colleagues, team members and parents.

Accountability, Support and Training

The person appointed to this role will be accountable to the elders of the church. The Families Worker will be designated as their immediate line manager. The church will also undertake to ensure that they receive appropriate training for their work. The appointee will be encouraged to attend relevant training events and conferences, as agreed with the elders, for example the Growing Young Disciples Residential conference.

Basis of Employment

The post is a full-time post, with a 6 day a week contract, including Sundays.  Where evenings/Saturdays are worked, then time will be given in lieu.

Salary and Benefits

The position has a salary scale of £22,426 - £26,294. There is also an entitlement to receive an employer’s pension contribution of 8% of salary, which will be paid into the employee’s pension plan. The church offers a stakeholder pension to employees who have not made alternative arrangements.

Alongside their salary, the successful applicant will be entitled to receive the following allowances in connection with their employment: a personal training and development budget (for the purchase of books and to enable attendance at conferences and approved training events), currently of £535 per year. Employees are also permitted to claim expenses incurred on behalf of the church, including travel.

The applicant will also be entitled to 36 days annual leave per year, in addition to public holidays, which apart from exceptional circumstances must be taken outside of school term-time.


Download application form here.

Please send your completed application form to by 2nd June 2018.