September 2007
Date Title Listen
2nd PM Lamentations 3v19-42One OffHoward Jackson
July 2007
Date Title Listen
22nd PM Prayer and Protection: Lead us not into Temptation but Deliver us from the Evil OnePrayerHugh Thomson
22nd AM Ezekiel 36v16-38EzekielNeil Powell
15th PM Hebrews 12v1-11One OffHugh Thomson
15th AM Ezekiel 35v1-36v15EzekielHugh Thomson
8th PM Prayer and Confession - Forgive us our Sins, as we Forgive OthersPrayerJohn Stevens
8th AM Ezekiel 34EzekielHugh Thomson
1st PM Prayer and Provision - Give us Today our Daily BreadPrayerHugh Thomson
1st AM Ezekiel 33EzekielJohn Stevens
June 2007
Date Title Listen
24th AM Ezekiel 25-32EzekielJohn Stevens
17th PM Prayer and the Church - Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in HeavenPrayerHoward Jackson
17th AM 1 Corinthians 4v1-16One OffJohn Tindall
10th PM Prayer and Mission - Thy Kingdom ComePrayerDavid Shaw
10th AM Ezekiel 20-23EzekielHugh Thomson
3rd PM What Would Jesus Say to Germane Greer?ContactJohn Stevens
3rd AM Ezekiel 18 & 19EzekielNeil Powell
May 2007
Date Title Listen
27th PM Prayer and Adoration - Hallowed by Thy NamePrayerHugh Thomson
27th AM Matthew 25v14-30One OffSimon Smallwood
20th PM Prayer and the Providence of GodPrayerNeil Powell
20th AM Ezekiel 15-17EzekielJohn Stevens
April 2007
Date Title Listen
29th PM How Does Prayer Work? - Sovereignty and PrayerPrayerNeil Powell
29th AM Ezekiel 12-14EzekielNeil Powell
22nd PM How Can We Pray?PrayerJohn Stevens
22nd AM Ezekiel 10 & 11EzekielHugh Thomson
15th AM Ezekiel 8 & 9EzekielHugh Thomson
1st AM Ezekiel 4-7EzekielJohn Stevens
March 2007
Date Title Listen
25th PM John 20Signs in JohnDavid Shaw
25th AM Ezekiel 2 & 3EzekielHugh Thomson
18th PM John 11Signs in JohnHugh Thomson
18th AM Ezekiel 1EzekielHugh Thomson
11th PM John 9Signs in JohnNeil Powell
11th AM It's Worth a Second LookOne OffLuke 19v1-10Nick Cuthbert
4th AM Romans 6v1-14One OffJohn Stevens
February 2007
Date Title Listen
25th PM John 6Signs in JohnJohn Stevens
25th AM Grace Church Commissioning ServiceOne OffNeil Powell
18th PM John 6v1-15Signs in JohnJohn Stevens
4th PM What Would Jesus Say to Stephen Hawking?ContactAndy Schofield
4th AM Playing to the Glory of God 1Work, Rest, PlayDan Steel
January 2007
Date Title Listen
28th PM John 5v1-15Signs in JohnNeil Powell
21st PM John 4v43-54Signs in JohnAndy Weatherley
14th PM John 2v1-11Signs in JohnDavid Shaw
7th PM John 20v30-31Signs in JohnHugh Thomson
August 2006
Date Title Listen
27th AM Luke 11v37-12v11LukeDan Steel
20th AM Luke 11v14-36LukeJohn Stevens
13th AM Luke 11v1-13LukeHugh Thomson
6th AM Luke 10v25-42LukeHugh Thomson
July 2006
Date Title Listen
30th AM Luke 9v51-10v24LukeNeil Powell
23rd AM Luke 9v37-50LukeNeil Powell
16th AM Luke 9v28-36LukeNeil Powell
9th AM Luke 9v18-27LukeMike Summerfield